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  1. Yep. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad football. It matters whether people watch or not. I think the ratings fair better than tape delay figure skating or regional NCAA BBall so we are going to get a bad football playoff game. That’s ok with me. I watched bad football for 17 weeks, an 18th won’t kill me. Also, a lot of the people watching are fans of teams that didn’t make the playoffs, like NYJ/G fans. They are familiar with it.
  2. Can someone remind me of what a playoff game is?
  3. I like and respect your logic but I don’t want the negativity to stop. I come here and my day gets brighter. Its like watching a horror flick. No matter how bad a day I am having, I can come here and be comforted by the fact my day is nowhere near as shiitty as other folks.
  4. Somewhere in between I believe. The tough questions will be worded to soften the blows (e.g. listeners want to know…) but I think they will try to get some meat.
  5. I understand and share your frustration but still, Those are things you and I want him to address. Or better put, we want him to address them to our satisfaction, which, in my opinion, he can’t do at this point. His presence in front of a microphone today will not fix or impact the issues you regarding attendance and excitement. In fact, from his point of view, speaking right now may even hurt them. Best case scenario for him is a neutral and completely non value added outcome. I believe at this point, the only thing his press conference will do is seed us with a litany of threads and catchy memes until the next gaffe-able moment in Panther history.
  6. I don’t think he has anything to say at this point
  7. Are you prepared to listen to the 12 billion reasons why he don’t give a fuq?
  8. So there are 2-3 constants 1. Crappy coach in over his head 2. New owner to stubborn to can said crappy coach 3. Pissed huddle constantly bitching about 1&2. I’m onboard.
  9. Pie to OP. I don’t necessarily agree with what you laid out but kudos for making an unpopular counterpoint. Fact is, whatever the rationale, our wagon is hitched to Rhule for now. No matter how many threads we make restating our lamentations, we are stuck with this probably for another season at least Lots of frustration all around and I think folks just need time to vent a while more.
  10. I don’t think he should be in a hurry to jump in front of a microphone but eventually over the next 3-4 weeks I think it would be a good idea. Even then what is he gonna say? If he’s smart it will be a company line with peppered in cliches which will give you about as much substance as we got from him today.
  11. Given the right price no one. But at the same time I wouldn’t want to be erratic about trading players when they are not part of the problem. The big issues as pointed out here and everywhere else this team comes up is OL and QB. That said, does the trade ultimately help you improve these areas without creating an issue elsewhere? Trades alone will not fix what is broken. It might make you feel better because doing something feels better than doing nothing but you have to do the right something to reap benefits.
  12. Buys him more time to find an open cornerback. But I agree wit your logic. Fixing the line is priority 1.
  13. A rookie Kenny Picket behind this OL = Sam Darnold behind this OL. Don't get me wrong, I think Pickett can be a good player at the next level but I don't see him being able to flourish here with what is currently in place.
  14. In my opinion both are solid options and it should not be viewed as one or the other.. Players trades: Two big names to trade would be CMC and Anderson. If we can get 2nd/3rdish and wash away those contracts it would be good to clean that up. Free Agency: I wouldn't bet on FA for starting OL guys but if you could get a solid G who is a huge step above Eflien and Erving you do it. If you have one of those slots filled things will not be as dire as they are now. Also don't know what Deonte Brown can do. If Brown can make an impact you have more flexibility. I don't think he goes from sitting out an entire season to being the starter next year. So I think best case scenario is you have a guy you can rotate in that isn't a turnstile. Draft Trade Down: I think you have to see how the board shakes out and what happens in free agency. Right now I think you have to go with either the best LT you can get at 6 or trade down and snag an interior lineman in the 1st. If we can trade down and acquire more picks in the process it would be ideal so long as we address the OL early with guys that are ready to play. Now watch Rhule burn 2023 draft capital and trade up 2 spots for Pickett...
  15. We could trade Rhule for a conditional parking attendant.
  16. When I drove by a Golden Corral yesterday and saw guys sauntering out patting their bellies I couldn’t help but think of Kelvin Benjamin.
  17. John Coleman. Named the lobby after him so why not give him the credit. Realize the players play hard and the fault doesn’t necessarily lie with them but I am disappointed with the team as a whole so I want to go in a different direction.
  18. Yeah. As bad trades go, Gilbert was far worse but this ranks pretty high. And had we drafted Jones or Fields we would be calling them busts right now. This OL would have them on a Darnold like trajectory.
  19. Yes. And the panthers have 18 million reasons to start Darnold.
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