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  1. They made me pine for a Dameyune Craig.
  2. 2019 W4 4QC/GWD: 15 play drive, 3 passes. longest pass is 9 yards 2019 W6 GWD: 12 play drive, 7 passes, longest pass 12 yards
  3. I think that's why it was a great choice for Jones to go to the Senior Bowl.
  4. Pretty sure Fitterer would have been involved in drafting our LT last season (Okung).
  5. He couldn't talk about Sean Ryan's hire as it is not yet "official".
  6. Also mentioned churning the bottom of the roster. Combined with the statement about bringing in a QB, it doesn't bode well for Grier.
  7. Tepper specifically mentioned not making decisions by gut feeling when discussing the importance of process in his interview today.
  8. "It all starts with the quarterback, then offensive line, defensive line. That's what I'm about."
  9. "Tagovailoa isn’t regarded as a quarterback the Texans will view as an adequate replacement for Watson, according to multiple league sources.” - Aaron Wilson (covers the cover the Texans for the Houston Chronicle).
  10. He used the term 'rookie mistakes' in the interview.
  11. Andrew Brandt was part of the personel team in Green Bay. He talks about it sometimes. Brett was pissed. The coaches were pissed. The fans were pissed.
  12. I found it interesting that he had never met Rhule before the initial interview. I thought that would play a bigger part in the search.
  13. Agent's Take: Here's how Saints can dig out of 2021 salary cap mess; potential cap casualties and restructures https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/agents-take-heres-how-saints-can-dig-out-of-2021-salary-cap-mess-potential-cap-casualties-and-restructures/
  14. thank you. My main point was that you can give up all that the Eagles did and still be competitive, even win a championship.
  15. And they won the Super Bowl, two years later (2018) with Wentz injured and on the bench.
  16. Looks like Brady will be back. The only HC left open is Houston.
  17. Miami might not be as well positioned as we think. Houston doesn't regard Tua as a "an adequate replacement for Watson" Source: A three team trade? Have we ever seen that in the NFL? Source:
  18. I had a vasovagal reaction to a flu shot one year. Put me on my keister and I was sent to the hospital for evaluation.
  19. Not playing Moton on the left continues to bewilder. When Ronnie Stanley went down for the Ravens, they slid Orlando Brown from RT to LT with little issue.
  20. There's been speculation that Peters was the brains behind many of Lynch's best moves and Lynch did whatever he could to keep Peters in the building. Peters reportedly loves working for the 49ers and loves living in San Fran. Things got close to Peters being hired in Carolina so Lynch gave Peters some incentives to stay put (probably a raise and some other stuff Peters wanted).
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