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  1. Gumbo sucks. All hail pulled pork. And every Saints fan I have met has been annoying. The Pittsburgh of the South.
  2. In certain ways, 2003 and 2015 mirrored each other. 2003 had the more fun playoffs for sure imo.
  3. I want to hope. However, I can't shag the nagging feeling that Tepper AND Rhule were bad choices and all of this is going to blow up in our face.
  4. The day may well come I become a full-time Canes fan and won't even realize it at first. In order to be fun, the Panthers have to start becoming consistently good. The fact that the NFL has taken my favorite part of the game largely out of it doesn't help. I understand offense sells tickets but neutralizing the defense by way of ref crap just makes the league boring.
  5. I suppose there's no chance of talking Davis and Luke into returning?
  6. personally I do Gamepass. seems to be the cheapest option and I work overnights.
  7. Ahh, to remember when we hoped Joe Adams was going to solve this issue.
  8. I still think Grier was better this season. I am no Grier fan of course. C
  9. I see multiple J's and think of this guy.
  10. The only possibility I can think of off the top of my head is the Texans.
  11. Acting like dickheads is their MO. Trying to remember one instance is asking a bit much.
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