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  1. That was ugly. Hopefully just some leftover psychological damage from the Jets. Letting them back into the game here.
  2. This is the new mission statement for the internet.
  3. Article is just like a good offensive lineman. Very hard o find.
  4. Aaron Rodgers pulling off a very convincing “Bad Jake” impression
  5. But he had a ball sail. Plus, for some strange reason he was keen on getting the ball to one of the leagues most dynamic playmakers…. And did you see the way he laced up his shoes? It was Gawdalful!
  6. If he can maintain something similar to this level of play it will be a good deal. I won’t pass judgement either way yet but overall it looks promising.
  7. This often leads to lackluster plays and no hi light reel moments so that equates to the team sucking for most message boards. I think you need a bit more aggressiveness to put the game away and hopefully they learn from that. Overall I think you kept your QB clean and won despite missing some scoring opportunities.
  8. Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers W Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons W Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills W W Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals W San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans W W Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles Chargers @ Washington Football Team W New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers W W Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans W Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs Miami Dolphins @ New England W W Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints W Denver Broncos @ New York Giants Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams W W Baltimore Ravens @ Las Vegas Raiders Close to OP but I think WFT defense takes care of the Chargers and the Browns put the league on notice. I will eat crow in advance though.
  9. No matter the logic or lack thereof, 7-10 matches my feel but I’m no expert. Just a guy with uneducated opinions.
  10. “When word quotas attack”. This statement diminishes the credibility of the argument. He may very well be deserving of this rank right now but this statement screams that they just threw together a list for content.
  11. 1. Defense and special teams play yields 3 turnovers 2. 3rd down efficiency is better than last year 3. Two Red-zone TDS, one RZ FG and one RZ turnover on downs Panthers control entire game and Jets score their only TD in garbage time. Panthers win 27-10
  12. Saw that. Jets fan had a list of “ifs” a mile long and our lad Harris was a central piece in his win strategy.
  13. Yeah. I think there is a s a lot of detailed evaluation and nuances going on the the general public doesn’t see.it’s very easy to see the upside on a few plays and just conclude that coach just favors vets where in a lot of cases the coach is actually protecting the young guy and playing the long game.
  14. Preseason preparation for the Huddle. Glad to see you getting in game shape. It’s a long season.
  15. Also do those pointy elbows bother you as much as they bother me
  16. I hear you. But he seems to be finding value at all positions and not just focused on the Offensive Line silo. True we need to fix the OL but upgrading other positions doesn’t mean the OL is being ignored.
  17. I share your hope but am pessimistic on the outcome. Recent evidence suggests that we are not quick on the uptake when it comes to learning lessons.
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