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  1. He's scoring too many tds too. You cant win that way!
  2. They probably do wish they would have signed Teddy instead. Build for the future!
  3. Im sure their fans hate seeing their team play in the nfc championship game. lol
  4. Wow the Bucs really went for it in the offseason and it paid off. Maybe our front office can take some notes.
  5. Id rather have Lance and hope he will be there at 8. I think trading up for Wilson would be a bad move.
  6. I like all our players ( Moore and Chinn 2 of my favorites) but I think we've really been missing a bigger than life personality. Smitty, J Norman, Cam...the kind of player that kicked your ass then told you about. We need the next generation sh*t talker.
  7. I'm so tired of the conservative boring moves this franchise makes. The same moves that have led this team to never having back to back winning seasons. People saying we can't compete if we trade away assets....we can't compete anyway! Look at the last 4 teams standing, what do they have in common? Elite qbs. Don't have one?...you dont have a shot.
  8. I predict I'll have more free time on Sundays if he's the starter.
  9. It would be the most unpanther like move ever...that's why I want it to happen. Bringing in Teddy was the most panther like move ever.
  10. Teddy might be able to throw farther at this point. Hahahaha
  11. A fake vaccine for a hoax virus. Who cares, the jokes on them.
  12. A vaccine for a hoax? Why?
  13. We all know the answer....stop with all the testing!
  14. Trump attacks everyone on a daily basis. Then gets criticized and turns into a snowflake. His cheering section is no different.
  15. Agree, I just want someone who is competent. It's like sending a loved one to get surgery, I don't care about the doctor's political affiliation. I just want someone that can do their job. Trump is a bad person and terrible at his job.
  16. I thought they looked more like a box of nutless scrotums.
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