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Our old buddy Matt Willig...

Mr. Scot

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    • Or they just don't care about the NFL at all and only follow college, which feels like the majority of SCians.
    • I still think the football component is just a toy aspect for the billionaire and his wife.  It's their bonus fun. And they are enjoying themselves with their Madden-like management. They invested in a sports franchise to diversify and grow their wealth.  That was and is the reason they are here.  Which it has done in the short time he has owned the team.   In fact, it is mind boggling how good these investments are for the mega rich.  It makes that Frank/Rhule money flushed down the drain mere play money in reality. 
    • I see a lot of people thinking it's an OL issue or it's an offensive skill position talent issue or it's a QB issue or it's a coaching/scheming issue or it's a talent evaluation issue. The simple answer is "yes". The answer to all those questions is "yes" because the issue is that at the foundation, the Panthers are a poorly ran football organization. Our schemes don't fit our talent. Aside from Bryce, we tend to draft high RAS prospects who need technique development, but when was the last time we actually developed a player? One of our big talent issues is that our draft picks tend to be as good as they're going to get the day we draft them. From then on they either plateau or regress. It's hard to develop talent in an environment of coaching revolving doors and constant schematic and football philosophy turmoil. Our last coach openly talked about the weekly meetings with Tepper and how Tepper is a very involved owner before being fired. Tepper's influence on personnel decisions and meddling down to the level of individual play calls is widely rumored at this point. Long story short is we have a David Tepper problem. He keeps thinking we're one knee jerk move away from being a contender and he seems utterly clueless that building a football organization and then a football team from within that organization is a process. There aren't any bandaid quick fixes in the NFL and as long as he's constantly searching for that we're going to continue to be an ever worsening poo show. He keeps looking for that one thing that's going to turn everything around whether it's hiring a hot shot college staff or hiring a complete retread highly experienced NFL staff or trading up to #1 to get what he views as a super processor QB but he either can't or refuses to acknowledge that we aren't one thing away from being a good football ORGANIZATION. He's the problem and that's a BIG problem because an ownership issue is the one thing you can't fix. You can't fire the owner. Until he realizes that he has to focus first on building a quality football organization we're doomed and the first step to building that quality football organization is seeing himself out of it. He needs to be honest with himself. David Tepper the owner would have already fired David Tepper the President of Football Operations which is essentially the role that he's filling. He has to recognize this reality and essentially fire himself from his current role and redefine his role within the organization because it's very obvious that this current approach hasn't worked, isn't working, and is unlikely to work in the future. So David, if you or anyone with your ear reads this, please hire someone qualified that you trust to build you a football organization and give that person the space and freedom to do it.
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