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  1. The Optimus Reim meme is fun but I think it's come back to earth. So thankful Petr's returning soon.
  2. 'backer, cornerback and safety really need help. Chinn is fine but really needs a complement.
  3. Exactamundo. I sincerely hope this is how this year's draft pans out.
  4. Agreed. Rhule getting such a long contract was eye-opening and he has a lot to prove. Knowing that he tends to be mercurial is fine with me provided it pans out. He has to earn my trust though, and frankly I need to be convinced about Fitterer and Tepper too. All involved are new at their positions and this much change so soon could be great and it could blow up in our face. I sincerely hope it works out.
  5. NY being the market it is in and of itself is enough reason for Watson to choose them over us. The endorsement deals alone.... I think the cost is too high as it's been reported.
  6. The linebacking corps and secondary are in dire need of help too. This is not a single year fix.
  7. If Fitterer can improve our overall drafting in and of itself it's a huge win. I am so disgusted at Richardson for hiring Hurney again. That idiotic clown is the biggest reason we're so talent deficient. Gettleman too but he's been gone for a while now. I will never understand DG's decision to draft Benjamin and then Funchess essentially back to back. What an idiotic decision.
  8. We still seem to struggle with drafting oline. Our new GM came from Seattle who struggles there too. A lithe QB with an injury history with an experimental approach at best to an oline is not a recipe for success. We are not even certain we can keep Moton and Paradis would be our next "best" olineman which says little. You Watson proponents seem to think he is the only key piece we need. Like it or not we are years away from being consistently competitive so frankly why the frenzy now when something else may open up down the road that is less expensive? I know Wat
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