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  1. I think it was simpler than that. One team was clearly better than the other team for a "product" of theirs...so they did what they had to do to make it a game into the 3rd quarter (at least). If they left everything alone and just called it straight up it would have gotten out of hand before halftime and people would be complaining about the awful matchup and how TNF needs to be cancelled.
  2. The RT was Decker. Mack had some success on the other side too but he killed Decker.
  3. Yes its complete speculation and he could be wrong. Dr. Chao has a "schtick" and its reporting snap judgements on injuries based on limited information. His gimmick is filling in the gap of time between the injury and the actual reporting of the details of the injury. The guys with their "hands on" Horn are not going to give us information for a while...even though they might already know. Dr. Chao spent nearly 2 decades as and NFL team doctor and he's actually pretty accurate. Being a doctor means understanding the body and injuries. But he has spent alot of time reviewing how certain injuries happen and the players reaction to certain injuries. I remember years ago a star player underwent surgery leading up to the season. Dr. Chao was on NFL Radio throwing out his random input. He said the type of surgery the guy had takes every bit of 10-12 weeks for the incisions and tissue to heal. The problem is the guy is going to feel "normal" after only 6-7 weeks so his instinct is going to be to go back at it...and its going to be hard for the team doctors to convince him he needs to wait another 4+ weeks even though he feels fine. So Dr. Chao predicted he'd go back at it early, and tear some stuff open and be out for the season. That was exactly what happened.
  4. Luckily it seems like it was more of a "hey, keep the Texans in the game" screw job than a "hey, make sure the Texans win" screw job. The easiest "tell" when it comes to a game with a partial agenda is when a team mysteriously gets holding calls on their offense plays and pass interference and illegal contact calls on key defensive plays. Illegal contact being a dead ringer.
  5. I'm not liking how slow and deliberate he's walking. Hopefully I'm overthinking it.
  6. Sewell has played RT more than Decker played RT. Khalil Mack was put on the map going up against Decker at RT. LOL
  7. He will come in and describe everything in detail. No worries bro.
  8. I am not exactly willing to give information to someone who asks for game feeds AFTER the game. I may be wrong but it sounds shady.
  9. I'm sure everyone has been on a plan and they are JUST ABOUT to close the doors and you have hope the seat next to you is open. The experience that moment when someone not only sits next to you...but they are big. I had that happen with a similar chick to the pic. When she sat down she said "I'm sorry, I know I'm big." Then she immediately does something I had never seen prior to that. She asked for a seatbelt extension. Up to that point I had no idea that had extra seatbelts to bridge the gap between seatbelts. LOL
  10. I was fortunate enough to be at the Silverdome during the Barry Sanders era and experience the "Barry, Barry, Barry" chant. It was incredible. But to your point there were several points during the game where someone in our section tried to get it going but it didn't stick...and other times where I could hear another section trying to get it going but it didn't stick.
  11. I was just saying if you want "keep pounding" to disappear completely you probably don't hand out banners with it.
  12. That's the general jist of it but the NFL has been allowing cross flexing for a few years now where a network can reach across and grab a game from the other conference. They did that after they ran into some issues with all of the best games being AFC or NFC games. Now there is a little bit of flexibility to wheel and deal as needed. The same for Thanksgiving.
  13. When we were walking into the stadium they were literally handing us Keep Pounding banners to use and they played the drum before the game.
  14. I noticed a difference. The turf had Christian McAffrey on it. Last year on the grass it didn't have Christian McAffrey.
  15. The idea that the Ravens would just switch roles on the fly with each guy knowing what the other guys role was is new and fun to me.
  16. My wife was in charge of turning on the game and she somehow found the Peyton and Eli version of the coverage. I think I like this better as a football junkie. Kind of dry but more insightful to what's really going on.
  17. Charles Woodson said one of the keys to his longevity was someone giving him the advice to try to show up to every camp 1 pound lighter than the last.
  18. The biggest takeaway for me was that the physical tools he displayed in college all translated to the NFL. We are often wondering "can that kid do that against an NFL defense?" The answer is yes.
  19. This was an issue like 10+ years ago but if you are freezing at this point its because of the internet you chose. Also, there are lots of options on how to get the feed onto the television because of smart TVs and HDMI hookups to different devices. On a typical football Sunday I typically have the TV going, my PS, my phone and my tablet to access different games in different ways. Other than the first 15 or so seconds while it buffers I sometimes forget whether my TV is showing the cable feed or whether I've switched the input and its my PS that I'm watching. Years ago the PS feed would be a little grainy and choppy but not anymore.
  20. I'm not sure that the two concepts (music and football) completely correlate. I used to "illegal stream" music but once I could get legit music for free thru an app there was no reason to do it anymore. What you are suggesting isn't giving people free football. Its an additional service fee people have to pay (prime membership). Just looking around in my orbit, the people who are pirating illegal streams for movies and sporting events aren't the type of people that tend to buy things like prime memberships. They find work arounds. I think the team specific thing has been an elephant in the room for a long time. It would be a huge uptick and sign ups if someone could work it out.
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