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  1. Would it be a blessing in disguise for our D if Burns went down?
  2. The media doesn't hate us, they want to make money. They portray every team and player in a way to make the most money possible. If it helped their bottom line they would say we are the best team they've ever seen and Darnold is a god.
  3. If bad calls are a deal breaker then the nfl isn't for you....especially if you're a panthers fan.
  4. Sure, but they will have to face better qbs this season at some point. The d looks great though.
  5. Yes Winston and 2 rookies...the football gods have been kind!
  6. If we can just keep playing rookies making their first start, we will dominate.
  7. Playing against 2 rookie qbs making their first start ever and crab legs might have something to do with that #1 status....maybe?
  8. Texans look like the best team we've faced so far.
  9. If you're not gonna win soon then why give him that huge contract?
  10. No I'm just hoping Rhule can at least be as good as Rivera was. It shouldn't be too hard, Ron left a lot to be desired at the HC position.
  11. We better beat them with so many of their best players missing or hurt. This is a big game and will be a good indicator of what kind of season we will have.
  12. Rivera inherited a much worse dumpster fire (2-14) and had us in the playoffs his 3rd year (12-4). The clock is ticking.
  13. We have a generational talent at RB that is in his prime. We need to win soon or we will just have to start another rebuild 3 or 4 years from now.
  14. The problem is the odds we poo the bed are the same when we're not favored.
  15. At least our other guys are versatile.
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