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  1. But if both teams score a TD you're right back where you started. The team that wins the coin toss will always have the advantage. You could predetermine who will have the ball in OT. Give the away team first possession in OT or something like that.
  2. The bills had plenty of opportunities to win but they made terrible decisions at the end of regulation. The rules allowed them to squib kick and run time off the clock, they chose not to and lost.
  3. I think it was decided by the bills not squib kicking the ball at the end.
  4. I've always thought the best overtime would be to put 7 minutes on the board and play it out until time runs out.
  5. If that game disappointed you then you're hard to please.
  6. Gettin our got damn moneys worth with this one!
  7. Did Rhule take over as HC for the rams? WTF is goin on
  8. This fanbase is a reflection of the team.
  9. Rhule and co have no more excuses, 12+ wins and division winners or......
  10. No one with any sense expects much from this organization. McAdoo is par for the course.
  11. I don't think we'll be better, probably about the same.
  12. Only if we trade up. He's going 1 most likely and we'll probably win 4-6 games and pick somewhere in the 6-9 range. Fug
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