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  1. I think that signing would signal that the team desperately wants to return to mediocrity. If that was the intent then why bother moving on from Rivera and company in the first place? He would have been able to manage mediocrity with a sniff of the playoffs here and there.
  2. I haven’t kept up much with the background of our draft picks. I knew he lost his father but was not aware his mother had passed also. That along with Transitioning to college and the position switch makes the late break thru more understandable. Basically a kid and was able to overcome so much and now he’s a first round draft pick. He’s gonna be an easy guy to root for.
  3. Seems to appreciate guys and be a guy that the players will like playing for. Also built a staff that is aligned rather than a brain trust. The coach speak is still coach speak but comes across like he gives you more insight. So yes, I think a different vibe. That said, they still need to execute and the moment there is a sighting of a DBO sign all bets are off.
  4. I pie this post not because I agree with it but because I appreciate the optimism I pie this post not because I like it but because I think this is quite a likely scenario unfortunately. Thanks for posting these without dragging down people that disagree in the process.
  5. It’s hard to be objective on such a polarizing topic. Half the time I want to stick up for Bryce cause he’s being relentlessly flogged and beaten like a drum . Then half the time I want to hate on him because people are making him out to be a victim like he’s a mistreated blind puppy with a Sarah McLachlan song playing in the background. The other half of the time I just say fug it.
  6. I think this is a subtle short joke. If not, apologies for misinterpreting but I’m amused nonetheless.
  7. Cant wait to see Tepper toss one of those liters of beer on a drunk Giants fans. Let’s take the debauchery global.
  8. I think there needs to be dramatic improvement but agree. If you can’t come out of the season with a case that he belongs you need to start looking elsewhere. Not writing him off by any means but there are serious doubts that are bluntly expressed on this board and can’t imagine those are just confined to fans.
  9. No matter what the conclusion/opinion/mindset we have regarding BY he is here and going to begin the year as QB1. Nothing I type is going to change that. In paper the organization did a nice job of acquiring personnel that should be able to help a young QB transition and improve. If our young QB does not transition or improve then we need to find another QB. I hope BY is the answer but if not they need to pivot.
  10. I think Ian Thomas’s goal was to just take a snap. And here we are. The young man is just vocalizing aspirations. No harm in that
  11. I think you have a very valid point. I am a panther fan and hope he/they show signs of righting the ship. We should be able to see if there is progress. Cant unsee last season though and no matter what that is going to be on everyone's mind.
  12. I don't think there is anything left for Cousins to prove. He's 35 years old and been in the league for 12 years. He is what he is. Decent but never enough to get a team over the hump. If Penix proves to be better a better route for the Falcons, then Cousins has a 100 million dollar retirement package.
  13. I respect and agree with everything you said here. But for me it’s May and I’m a fan of the shiitiest team in pro football. I gotta enjoy the wins where I can get’em
  14. They are smart but they are terrors when they are young. I crate train mine so he stays in a safe space lace for him and everyone else. 9 years later he still loves the crate. It takes a lot more f consistency and discipline but they are lovely companions
  15. We'd be bitching about a moronic owner and FO that gave up a ransom for a draft pick and then were content to let him sit on the bench.
  16. Very true. I think (don’t hold me to the exact stat) that only 10% of draft picks end up being considered upgrades/legitimate help for a team. If that stat holds true 90% of the time the pessimist has an argument that he/she is right. That usually comes in the form of “I told you so” That said, I applaud anyone coming in here trying to be optimistic even when/if I think they may be a bit unrealistic. I think that is a facet of fandom.
  17. Mustard is like Chinese take out. It satisfies the immediate craving but everyone knows it’s not the real thing.
  18. My perception/opinion of the draft based on a few categories. Solid draft in my opinion. Addressing need with perceived roster upgrade: A Got WR the team desperately needed, a solid pass catching RB and upgraded TE and LB positions with what could be contributors. Value of players drafted: B- My non-expert ignorant opinion on Legette is he was a bit of a reach. Full disclosure though, I thought Adonai Mitchell and Jackson Powers Johnson were solid first rounders and a lot of GM's and scouts disagreed. Brooks being hurt is a question mark/flag for me. Draft savvy: A+ Moving up to first for the 5th year option was a smart move with little to no downside. After that Morgan basically stole a 2nd round pick next year and still got his guy in the process. Also seems to have kept consistency with that "dawg" mentality the FO has been pushing.
  19. I’ve done mock drafts since forever and the one thing I can say for certainty is they never ever work out that way in real life. The only thing useful in a mock is you learn a little about some players but no where near enough to claim you are an expert.
  20. This made me chuckle. Thank you for the laugh.
  21. Nah. I did 20 or so mock draft simulators and watched a ton of film (i.e. YouTube highlight reels). All these guys were reaches. Seriously though, the rankings we see from the media is just speculation. Gotta see how this plays out.
  22. I don't mind the X links posted but I would mind if we took an RB at 39.
  23. Starts the story off by talking about something he was doing. Leading with the "I" thing can be a hook but in Fowler's case it seems like everything wants to evolve around him. Middle class narcissist upset with a billionaire narcissist. Ended up skimming rather than reading. Sorry I even clicked it TBH
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