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Panthers @ Hurricanes Games Thread 4/6-4/8

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1 minute ago, zacka77ack said:

There’s the make up call. Better make the most of it because I doubt we get another.

fresh ice rush with the best unit in the league. Only Brobo in our way. He’s been stupidly good this game. 

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    • Oh, feel free to challenge my opinions. I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again in the future. That guy's entire shtick is not voicing an opinion and just bashing anyone who has anything other than a straight homer line opinion.
    • Who has the strongest arm in the NFL? The NFL's Next Gen Stats service has been tracking the longest completed air distance for quarterbacks since 2016, giving five seasons worth of data through 2020. Using that five years worth of data, these are the 10 players with the longest regular season throws since 2016 — the main disclaimer here is that for the throws to count, they have to have been completed. Player Team Year Completed Air Distance (yards) Jay Cutler Bears 2016 65 Russell Wilson Seahawks 2020 64.4 Cam Newton Panthers 2016 64 Josh Allen Bills 2018 63.9 Baker Mayfield Browns 2018 63.8 Deshaun Watson Texans 2020 63.4 Justin Herbert Chargers 2020 63.2 Derek Carr Raiders 2016 62.9 Kirk Cousins Vikings 2018 62.9 Jared Goff Rams 2018 62.7
    • Lol yeah I saw that 70 yard chunk. It was impressive but it was the end of the game and he gave it his all. That’s not something he can do effortlessly from play to play. I bet his arm got iced after that. It (obviously) had some crazy hang time too. I’m just reading draft profiles and it says “underrated arm strength” but never stats it as one if the best. Similar things show up in Darnold’s. Anyway we are splitting hairs here. The fact is Darnold’s arm is more than capable and he went number 3 overall with his turnover issues for a reason right? I don’t think and average arm, average athlete, with turnover issues gets drafted that high.
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