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  1. We are now 3 wins and 0 losses . We have 14 more games to equal last years wins . We are bringing some of the rookies slowly . Let them adjust to the NFL then let them start . The coaches know what they are doing so give them some space to do their job .
  2. Brady is in his second year as OC , Many in the NFL have been the OC for many years and not given a head coach job . Is Brady better than all of them ? Its too early to tell in my opinion .
  3. Could be a trap game . Don't get the big head , its too early in the season . One bad injury to a key player and we will be hurting .
  4. Way to early to talk playoffs . Anything above 7 wins is a bonus . Year 2 is looking much better than year 1 . Year 3 will be the test for coach Rhule and the team . One more great draft to shore up the O-line and keep our key players and we will make some noise . Right now other teams are starting to take notice .
  5. If we don't win against the Jets it will be a long season and the haters will begin to hate .
  6. Good move by Rhule . It lets our longest tenured player one more year to enjoy playing and knowing his job is to train his replacement . Fletcher gets to sit behind one of the best and learn how to be a pro in the NFL.
  7. Who do you think gets to be the backup QB ? I once thought it would be Walker but now Grier seems to be a bit better . Walker looks more to make a big play down field and is quicker with his feet but Grier is more the pocket passer and takes what the defense gives him . Fits may look to make a deal with a team needing a backup QB. What is your thoughts ?
  8. If I recall it was Rivera that played Cam while he was hurt and it was Hurnia that threw Cam out like leftovers . Rhule had stated that would like to coach Cam but was not given the opportunity . Fitts did not want to give up all our draft capital for a rookie QB . Darnald may not be the answer but at least he has some experience and has talent . Lets see how he does before throwing Rhule under the bus .
  9. you left out starting kicker and long snapper
  10. Fits likes picks . If we don't have plans to keep him just get as many picks as we can . Maybe a first and a player or later pick .
  11. The only game i can disagree on is the New England game . Cam won't lose to his former team . He will play until his arm falls off . Pats win in a close one , If Jones is the starter we win in a close one ,
  12. Where can we watch the game ? Channel 8 local does not list it and NFL channel does not list it either .
  13. just trade him for another future draft pick or open up a spot for another player at a position of need .
  14. If I remember correctly Jake was a castoff QB . We picked him up on a cheap deal as a backup QB . Sometimes it takes a player getting a second chance and an opportunity to prove himself . PJ came from the XFL as a backup QB . He is now in his second season under coach Rhule who has a record of getting the most out of his players . If Sam stumbles lets see what happens . Worst case we get a high draft pic next year .
  15. Fit had no ties to Little . He was a Hurney pick . Fit just made chicken salad out of chicken crap.
  16. we went for it on two fourth downs . We made one , but lost the second when it was a chip shot for a field goal . We could have been up by 11 points at that time . I guess the coaches wanted more looks on the run game and O-line . This didn't look like they were trying to hold on to the lead to me.
  17. Just watched the Hall of Fame game and neither starting QB played . I understand there was health reasons . How much do you see Darnald playing in our first preseason game? The backup QB is very important . The backup QBs for Dallas and Pitt looked pretty good . How do you think ours will look ?
  18. If a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his ass when he jumped . It is easy to to look back and be 100 % correct . It was Hurney that brought in Teddy . It was Hurney who gave Shak the contract he has . Fitts brought in Darnald because we did not have a starting QB . Rhule is the coach and will coach the players given to him . Why not wait and see how it plays out before second guessing everything .
  19. I think the QB coach working with Darnald will have a lot to do with how he performs this season. Brady can dial up the plays but Darnold has to make it work .
  20. Everyone has his day in court to face the charges . We should wait and see how Darnald plays before looking at another QB . Watson needs to redeem his image and we need to look at all of our options before paying a high price that would hamper our chances later .
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