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  1. I think I'd read a few places that his deep ball miscues were mostly from throwing on the run and not setting his feet - totally coachable, and we now have a guy who can do that in McAdoo, so I'm not overly worried. He's a rook who will make mistakes that he can learn from, plus he can hit the weight room to add about 10 more pounds of muscle if we're genuinely worried about his size/frame/build. It's all in how he approaches his opportunity and either makes it work or doesn't pan out. I'm ok with Corral, and I can't say I would have felt the same with any other QB this draft.
  2. You know, as much as I raised a ruckus earlier, I also completely missed this part - My apologies and I agree. Since this is directly towards half of the insurance cost, then yes, there's absolutely no reason this shouldn't be paid to her.
  3. Sorry, but this isn't something you should just take advice on from strangers on a message board. It's too important in your own life and your kids' lives to do that. Google the heck out of the associated legislation. It's all out there on the internet and easily found. Only you can know what's best for you and your children. That said... Actually, this is incorrect - custody and support are separate and distinct from each other. Just like a parent can't automatically expect visitation simply because they pay money, the reverse also holds true. https://www.nccourts.gov/help-topics/family-and-children/child-custody#:~:text=A parent's custody rights do,in the child's best interests. Way to introduce your preconceived incorrect ideals into the discussion, which he doesn't even deserve. It's not cool to imply he doesn't want to take care of his children. If you'd noticed, he didn't say he wanted to hold on to the money because he's being vindictive or because he wants a new toy for himself. He said he thought about it in order to spend this money on doing fun things with his kids. The difference between directly providing fun/necessities himself versus having to hand money over for his ex to provide is zilch. It's still providing, and there's plenty of stories of the parent receiving the funds never explaining to their child that the other parent also helped provide, which can be a factor in the latter's relationship with the child deteriorating. Plenty of non-custodial parents want to have a good relationship with their kids, and try their best to take care of their obligations. However, at one time or another, they may not be able to no matter how hard they try. It's difficult to get to a job to continue providing, when you have no money left to fill up your car with pricy gas; not to mention no substantial money for food, rent for a place to live, etc. The State doesn't care, it only cares about one thing - the parent fulfilling their court-ordered responsibilities. There's plenty of non-custodial parents not living up to that, so I'm not oblivious that there are jerks out there who skip town, but automatically assuming it's the intent here to me is wrong. About the only thing I agree with is the statement that he should not worry what his ex has or hasn't. That, and he needs to get off social media for a while. It's inherently toxic to begin with, so including the emotions of a divorce and child disagreement will only increase any vitriol he might have, which could also affect his relationship with the children. This is very true, along with an earlier post stating $250 a month is extremely cheap. It is. However, if you factor in that she is making four times as much money, it may be that she might actually owe him money if it were to go to the DCSE. OP, I'd use this calculator provided by NC State (assuming you're in NC, of course) to get a rough idea of your circumstances, and see what monthly amount you should be paying. It might even show that you are actually owed money by her. It's not exact science, but it is a decent approximation of how things might play out, should the government get involved. https://ncchildsupport.ncdhhs.gov/ecoa/workSheetA.htm DCSE is a complete nightmare hassle, and there's a good chance this could all blow up in your face. My suggestion is to self-educate by researching your rights, responsibilities, and what's best for the kids at the links I've provided above. You don't need to be a lawyer or know one to understand these basics of the process, and if you actually do have questions, they also have a help line to call for more info. It's up to you to figure out how you want to play this out, and no one can help you decide what you are willing to risk, but it does help to be armed with facts and knowledge when making that decision. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now. Sorry everyone, I don't normally preach post like this, but 'Father's Rights' is one of those things I feel strongly about, and I like to make sure information is being relayed that should help his relationship going forward.
  4. and pray the neck hasn't been badly warped from sitting in a basement for years... yikes! I never really got into LZ that much, and although I respect the heck out of them and Paige especially, I was always more of a Brian May fan. Though if you mixed his style and EVH, you'd produce one of my absolute favorites - Nuno Bettencourt. If anyone here hasn't heard of him, you should check out the YT below, as it's still one of the coolest things I've ever heard done on a guitar.
  5. Wait... isn't that title held by our own head coach already??
  6. So glad that I don't deal with that crap anymore. You don't have to scrape sunshine off the car windows...
  7. well, remember - we just don't see it. 1000%
  8. Isn't the Washington Generals the team that always plays the Globetrotters? If so, copyright? I'd think folks might get a bit confused with that one.
  9. After looking at that room, I'm highly doubting she even has a social/sex life... well, I guess there's kinks of all types, but I digress...
  10. Because some people just can't help but trumpet their own cultural bias to the rest of the world. It's a bit sad, but I've learned to just ignore it myself for the most part. For me, I couldn't care a whit less what Cam wears to the podium, so long as he's true to himself and free to be who he wants to be. More power to him, and to anyone who is brave enough to express themselves in a positive manner, however it is they want to. Last I checked, whatever level of flamboyancy he decides to display won't truly be harmful to anything, other than maybe to those poor pearls clutched by folks who deem it to be 'not the norm' as they're crushed in ire.
  11. I wonder what that's like... must be nice.
  12. They have these people called optometrists. I'm thinking that might help here... maybe? Eh, probably not though.
  13. Nah, if that were the case Slye would have been on IR the past two seasons.
  14. Same for me. Started watching when I was a toddler (Mom said it was about the only thing that would shut me up for hours on Sundays, lol). Supported them through the firing of Landry, even though that one stung, but enjoyed Johnson a lot though as his replacement. Then the firing, the drug rings and rape scandals, the overbearing owner coming into his own as a complete prick, and the complete lack of remorse for any of it. It was too much for me, so I gave up on that shithole of a team and needed to pick a new one. Still glad I decided to go NFC and the Panthers, because being a Jags fan is just... masochistic. That's what I'm guessing at least.
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