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  1. I don't want to trade for Mayfield but my question is why so many days between threads? Its the offseason and this stuff makes us all crawl out from under our rocks. Thank you OP.
  2. Snow should get a transistor radio so when Luke tells everyone listening what play the opponent is running he can relay it to the defense on the field.
  3. I’m on the fence with some autograph stuff. If a kid walks up to you at a game and asks for u to sign something I can see situations where you say no but can’t really see any scenario to say F off and be completely disrespectful. To me that sort of thing is classless. On the other hand, if someone is out in public away from the field and they are approached, I can see where guys can get annoyed and not be polite. Especially if they are bombarded every time they leave home. Personally I would hate that. Still don’t think Its right to tell anyone to F off just because they asked for an autograph but can understand a certain level of irritation.
  4. I see the comparison. I wouldn’t characterize it as J walking but your point is valid. JR was out rather quickly compared to this guy. I think JR wanted to avoid some of the fiasco and was a more evolved POS than Snyder.
  5. Also Didn’t help that he marinated with the jets, but yeah I think this was destined for failure before he took a snap in Carolina.
  6. This is not surprising. There are pages of Huddle threads that support this assumption. Darnold is the albatross hanging around the front organization’s neck. Corral was a deliberate and rational decision for trying to correct that long term. I’m happy to embrace the suckage and hope we can climb out of this.
  7. Yeah agree From my totally biased opinion I think kicking Ickey inside to mask the shortcomings of BC is not what is best for your long-term elite tackle. The reasoning given from the YT piece was that this would be "the best 5". While that may be accurate, I dont think that makes sense to do for an entire season. If Ickey is working on some things and coming along and you think some short term Guard play will help develop, fine. If you are in a tight spot for a game and you need Ickey to kick inside for a possession, fine. But Ickey is an LT and he was drafted to play LT.
  8. The guy made some very good comments about the line. The one that stuck with me was the mention of kicking ickey inside with BC at left tackle. Indicated that may be the best 5 as a group. While I dont like it, we drafted Ickey to be anchor LT, it might be what we see initially. im sure Huddlers are sharpening the pitchforks if this happens
  9. No worries from me. We are in for about 12-14 more Mayfield trade threads so time will fly. Not complaining, I'm just easily entertained.
  10. Very nice so far. Will watch the rest later. I forgot all about Matt Paradis. Key departure in the sense that it’s a relief he’s gone.
  11. The fact that we are rationally debating where/when two young up and coming linemen will play is refreshing compared to last year.
  12. I think this and Rhule has to keep the competition going. Technically it’s probably a good thing to say something to this effect in June. Rhule just sounds dopey when he says it.
  13. But today will not be the last day to have a new thread on Mayfield
  14. This is just a dream scenario everyone here would love to see but I doubt many people considered it to be plausible.
  15. Agreed. But it does serve a purpose. I’m highly entertained.
  16. I’ll take whatever positive vibes they are sending. Agree with a lot of the posts about comments last year so won’t get overly excited but not gonna pass up an opportunity for optimism. The alternative is hoping Robbie starts catching and stops tweeting.
  17. Mayfield is marginally better than Sam and if he comes here it may expose Robbie's weakn... Scratch that, I have no clue.
  18. Probability says based on current state, Darnold starts day 1. That said, my ideal scenario would be for Corral to start day 1. If he does he is at the very least, slightly better than Darnold. If this happens at a minimum, his floor is a backup and we go swing next year. Best case scenario you have found a QB for the foreseeable future.
  19. I think that is a quote from Rhule based on the OTAs they had the other week. I think the "ways to go" comment can be said for virtually any rookie at that point in time. Its premature to make conclusions based on a guys first week as he probably still has to ask for directions on how to get to the bathroom at this point. I am gonna be patient and focus on real things to be enraged over. Like Robbie tweeting or Rhule playing ping pong. Those are the things we should be worried about...
  20. Not a Mayfield fan but I gotta think this crap coming out of Mint Street is designed to lower Bakers price tag.
  21. Based on my most likely biased and definitely unscientific opinion, ends take around 3 years to develop (excluding elite guys like Peppers and such). We will likely find out what we have in YGM this year. Signing an experienced guy will enhance the competition and likely help YGM grow. Nothing wrong with an affordable contract.
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