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  1. Darn old stepped up I’m impressed. we have horrid luck with injuries tho
  2. Are you fuging kidding worth these injuries
  3. We will be 3-0. This team rollin. It’s a shame we have to wait so long to beat Brady.
  4. All of their playoff losses have been so beautiful the past few years. If it wasn’t for bounty gate they don’t have poo. People forget Payton was banned an entire year from the league. It truly is an asterisk. Dirty cheating fugs
  5. I will always love cam, but he was laid to rest 2018 @ Steelers. Dirty tj watt hit. He has never been the same since. He’s the only qb in the league who has legally been head hunted for years on end.
  6. 10 wins minimum or the season is a failure. As long as we are relatively healthy there’s no excuse.
  7. I remember cam initially wanted #2 but jimmles clausen wouldn’t give it to him. Turning out to be a good thing!
  8. That was more creative than anything out of Hollywood the last 10 years!
  9. I’m still sad at how small luke has gotten since retiring!!! jordan gross getting small is good luke getting small is not!!
  10. Yeah, but that’s the point. He’s a backup, not a starter.
  11. Yeah, too bad they have no running game.
  12. Joe Brady coached him in college btw, that means a lot.
  13. Our defense is back to where it should be. This is how you win championships. If we almost won with delhomme we can win with darnold.
  14. Cam is my favorite panther ever and that’s saying a lot. He was just so exciting and electrifying. Never got the credit he deserved. His rookie season was one of the best of all time and yet the media talked more about The Golden Calf of Bristol. I will always root for him. He did so much for our team and community. Those were some great years. He made some plays happen that I still can’t believe.
  15. Yeah, I don’t understand this obsession with Stafford. He’s never been an elite qb and never will be. What the rams gave up is what you give for a Rodgers or Mahomes. You don’t give up that much for Stafford. Rams have always been horribly managed though just like the lions. I want Watson. He’s more worthy of a big trade. He reminds me very much of cam in his prime. This is the guy we should all want. Him with cmac is a dream. Even if we don’t get him... it’s better to look elsewhere, for Stafford would just put us back years. Would’ve been a terrible move. The dude is already older than delhomme when he started for us. Stafford has done nothing special in this league. He had the best wr in Calvin Johnson and still couldn’t get anywhere.
  16. Why the hell would we trade away our future for Stafford? He’s not worth it at all. What has he ever done? Just, no. even though cam is not his former self I would rather bring him back for free. Way more accomplished than Stafford ever will be. the rams are idiots for giving up what they did. I’m so glad we didn’t go for Stafford. We can do much better without giving away everything.
  17. So lions get 2 firsts, a former 1 overall pick, and a third for Stafford in his 30s and we get zilch for cam? Lmao
  18. I say we give up our 8th overall, Teddy, Curtis Samuel, and next years first.
  19. If we actually get Watson it’ll totally change everything. Super bowl imminent.
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