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Detroit Lions Dan Campbell on working together

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I thought that Dan's comment about bringing in players fed into what we've heard Tepper say he wanted with the Panthers.  And the idea of putting the offices of the coaches and decision makers around eachother fed into the same concept.

Dan has some fun with his recent interview on Pardon My Take.  But one thing he said that relates back to what we are trying to build is the idea that every player is OUR player.  Players shouldn't sit around thinking about whether they are the GMs guy or the Owner's guy or the Coaches guy.  If you take the time to discuss it together and reach a consensus on each acquisition, you can put that on the back burner.  I still remember someone from the Washington Football Team saying how RG3 would go to Dan Snyder whenever he had an issue with the team or the coaching.  And players and coaches felt weird that he was the owner's guy.

Its a ridiculously long video and Campbell doesn't even enter until halfway thru it but I know source material is important.


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21 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

His initial press conference made a lot of people cringe, but I think it's very possible Campbell could turn out to be a pretty good coach.

It is just soooo frikkin' hard to become a good head coach in the NFL. It's nearly impossible to get the job, nearly impossible to  keep the job, and rare do they not become hated by their team's fanbase.

Good luck to him, it's a rough ride for even the best of them.

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2 minutes ago, Mistuh Jones said:

Love his energy and always have. I truly am rooting for this cat. They need a personality like that in Detroit. 

Technically, they've got two of 'em.

The Lions also brought back Chris Spielman in a consultant sort of capacity. Word was that Spielman is one of the reasons Dan Campbell got the head coaching job.

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