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Bruce Feldman's Mock plus coaches' comments

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8. Carolina Panthers: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State

If the Falcons take Lance instead of Fields, I think the Buckeyes quarterback would end up here, but I don’t think Atlanta passes on Fields. Lance’s rise was one of the more fascinating stories in college football the past year — of a Minnesota native who Big Ten schools barely looked at and was viewed as a safety or linebacker prospect. Lance ended up at FCS powerhouse North Dakota State and put together a remarkable first season, with a staggering 28-to-0 TD-to-INT margin while helping the Bison achieve the first 16-0 finish in college football since 1894. Lance only got to play one game in 2020 and threw his first pick in a win over Central Arkansas.

The Coaching Intel

“On film, you don’t realize how big he is because he is so athletic. He was much bigger than we thought he was. That size, athleticism and arm are so rare at this level. He broke some runs on us where he’d break tackles, push the pile. One play, we had one of the best athletes we had come free on a blitz, and he makes him miss and throws a perfect ball on a dig to pick up the first down.

“I think the one thing people can question is how well is he as a true pocket QB? When they played that game (vs. Central Arkansas) in 2020, he struggled some, and you wanted him trying to impress people. Was he pressing? Are they running a different system for this game?”

“This kid is whole other-level special. He has all the physical tools. Nothing phases him, and I think he’s a fierce competitor. He finds ways to make plays. He’s a big, strong kid who is hard to tackle and can make you miss in space. He’s extremely well-coached. You never saw just bad throws; most of them were where his guys are getting it right in stride.

“We’d go into it thinking what else can we do after other stuff we did didn’t work? We thought we’d trick him, and then he’d figure it out and throw a strike for a 12-yard catch on third down.”


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10 hours ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

Rob Rang's comparison was none other than Cam Newton 

Cam is taller, bigger, had a stronger arm, trucked defenders, ran by defenders but was wildly inconsistent throwing the ball. 

I don’t know if Lance would have a better 40 time but I know he’s not as big, strong or as fast as Cam. I just don’t see the comparison. 

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    • Again, it’s this is not the signal of a rebuild.   None of these players on face value will be playing for this team in 1-4 seasons at least. The only ones I could see getting a shot at the roster this season or next are the two Fins we took in the second round. This isn’t the NFL where all these guys are looking at a roster spot this season.    Our core is still completely intact. Minus the obvious dougie, Martinook, McGinn, Svech contracts this off-season. I bet we’ll see Jarvis make his debut too. Everyone is really high on him. That leaves us with only a few holes to plug. If Ned wasn’t traded nobody would be freaking out right now.  All these players are to get them into our new AHL partner and start building for 3 years down the road when a lot of this cores contracts are up outside of Slavin. Aho is up in three as well as Rod.   So we basically have three years to win a cup. Don is already planning out another young core for when that time comes. So it’s more pre-emptive than a rebuild. If Aho or Slavin wanted out. That’s when you call it a full blown rebuild panic time. Obviously if svech isn’t signed soon I’m gonna be annoyed. But he’s RFA with no arbitration so it’s only a matter of time, we just have to tender him. 
    • Need to roll over all 24 if possible. Much to my dis-taste last year about spending 60(?) mill in cap, for a 3 win to increase its total to 5.  Herniay only knew how to spend to win. Save up for a rebuild was NEVER part of his plan.....   No much in the vein of 25-ish players out on the market. There are some names, about the only ones that I feel could help are former panthers - Boston, KK, but mainly Okung. I dont want anyone, unless Okung wants a 6 million type of deal...... just in case Darnold is a real QB, that maybe enough to prevent him form getting hurt.   
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