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  1. They are going to have to make adjustments quicker. That was the knock on the last coaching staff. You get one play and a bounce back attempt. After that, move on for the game. WFT did that with Gibson yesterday. Once he fumbled, he was done for the whole first half because he was shook about it.
  2. If you remember, Star left because we didn't act like we wanted him. We were slow to offer a contract and in the end we were outbid by a miniscule amount because of how we went about negotiations. His Buffalo contract was only ten million a year. And if we would have resigned him, by the time KK's injuries started rearing their head we would've had maneuverability to shed some money. The first part of the statement is based on hindsight which is 20/20. But I always felt like Star was greater to our success because of the consistent stonewalling of opponents run game and the results were Luke got to run freely. The great Ray Lewis once threw a very public tantrum when the Ravens let all of their space occupying DTs go for pass rushers because he knew how they keep big ass interior lineman off middle backers.
  3. That was number 2-3 dumbest move they have made in the last ten years. He instantly made and kept Buffalo's d-line relevant. The thing I notice about Brown is he never keeps rush lane integrity! He just operates out of control giving any QB with a decent set of legs ability to scramble in his gap consistently! Heinecke did it yesterday on a couple of big third down plays! If you maintain gap integrity, those are sacks!
  4. It seemed there was holding called on every nice rhythm run we had. And to an inexperienced coordinator, its like oh well on to something else. You have to keep at it, especially if you want that to be your identity.
  5. Yeah cause what they ran yesterday looked exactly like what Darnold has been running all year. Really, it looked a tad more complex. Literally no one was open on that last play. Why wouldn't you bring CMC out of the backfield and let him torch a LB? What made me mad was WFT beat us with that same ole Norv Turner/Dan Henning feed the stud and it was Mclaurin!
  6. He definitely was like that is a pretty disciplined defense except for Jermaine Carter and Donte Jackson. And they preceded to throw at or over both all game long! It definitely looked like the hot new shiny league college guy with a better team versus a two time league coach of the year!
  7. Where did they get this guy? They need to look at all options in offseason even bringing back Trai next year on a cheap deal. This Jordan guy is horrendous. I say start Brady at tackle and Daley at left guard.
  8. As opposed to the QB you got 10 days ago being asked to completely carry you in his first week of preparation. Which is harder to do? Hell, Gilmore had to go in the Falcons game and say I want their only player worth worrying about. After the heave/prayer they completed over Jackson, they should've done that Sunday.
  9. I bet Stephen A. Smith’s researcher has this stat ready to go tomorrow for First Take to find a way to discredit Cam’s performance
  10. @CRAThe thing is that it is Cam hate because it didn't need to be said. That is a media take and why we listen to former players so much hoping that they don't give the same take as someone on Facebook. Cam said it wasn't about him and this is still Steve's take. @Darvinsun it seems like he is sour because he is sour. Regardless of what happens throughout the rest of the season, that was a story book return against the Cardinals. It was an in season storybook return home that Steve never got to or never will experience. If you listen to Greg Olsen on Steve's A Football Life episode, Steve didn't want to deal with Cam from day one. Then he was jettisoned to remove his negativity for it to be Cam and Luke's team. Steve would have never been as good in his probably "Hall of Fame" career if he would've been the guy to "let things go" or engage in "it is what it is" talk. He still harbors some ill feelings towards Cam. Hey you see he's still hating on WRs drafted by the Carolina Panthers and that has been his modus operandi since 05. The first and only positive thing I have heard him say about a WR we drafted was his take when DJ Moore was drafted.
  11. Hahahahahahahaahahahahaha! This one always is great to me cause it's like somewhere there is a cool adult that let that kid get everybody hype. And the little girl had to get up out her seat cause it was too much of party to remain seated!
  12. Exactly, and the same thing happened with Steve Smith in the playoff game against San Francisco. Steve could barely run with a bad knee and wouldn't come out of the game. It was Ron's job to take him out! So Cam had to operate against a top 3 league defense with Olsen, Lafell, and a hobbled Smith. That was a game we didn't have to lose. He really is on that Bears 85 shite! The thing is like you pointed out he was blessed with a talent 10x better than Jim Mcmahon. And he never fielded a defense that good. The only pass I give Ron is that he wanted Norv Turner first and couldn't get him. But the bullshit he put Cam through was insane. I mean benching him for not wearing a tie! What is this prep basketball away games? Rhule was scared of having a personality that big too, and now is discovering how easy having a hardworking veteran presence really makes your job easier! A lot of Panther fans, and basically the rest of the country really listened to what I call the "Bullshit Cam Narrative" from the media and Ron never helped that.
  13. Good stuff! I knew he came back from his injury strong, but wow.
  14. I would say Shaq too for most improved. He went form being almost lost at times to super consistent and sometimes dominant. Dante was just an arrogant kid who wanted to gamble and consistently ended up out of position. He's come around on that and plays where he put. And wow on the run support as he not only is he tackling, but he's popping pads! Now that he has settled and operating within this system he looks payable especially if this will be the system going forward.
  15. I know, I was just addressing dude being like but you're a mod. That had me dying laughing. "Remember you asked for this".
  16. They have got to roll with the line from last week. There were zero sacks, running lanes, and few penalties if any outside of LT.
  17. Is this Rhule's first chess move since coming to the league? Cam is even giving his ass confidence!
  18. And that franchise/organization had nothing but glowing reviews about him when asked.
  19. There is a huge difference because the majority here were even keeled with a wait and see attitude. You had a few who rode hard for Darnold, and some like myself who were angry about bringing in Darnold with no back up plan. We critiqued as things got uglier. Then some threads started popping up mentioning Cam and other options. People went berserk trashing Cam in those threads and were borderline a lot of things in their presentation. Level headed posters now get to be wait and see with Cam just like others were with Darnold. But the ones that went all in saying Cam was done, can't run, can't throw, selfish, and made fun of his attire are getting told about themselves. Especially the ones who ask for it. If you are a level headed poster, don't ride for a out and out Cam hater cause they are getting what they deserve.
  20. These kinds of great posts always get looked over, but I see you! Their offense is a Lamborghini this year with the weapons compared to the old beat up rusted out Datsun they drove last year.
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