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  1. We were hated when Cam/Olsen/Smitty/CMC/LUUUUKE/TD were patrolling. Now people just feel sorry for us.
  2. Without getting into the weeds over how many of these sacks are his own fault just answer this question… How did he play on the other 527 pass attempts that he wasn’t sacked?
  3. Baker wasn’t ready for prime time yet. He was still dealing with the mental speed bumps of injuries and being benched and humbled.
  4. What kind of dumb ass point are you trying to make?
  5. If that thing can air squat while shooting a double barrel first down celebration for a 2-14 team down 21 points at the time then I’d draft it #1 overall!
  6. Tepper threw his cup harder and more passionately than Bryce throws a football. He deserves honorable mention.
  7. You're also comparing games where the staff was still trying to legitimately find ways to win games to games that literally have zero consequence.
  8. You are arguing that you think the NFL would rubber stamp any move Tepper wanted to make unless I'm understanding you wrong. I brought up the Raiders because they tried to move to LA at the same time the Rams and Chargers did. Rams were told yes, Chargers were given a year, Raiders were told NO unless the Chargers didn't complete their move. The point I'm making is the NFL doesn't just rubber stamp what owners want to do. If they did, Raiders would be in LA instead of Vegas.
  9. If that were true the Raiders would be in LA. But the real truth is none of us know what would happen if he wanted to move. We do know Charlotte is a good market that the NFL has already invested in.
  10. You're the person speculating what Tepper will do. I only stated that Charlotte is a large market and already has a team. Otherwise, plenty of cities don't host drafts or Super Bowls. I'd suspect the NFL never involves emotion in such decisions. Instead mild weather, destination attractions, visitor capacity and maximizing revenue are more important. There's a reason Miami and New Orleans have hosted 21 Super Bowls. Just because Charlotte isn't a tourist city that tops the list for hosting major events doesn't mean it isn't a great market for a NFL team, so not sure what argument you're even trying to make.
  11. The NFL thought Charlotte was a good market to enter in the 90s and it has exploded in size since then. To think the NFL doesn't care about Charlotte when they've ALREADY put a team here is a bit comical.
  12. The Raiders tried to go to LA. Vegas was their second choice.
  13. I don't think Charlotte could be ignored, it's a huge market. With that said, LA went two decades before the Rams returned, followed shortly after by the Chargers.
  14. We could have skipped the draft the last three years and we would be no worse. We would actually be quite a bit better without Young.
  15. Analytics aren’t bullshit, actual fast ain’t just a numba. Lololololol, ribs hurt
  16. The most encouraging thing I saw today was for the first time it looked like Bryce started believing in himself. With each success that confidence appeared to snowball. I really hope he can continue to build on it.
  18. Personally I’ve become suspicious that’s he’s responsible for a number of oline injuries as well. Wishing Hurst a quick and complete recovery.
  19. There isn’t a single reason to have faith in Fitts. The emperor has no clothes.
  20. I'd sooner imagine Tepper had a list of everything Pittsburgh did wrong and was intent on showing them the right way to do it when he bought the Panthers.
  21. JFC some of y’all are just hopeless with your takes. You realize Purdy is the best QB in the league right now and it isn’t particularly close? Do you think Brady was the best athlete to ever play? Easy hell no there, didn’t stop him from being the GOAT did it? Stop making arguments with opinion and conjecture, facts are easier. Purdy, right now, is better than everyone. It’s ridiculous that people like you think Lance and Garrapolo got ran out of town on accident. San Fran paid more for Lance than we paid for Bryce and told him thanks but no thanks after 102 total pass attempts. But sure, keep pretending like you got the real scouting report on Purdy. You have no clue how hard SF would laugh if we offered them BY9 for Purdy straight up.
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