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  1. I've been thinking it's more akin to the Jets who got a really good DB in that draft (Jamal Adams) but passed on two franchise QBs. But what's done is done. Rhule and Fitterer chose Darnold & Horn over Fields. We can only hope it was the right decision.
  2. I don't really consider anyone drafted agree round 4 to be a bust. Those guys had long odds to begin with.
  3. Despite his rather tasteful name, I'm not Teddy fan, but I don't see Kyle Allen staying healthy long enough to start 15 games. The guy seemed to get inured quite a bit.
  4. Teddy Bridgewater threw 15 TDs last session What week will Darnold throw his 16th?
  5. You can talk about Wilson, but there's a welcome to the NFL moment.
  6. Panthers open as a 3.5 point favorite over the Jets in Week 1.
  7. Week 1 is probably the worst week to draw conclusions from. Teams work on Week 1 all of training camp. I'd give it until at least week 4 or 5 before you start full on panicking.
  8. Good to see Greg Van Roten still putting in work. I'm always pulling for those guys who started as UDFA.
  9. This year is no different than any other. We have all of summer to get through before football season. I'd rather spend the time with optimism about the upcoming season. The reality of the fall will let me know if it was misplaced.
  10. Where do you get that impression? I haven't seen anything. The only thing Moton wants is for the Panthers to
  11. Media pundits started mocking Fields to us because of reports that "Tepper wants Fields" and we all saw how that turned out.
  12. All these guys saw the stacked team that TB immediately put around Rodgers and started looking at their organizations and going 'why didn't we do that since you had, you know, me!"
  13. I have no issue with this statement. Iconic pairing ended too soon.
  14. I watched ESPN this year because of Greenie hosting. I've been a fan of his for a while. I thought he did a pretty good job.
  15. I worried Nagy's lack of job security could cause him to throw Justin out there before he's ready. If Justin shows promise even later on in the season, it could save Nagy and Perez's jobs.
  16. Unfortunately, that's Darnold's number one problem and before you start typing 'Jets', it was also a chief weakness for him in college. He's the polar opposite of Teddy. He'll let it rip. Let's just hope the right team catches it.
  17. I think people are going to very pleasantly surprised with Dan Arnold. Granted that I only got to see one game (ARI @ PHI) but what I saw was encouraging.
  18. Could they gave felt Fontenot's absence so quickly?
  19. "I'm really excited to coach Cam Newton." I don't put a ton of stock in Rhule's public comments about the quarterbacks. By his actions, he'spushed all his chips in on Darnold. Let's hope that was the right decision.
  20. "The way personnel people see it, a three this year equates to a two next year, then we picked up a four next year, so basically the Same Darnold trade is paid off." - Matt Rhule at the Day 2 press conference All that maneuvering just so we can say that we got Sam Darnold for 'nothing'.
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