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  1. Horn. Didn’t hear his name..which is the point. Sam Donald looked solid. CMC back in form Shaq Brian Burns
  2. 4500 Yards 35 TDs 10 Ints 11-6, Wildcard Birth
  3. Obviously, you’re very opinionated and have had a couple Mike’s Hard Lemonades or Bud Light Seltzer’s..but Steve Smith did an amazing job in the booth. Steve Smith is Agent 89, but the fan base loves him for it
  4. ____|________|___—>joey it’s been good.
  5. JJ Jansen will solidify his position as the All-Time greatest Long Snapper for the Carolina Panthers.
  6. I wanted a OT in the first, but this is a good pick. If this guy balls out...our defense is going to be scary. Our front 4 with a secondary that can give the D line another second on the rush is gonna provide some fun football.
  7. Substance is a post. Well played. Wanted a OT, but excited for this pick. Too many weapons in our division.
  8. No, I'm hoping we can get him. Hoping teams decide to trade up for Jones and Fields.
  9. I'm hoping a team trades up for Mac Jones. I really think we need a solid LT drafting this high
  10. Teddy's completion stats were high because of the vast amount of 5 yard of less tosses he preferred. Teddy is not a starting QB in the NFL.
  11. IF we drafted a LB or RB in the 1st. IF we drafted a LB or RB in the 2nd. I think we have solid needs on both sides of the ball. I would prefer we go either: OL in the first 2 rounds, or all in on defense and pick up a CB and S in the first two rounds.
  12. 1) Sewell 2) Slater 3) Pitts 4) Horn 5) Surtain
  13. I think we keep taking fliers on the QB position until we have the answer. Last year, I wanted Teddy to be the answer for the sake of our franchise. I didn’t work out. I hope Sam Darnold is the answer..I see nothing wrong with picking him up in the 2nd or 3rd. Seattle went through QBs until they landed Russell Wilson (not saying Mills is Wilson).
  14. I just laid an upper decker in Tepper's personal bathroom at BOA....they're never catch "Marty The Phantom Pooper"
  15. I get it. But I think at this point, we know what we have with Teddy. The appeal of bringing in a Mishew/Wolford type..we are betting on ourselves that our coaching staff can get more out of them. Teddy worked for N.O..but for reason's unknown, hasn't worked out for us. Either way, Teddy's limitations were apparent and its the future of the franchise. especially with our WR core. I suppose we have the same problem as at least half of the NFL (seeking a long term QB). As far as Wolford goes...I just want anyone that can at least throw the ball deep, or attempt to.
  16. Minshew would be an interesting pick up and a 6th for Wolford wouldn't hurt. Either way, we can't roll with Teddy going into training camp.
  17. Long-time girlfriend broke up with me. Watching the Panthers still saved the day.
  18. No. JJ Watt definitely has an impact on the games he plays...but Cam is good at the most important position in sports.
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