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  1. Average players should not be extended . That was the problem with Hurney and Rivera . They always played the vet and overpaid them when a younger better player sat on the bench only to get playing time when the vet got hurt . Rhule allows players to compete . Lets just see how we play with only his second year on the job . We are young but hungry .
  2. Brown had to carry the load and was doubled a lot . When Short went down and was replaced by a rookie Brown had no one to take some pressure off .
  3. We need to pace CMC until the open date . That is when our schedule gets brutal . If we are in the playoff hunt we will need to have CMC at his best . Let Chubba get so some reps to get experience to the pace of the NFL and let the coaches see how best to use him .
  4. Ian had his chance last year and did not look good .Manherts was a blocking TE and still beat him out . More competition this year so long Ian .
  5. Its way too early to make a post like this . Just because Fitts didn't draft the player you wanted you whine . Just wait a few games before you vent . If we win you just keep silent . If we lose then you can make a statement and be justified . I didn't know who Chinn was last year and look how that pick turned out . Fitts might look like a champ Gm or maybe a chump . Its way to early to make assumptions .
  6. Looks like Thomas has to shape up or ship out .
  7. Sam has a lot to prove not only to the fans but to himself as well . Hope he comes in with a chip on his shoulder and let his former team they just made a big mistake .
  8. CMC is all smiles at the goal line now . Brown just falls forward and we are money .
  9. We must protect the QB . There are several OL players available in the 2nd round and the #1 center (Humphrey ) still left on the board . Relax , Rhule has got it . Eichenberg , Cosmi , Radunz or Humphrey will give us a good draft in the 2nd round .
  10. I wanted Sewel like most of you . He was off the board so we took some rated the #1 CB. Last year I never heard of Chinn but look how that worked out . Lets wait and see how this draft works out before calling for their heads . If Horn turns out like Chinn did you will say they did a great job , if not then call for their heads .
  11. Sending Cam out the door and getting Teddy for that big contract was a Hurney move and it got him fired . We got nothing for Cam and Fitts unloaded the fat contract for Teddy and got back the 6th we gave for Darnald .
  12. We need a backup QB even if we keep Darnald . We lose Teddy and that leaves PJ and Grier as our backup QBs . We will draft a QB at some point in this draft for insurance if Darnald goes down or does not get the job done .
  13. Many believe Slater is more of a guard in the NFL . We need a LT . Guards are easier to find . We could try Little who is a bust at LT and give him a shot at guard . After LT our next need is a shut down CB . If Fields or Lance is there we will have many teams wanting to make a trade . With a deep draft at OT and CB , we could make a big improvement in many areas .
  14. Trade down a few spots and get an extra 2nd or 3rd pick . Select Parsons (MLB) our first (a top 10-15 pick) . Take Leatherwood (LT) with our first 2nd rounder . With our next 2nd or 3rd take a QB (Monds or MIlls ) (we will need a backup QB) . Pick a guard or CB with our next 3rd . We have now fixed our O-line and our future MLB . We have a backup QB to develop . Pick BPA with the rest of our draft .
  15. I would take a 4th for Teddy and have the trade partner to throw in a player to help make the contract look better . We eat part of Teddy's contract , but they eat some the player's contract we take . With this we get a player of need such as CB . DT, or G . This would provide more depth .
  16. next year 2nd and 4th gives us Darnold for a 6th this year .
  17. Trade down a bit . Parsons in the first . Leatherwood in the second , Meinerz in the third , an extra third with the trade , Qb Mills , Trask , or Mond . We now have a great MLB , We fix the OL with a LT, a G/C , a Qb to develop . The balance of the draft take best player available . Your thoughts ?
  18. #1 Darnald, #2 Teddy , #3 QB draft pick . Maybe trade Teddy for that future #2 we lost or something else .
  19. Wait until the draft and see how things shake out . If we get our QB in the draft then keep Teddy until the rookie is ready . If no Qb then make a move for Darnald and and try for a QB in a later round . We need more than 1 QB . Greir will be cut and our other backup may be gone as well .
  20. Just a note . We need more than 1 QB . Greir and PJ need to go . We might roll with Teddy but even if we draft a QB , we need a quality backup that might even replace Teddy . Memshew has the tools to be a good QB . And if all the good QBs are gone when we pick , Memshew is a great option at a much cheaper cost .
  21. Even if we keep Teddy we will still need to add a QB . Greer will be gone . We will possibly need to add two QBs . We need to stay at #8 and draft a QB or trade down if one is not available . Build through the draft and roll with Teddy this year . With CMC back and a better O-line we might get into the playoffs . A vet QB will get cut so we could pick up one one the cheap or make a smart trade .
  22. Rhule had a good look at Jones at the senior bowl so he knows what his skill set is . Look at how many super bowls Brady has made and he is not a mobile QB . Your pick at QB depends on the system your are trying to run . Most running QBs don't last long in the NFL . I'm in the camp to stay at #8 or trade back for more picks . I just don't want to mortgage our future giving up future picks .
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