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  1. Rhule had full control so he gets credit for everything that happened (good or bad) while he was here. Fitts gets credit for everything that happened after Rhule got the boot.
  2. I wouldn't give up our future firsts. Those are almost always top 10 picks.
  3. He looked like he retired during that Cowboys game. lol
  4. Hopefully he can be a backup level QB someday. Not sure if he's NFL material though.
  5. No calls are just as impactful as bad calls.
  6. Full time employees wouldn't change a thing. The refs are just doing what they are told.
  7. unless the refs reverse course, 9ers are toast.
  8. NFL wants Eagles in the bowl looks like.
  9. Shanny whiffed hard right there.
  10. As a coach he he sucked for sure, but as our GM with full roster control he got us the pieces for a great Oline.
  11. Sure, no need to be disrespectful but business is business. They want to stay employed here? Win playoff games.
  12. Yep, and Rhule deserves more credit for building such a great Oline.
  13. If hurt feelings are more important than winning then your team will suck like the Panthers have and do. You think the Patriots ever gave sh*t about peoples feelings? lol
  14. I want what's best for the team not what's fair to Wilks or Fitts or anyone else. They're not 10 years old, they will be ok.
  15. Fitts was hand picked by Rhule so how could it possibly not work out?
  16. Good thing we have a GM that was hand picked by Rhule! lol
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