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  1. Falcons punter is probably asleep on the sideline somewhere.
  2. I'm not usually a fan of firing a coach at halftime but...
  3. Will someone at least knock the sh*t outa matty ice.
  4. Rhule runs this team like he wants to be fired. Holy fug
  5. Who really cares at this point...this organization is awful top to bottom. We could have the #1 overall pick and it wouldn't make any difference. I watch now just to laugh and laugh I do.
  6. I wonder how many draft picks Rhules gonna give up for Daniel Jones?
  7. In Ron's first two years we had a OROY and a DROY….we got anything like that with Rhule?
  8. It was bringing Teddy in that really hurt the panthers. Screwed up our draft. We could of been the ones to get all those first round picks that San Fran gave up to get Lance. We should of traded CMC as well when we had the chance, we would be in such a better place. This franchise is run by the dumbest people in the nfl.
  9. If he starts and sucks, fire everyone the next day.
  10. Brady sucks but Rhule is worse. Fire every last one of them.
  11. Someone else to tackle RBs 10 yards down the field?
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