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  1. Although no one can be certain because you never know the inner workings the fundamental difference in the organization is they hire people to work for you and you listen to what they have to say. I think previously Tepper let Rhule run free and trusted his guy was making the right decision. Now Tepper seems to be somewhat involved. Not necessarily vetoing anything but just being inquisitive. Probably at a high level but it sets the expectation. Much more importantly, Reich is hiring knowledgeable guys that he respects but he also has the background to question and challenge decisions and opinions. Conversely, it seems like Rhule had the “if you were right I would agree with you” approach. Who knew that rational thinking works in making football decisions.
  2. I remember @PantherUnited getting us thru this stretch. He was an artist that mastered the technique of compelling idiocy. I so looked forward to those threads. Although he wasn’t the poster that the Huddler’s wanted in the offseason, he was the poster that we needed.
  3. Chubba got a bad rep for drops. I think last year he was much improved but his first year he was terrible in that area.
  4. This is a good one. Air travel suck. Airports suck.
  5. The thread title is related to unpopular opinions… But your feedback is very constructive. I think I need to amend my original post with a fifth point: 5. Life’s too short. It’s okay to not give a shiit when people make a big deal out of nothing.
  6. As an older guy with children on the cusp adulthood you realize that a lot of the fallen are basically kids. Young guys and girls in the prime of their lives making the ultimate sacrifice.
  7. Makes sense to me. Thats where my point 3 kicks in.
  8. 1. The Wizard of Oz is disturbing on many levels and all the characters are extremely fugged up including the little dog 2. Steak cooked beyond medium rare is a waste of a steak. 3. A person can appreciate something (music , opinions, art, etc…) without liking or agreeing with it. 4. Turkey on Thanksgiving is overrated.
  9. I always used a bit of water on a cloth and was able to get most out or presentable. Also had left over paint that matched and was able to water it down a bit and touch up some marks. Never perfect if I was looking for the difference but not something that would jump out. Aside from that, I think all you can do is wait spend the next few years looking at colors and when their older paint again. Wish I could help more. Good luck.
  10. Natty Light is the breakfast of champions.
  11. I don’t think Panther fans are able to digest. The past few years the panthers offense has been a nightmare, but only for our team. Hard to cope with this.
  12. Yes. I think we all focus on the bad things that happened to Corral but if there is a silver lining, its related to the things that didn't happen.
  13. Last season was Chicken Tartare and a side of cold left over Taco Bell re-fried beans with last nights room temperature Bud heavy that contained ashes from a Camel non filter. This season will be slow cooked smoked meat. Pick whichever style you like as I don't want to start a barbecue war.
  14. I think he had a very very good reason...
  15. Makes sense. Also, it’s been stated that Dalton doesn’t need that many reps which could potentially shift work to Corrals advantage if he shows progress. I think BY is first priority and rightfully so, but I don’t think Corral will be an afterthought if he shows promise.
  16. This is a very rational post that shows intelligence and a level headed thought process. Which leads to my question: Why are you here? Seriously, developing Corral into a solid backup while grooming BY as a franchise QB should not be conflicting initiatives for a competent professional staff. Dalton needs a small amount of time for continuity but there should be some reps for Corral without having to hamper BY’s growth.
  17. I think Brady is a douche but I don’t hate him. I don’t think he is intentionally condescending but he is awkward and that was probably evident in the video and why he talks to grown ass men like they are in elementary school. Also, I think he will suck at broadcasting.
  18. Corral has talent but also has an uphill battle. As it stands today, BY is the long term fixture. He should have ample opportunity to learn and grow with this staff.
  19. I think that there are going to be a few guys we lean on early that get most of the looks but over the season you will see it getting spread around more. Not a bad thing as chemistry and experience evolve. I could be wrong as that happens very often but just my .02
  20. If Young gets a paper cut (pinky non throwing hand) from flipping pages in the playbook the headline will read “Young sustains injury participating in football activities raising durability concerns”. It’s all they can talk about.
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