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  1. No way PJ should be on roster at beginning of next regular season.
  2. It seems as if Rhule wants someone he can control..someone he views as beneath him. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why he got rid of BRADY, which I think was a mistake.
  3. No we haven’t gotten that far yet…haha…I love the Panthers through and through!!
  4. I fear this is a true story and so very unfortunate!! Really the only person that will get hired for OC is someone that has never been an OC and someone Rhule thinks is up and coming…it’s a shame BRADY is gone…oh well…lots of red flags that we see but appears the owner is ignoring up to this point!
  5. Been here since ‘95..the good ole Death Valley days! My Dad and I are PSL Owners and we were talking after last game that we don’t remember it this bad. We both feel it is worse than the George Seifert days and we went to every one of those games. It is definitely a low point..and there seems no hope for next season..I mean 7 years..c’mon! I have watched a lot of football and actions speak louder than words and Rhules’ actions are very disappointing and disturbing! I just know after two years that this is not going to work out with Rhule if he retains all football decisions.
  6. 8 of the Playoff Teams are in the Top 10 in Offense....no doubt Panthers having a #2 Defense and #30 Offense leads to NO WHERE!!!
  7. Bill was always better than Mick! I would love to have Bill back as the announcer! I vote Zoke as 2nd option!
  8. A zebra doesn’t change its stripes! Two years of the same…3rd year incoming…
  9. Poor play calling and coaching decisions yet again!!
  10. Never #KEEP POUNDING #KEEP POUNDING....here since '95...attended all games at Clemson...attended all games during George Seifert 1-15 Season...NEVER...#Keep Pounding...my wife may yell at me and ask why...but I say #KEEP POUNDING!!!!
  11. The NFL is rigged! They are propping up RHULE so he has another year in Carolina....b/c they know Carolina will stink!! The NFL has it out against Tepper and the Carolina Panthers!
  12. Its down now...link won't work for that post...
  13. Brady not the issue..he was clearly a scapegoat!
  14. Same story different week..bad OLINE play…drops…poor 3rd Quarter…turnovers
  15. ANd SAM gets $18 MILLION next year....wish I was that damn lucky!!!
  16. Why was Moore just jogging down the field on that route????
  17. Empty backfield el oh el That not a late hit????
  18. MILLER is atrocious......hahaha RG IS HORRIBLE!!!!
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