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  1. Wait... isn't that title held by our own head coach already??
  2. So glad that I don't deal with that crap anymore. You don't have to scrape sunshine off the car windows...
  3. well, remember - we just don't see it. 1000%
  4. Isn't the Washington Generals the team that always plays the Globetrotters? If so, copyright? I'd think folks might get a bit confused with that one.
  5. After looking at that room, I'm highly doubting she even has a social/sex life... well, I guess there's kinks of all types, but I digress...
  6. Because some people just can't help but trumpet their own cultural bias to the rest of the world. It's a bit sad, but I've learned to just ignore it myself for the most part. For me, I couldn't care a whit less what Cam wears to the podium, so long as he's true to himself and free to be who he wants to be. More power to him, and to anyone who is brave enough to express themselves in a positive manner, however it is they want to. Last I checked, whatever level of flamboyancy he decides to display won't truly be harmful to anything, other than maybe to those poor pearls clutched by folks who deem it to be 'not the norm' as they're crushed in ire.
  7. I wonder what that's like... must be nice.
  8. They have these people called optometrists. I'm thinking that might help here... maybe? Eh, probably not though.
  9. Nah, if that were the case Slye would have been on IR the past two seasons.
  10. Same for me. Started watching when I was a toddler (Mom said it was about the only thing that would shut me up for hours on Sundays, lol). Supported them through the firing of Landry, even though that one stung, but enjoyed Johnson a lot though as his replacement. Then the firing, the drug rings and rape scandals, the overbearing owner coming into his own as a complete prick, and the complete lack of remorse for any of it. It was too much for me, so I gave up on that shithole of a team and needed to pick a new one. Still glad I decided to go NFC and the Panthers, because being a Jags fan is just... masochistic. That's what I'm guessing at least.
  11. I read them as this: 1. Pie - I agree 2. Beer - I really agree and would buy you a beer IRL 3. The D - I agree and find this topic/response sexy too (no, I will not swing your way @TheSpecialJuan!) 4. Poo - This is crap, you're crap, your post is crap, and you should feel like crap for posting it too... crap 5. Flame - Your post should be burning in the lowest pits of hell right next to falcons fans, ambulance chasers, and your eternal soul, you heathen! I'm pretty certain that last one is wrong, but it's how I read it, so I never flame anyone's posts. Not even the guys with 100+ troll alts on here.
  12. There was a "welcome to Charlotte" video for Horn out there, I think on the Panthers website. You should watch it - worth seeing how his dad is decked out.
  13. Should have made the switch to LT back then permanent. It's general consensus is that it's easier to find a good RT than a good LT, and he showed he had the skills to step up well and develop. Too bad he had a coach who was pretty bad about putting the right players in the right spots (unless injury forced him to). Just think, if we had pulled the trigger, he might have an elite rating on the left side right now.
  14. I think there's a minimum post count or something now of 100 posts before you can start your own thread. It's been forever ago since I joined this joint, so not really sure the exact number. @rayzor - can you help confirm please?
  15. Since when did Alaina start confusing 'worth watching' with 'non-existent'?
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