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  1. Agreed but I think it was a low risk, high reward gamble.
  2. I think you're right. As fans, most of us are in "win now" mode. As an organization under new management from top to bottom, they've got time to figure this out if they are taking the long view. Sam is super young. If he shows to be the guy and become perrenial winners and we get a ring, then this will have been about the best and smartest football move since the pats drafting Brady. If he blows up it just pushed the timeframe back a year and only cost us a 2nd round pick.
  3. Not a pride thing, but I feel the same thing. I can understand the lack of faith. I think it's reasonable and even warranted. I mean we're panthers fans, we're used to being disappointed by the team. Very little reason to believe on such little evidence.
  4. I can agree with all that, even the QB assessment. True boom or bust. It's a swing for the fences play that I am very glad we took. It wasn't a safe play and I think that's the thing I love about this the most.
  5. It's a lot of faith and hope that is based on 1) Sam's natural talent, demeanor, and drive 2) Joe Brady, especially his effect on Burrow 3) the overall situation. I really believe he's set up for success. OL could be better, but the weapons at his disposal and that defense which I believe will give him consistently good field position will help him a lot. It's basically just a lot of things that will give him every opportunity to succeed and I trust Fitt, Rhule, and Brady's vision and determination. I know that Sammy wasn't their first choice or even their second, but I also bel
  6. The good thing is it won't take long to see who this guy is. One way or the other...it won't be boring. Just buckle up.
  7. I agree. And I think we also big time improved WR. Lost Samuel and gained David Moore, Terrace Marshall, and Shi Smith. And then there's QB....but that's probably more of a wait and see, but there are few who wouldn't say Sammy is an upgrade over Teddy, even among those who don't believe Darnold is the answer. I'd like to think that DT and the OL were improved, esp. on the left side.
  8. At the very least stepping in and telling them to get it right and get him a damn legit QB. I don't think he'll need to, though
  9. I had forgotten that he was one of them and a prick about it.
  10. Fox, Rivers, Hurney, Gettleman...all of them knew more about the game or the team. Doesn't mean that they weren't wrong and weren't idiots about what to do with their knowledge. They knew more, but many of us fundamentally knew better what to do with the team.
  11. Would probably be a Brady/belichick fan.
  12. He's making the tiniest and most awkward hoops to climb through to "prove" why Darnold won't work under this belief that his approval is needed. Not worth the bother.
  13. I was never that much of a fan, but those two rings and that last name are gonna get him in. All the other guys I can see a case for, but Sproles? I got nuthin'.
  14. We've got a whole new FO down there. Not that we were familiar with the old one, but it gives fans a connection to the new one. I like it. Sure it's controlled, but it's something. They are trying to connect rather than keeping us ignorant and in our place like JR did.
  15. Probably teddy. But Marshall and Dan Arnold will be leaned on a lot there.
  16. Not buying Slye, but the rest... sure, why not? I think marshall will be not a highly targeted guy between the 20s so receptions and yardage will be low, but this guy in the end zone will be a beast. DJ will be fun to watch. Getting another 1k this year will be hard but he can pull it off.
  17. They were low balling. They probably got him about where they wanted. I can't imagine hurney letting someone handle a negotiation like that without calling back himself later and apologizing and offering double.
  18. Tell me to shut up and see what happens.
  19. I think we are currently in better shape, but yeah....that overall record....it is what it is. We are what our record says we are. We have to prove we're better.
  20. as much as i hate to admit it, bucs already had some really good pieces in place. they have had some really good players on defense already and looked to be putting it together the year before. they had some good receivers and a good TE there already, and they had a decent OL...at least the interior of the line was good. plus they had a good coach and a good GM. they were only a good QB and a couple other pieces away, apparently, from making a playoff run. jameis winston had been holding that team back...and i was fine with that. jets have pretty much been straight garbage for a long tim
  21. the reason that i am as high on sammy is that he isn't the safe game managing option that teddy was. i want NOTHING to do with that. i don't want him to play i safe. i don't want him to be just a system guy. i want him to be in an offense that spreads out the offense, gives him lots of options, but also lots of freedom to play sandlot ball and be the scrambling gunslinger that i know can win us games and make it fun to watch.
  22. so what you are saying is...we've got legit options and a little depth?
  23. one advantage that sam has over carr was the situation that they came into. the coaching staff that carr walked into was not known for developing players, esp. QBs. fox didn't want anything to do with that. the OC at the time, Jeff Davidson..... The QB coach, Mike McCoy....he was a nice guy, but he wasn't a good coach at all. meanwhile, developing talent is this coaching staff's specialty. rhule is a teacher by education and a psychologist by nature. i just can't imagine a better situation and atmosphere to be brought into if you were trying to do a reboot on your career and were w
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