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2014/15 Barclays Premier League Season

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Update: 3/20/15


1) Chelsea- 64 pts. - 35GD - 28 MP

2) Manchester City- 58 pts. - 31 GD - 29 MP

3) Arsenal- 57 pts. - 26 GD - 29 MP

4) ManUre- 56 pts. - 24 GD - 29 MP

5) Liverpool- 54 pts. - 13 GD - 29 MP

6) Southampton- 50 pts. - 19 GD - 29 MP

7) Tottenham- 50 pts. - 4 GD - 29 MP


We are just a few weeks away from the start of the 2014/15 Barclays Premier League season. Matchweek 1 kicks off August 16th. Last year's race was hotly contested until the final match day, when Manchester City won just their 4th top division title in the club's history.


This season promises to be just as good. The rest of the top 4 made several crucial signings and will look to bring home the Premier League trophy for themselves this season. A few other clubs outside the top 4 have made some quality moves in hopes of breaking into UCL qualification.






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Oh, well I didn't go watch the Red Devils destroy that lesser team in Denver the other day. And if you saw anyone who looked like me there its just coincidence. All us white people look alike. 


You have sided with the enemy.

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    • If you give me the choice of playing in a trash division vs. a competitive division, I'll pick the trash division every time. Step one is qualifying for the playoffs. A trash division makes that a lot easier.
    • i was going to say i see us going at the very least 8-8, but that isn't really an option anymore...unless we tie one.  i think we squeak by with a winning season. biggest thing going in our favor is that we have a pretty weak schedule and we'll be throwing a lot of stuff offensively and defensively (esp. defensively) that teams will struggle to deal with. I could see us starting off strong and maybe slowing down as teams start to figure out what to do with us, but we get enough traction early on that we can pull off a (barely) winning season. what will surprise me is getting to the playoffs. what would be even more surprising is not winning a few more games this year than last. 
    • Toward what?  Sure if your division is trash you've got an easy road to the playoffs.  I said that was definitely the case. What I don't buy is that being in a trash division makes you successful.  The successful teams aren't successful because they beat the dregs.  They are successful because they beat whoever is on their schedule every year.  Remember, teams that win their division play 25% of their schedule against other teams that won their division last year.
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