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  1. Excited for Panthers Football!!!!! #KeepPounding
  2. A lot of stupid decisions going on in Charlotte now....blows my mind.....DE JESUS!!!
  3. I can see it…Baker to Seattle as he leads them to the playoffs as the Panthers stick with Sam Darnold and the entire coaching staff gets fired….lol…so tired of idiot owners in Carolin sports!! Make the common sense decision…de Jesus!!!!
  4. All too comical….he better make a decision on The Sexual Predator Deshaun Watson soon…..
  5. Old news Sheena…that was yesterday….what day ye for today’s news!!!
  6. Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there! Go PANTHERS!!! #KeepPounding
  7. All I wanna do is win win win!!!!
  8. If I'm Baker....I let the BROWNS eat their CROW!!!
  9. This is why BC is going to LT....ICKEY is now a WR!!!
  10. Zod, must be close otherwise why would Joe P. Say that. Hmmmmm……
  11. Not sure what is going on with the NFL...but its really odd by NFL Network's choice of words when talking about Watson vice Baker....seems they are shedding a much more negative tone towards Baker vice Watson....very eery! Safe play is to put Watson on the Commissioners Exempt list!
  12. So the Brown's chose an alleged Sexual Predator over a Man Child....hmmmmmm......
  13. Smart play by the NFL given the nature of the allegations…the quantity combined with the optics..well Watson should immediately be put on the Commissioners Exempt list indefinitely…until you see how all this plays out…heat really turning up on the Commish!
  14. Boom and there it is...thanks much LadyPanther!!!
  15. ROBBIE doesn't LOVE FOOTBALL....ROBBIE loves the PAYCHECK!!!
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