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  1. The Texans were involved in the encounters. You must have missed that part.
  2. That's because he was a real free agent and the team that scooped him up thought he was the missing puzzle piece to a Super Bowl (they made the championship game with Case Keenum).
  3. The Ravens defense led Trent Dilfer to a Super Bowl ring. However, that wasn't the case for Joe Flacco. Joe actually had one of the best postseason runs in history. And he needed it because the defense wasn't what it used to be. He had to win some shootouts. The same holds true for Nick Foles. He went on a very good run in the postseason. He wasn't in a sidecar like Dilfer.
  4. I am guessing when you say "purgatory" you are talking about the concept of having a QB that is just good enough that it prevents the team from moving on. He's not winning the division or making deep playoff runs...but he wins enough to take them out of range for the top QBs in the draft. They could go into free agency, but noone who is available is guaranteed to be an upgrade. The only other avenue is the trade market. But teams don't want to take on Cousins salary and it would need to be shed in order to bring another high dollar guy in. Having a QB like Cousins is one of the weirdest places to be as an NFL team. It kind of reminds me of owning an out of warranty German luxury car while being severely upside down on the loan. You want to dump it because of all of the issues and maintenance costs, but at the same time its super hard to unload it in a deal that makes sense because of the negative equity. Its also a good car...when it runs. So getting something that isn't a clear downgrade is a challenge. Next thing you know you are contemplating whether you should pay $20,000 for a $5,000 Nissan Sentra and eat the negative equity that way...pay $70,000 for a $55,000 Lexus...or just ride it out until the wheels and your checkbook fall off. Saying that for a friend...
  5. If we are going to make fun of them along those lines... ...they almost lost to the Lions TWICE. They gave the Lions their first win of the season in week 13. That's embarrassing enough. However, they ALMOST lost to the Lions back in 5. They needed a miracle finish to kick a 54 yard game winner as time expired to pull it out vs the Lions. They also lost to Baker and the Browns.
  6. I prefer the "selective allocation" method of honoring a player. The Detroit Lions had a hall of fame CB named Lem Barney who wore #20. They let Billy Sims wear the number. Then after taking it out of circulation, they let Barry Sanders wear the number. They had a cool retirement ceremony where it was retired in all 3 players names. But I would rather see it selectively allocated to players in the future. The Cowboys do that with #88. My view of it changed back when I was going into my senior year of high school. We had a really good teammate who wore #13 that died suddenly. Our coach got us together and said that we are going to have a #13 for the upcoming season, and it will be a player that embodies his spirit so we could all see the number live on. Then the coach handpicked the player that was going to wear the number at the same meeting he told us it was going to happen. To me it made more sense than locking the number away forever.
  7. Johnny Hekker is the 2nd highest rated passer on the team after Baker.
  8. Interestingly enough teams figured out McVay as well. And the offense went stagnant without Todd Gurley dictating to the defense. McVay needed a vet like Stafford to come in and adjust things with him. I think Brady could have life as a playcaller again if he has a vet QB to help him along the way. Coaches love Teddy Bridgewater but the honest truth is that Teddy is a commitment to mediocrity. Sitting on routes with Teddy as the QB is easy, because even if the play is designed to take a shot he is going to throw it short/medium. He only likes to go up top when someone breaks open, which he doesn't let develop much of the time. I swear he's one of the only QBs that I've seen who will purposely get sacked to take his team out of field goal range...just so he can save the incompletion on his stat sheet (throwing it away).
  9. I can see the Andy Dalton and Baker Mayfield comparison. But Daniel Jones is a step down from those 2 guys and Sam Darnold is a step down from Daniel Jones. Let me illustrate what I mean. I'm posting Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Andy Dalton and Daniel Jones...in that order.
  10. Interesting nugget. The closest I could find was when Mitch Seabiscuit sat behind Josh Allen those were 2 highly drafted guys from back to back QB classes. Another interesting nugget that falls into a similar realm but isn't the same is the Cowboys spent the #1 overall pick on Troy Aikman and then a month or so later spent the #1 overall pick in the supplemental draft on Steve Walsh.
  11. He's doing the mom's friend AND the hot 20 somethings.
  12. Winston is demonstrating how the night ended the time he hung out with DeShaun Watson.
  13. From that standpoint playing LSU and Auburn is fun no matter what their record is. You would love it.
  14. I think NIL deals changed everything. Now a school can buy away some of the recruits that Saban was able to land consistently. And if a school is feeling froggy, they can load up and buy and entire recruiting class and make a run. Kind of like how some MLB baseball teams load up and try to make a run every 4-8 years, but don't/can't do it every year.
  15. Let me start this post by saying YES...the SEC is the strongest football conference. And the fact that its the strongest never changes, even when the teams inside the conference go up and down. That being said, I think its overrated. Your comment about Tennessee is a good example. Looking at their recent non-conference results is a good view of the state of Tennessee football: 2021 - They played an ACC team (Pitt) and lost. They played Purdue, and lost. They beat Bowling Green, Tennessee Tech and South Alabama. 2020 - This was an all SEC schedule due to COVID. 2019 - They played BYU and lost. They played Georgia State and lost. They beat Indiana by 1 point. INDIANA! They beat Chattanooga and Alabama-Birmingham. 2018 - They played West Virginia and lost. They beat East Tennessee State, UTEP and UNC-Charlotte. 2017 - They beat Georgia Tech by 1 point, then won against Indiana State, UMass and Southern Miss. That is not a menacing team. Will they have some UP years? Of course. But as they go up another team in the SEC will go down. I think part of the issue is people don't really follow the SEC teams the way they follow their own conference teams. So when you say "Florida State" to an ACC fan they don't think its a big deal. But for whatever reason when it comes to SEC teams, people think of their highest moments and assume they are there or about to be there again soon. FSU is not the championship team they have been at times, no more than Tennessee is the Peyton Manning Volunteers.
  16. Texas A&M is a great example of why the idea of killing your program by joining the SEC is a myth. They were a middling team in the Big 12 before they entered the SEC. Their win total spiked to double digits their very first season in the SEC. The conference was supposed to eat them alive, but they thrived in it. Immediately.
  17. I am glad you brought this up. I think the cyclical nature of some of the other random teams having great seasons gives the illusion that those schools are always that good.
  18. For anyone who wants to see what a 7 INT game looks like:
  19. Here is a story involving QBs and the Browns. In the early 2000s the Detroit Lions picked up Ty Detmer from the Browns in a preseason trade. The Lions regular starter, Charlie Batch, started the season opener against the Packers. The coach didn't like how Batch played so he benched him for the next game and started Ty Detmer against his former team...the Cleveland Browns. Ty went out and threw SEVEN (7) interceptions!!! Most QBs can't get that high because they would get benched, but the coach's ego wouldn't allow him to take Ty out of the game. He even started Ty again the next game!
  20. When I took the time to watch Baker film I came away with the impression that he TRIES to throw it too hard. I put emphasis on TRY. He doesn't seem to have the smooth and easy arm strength that someone like Matt Stafford has, where Matt can effortlessly whip it out of a cannon. I think Baker can get that kind of ball velocity but it takes him more effort. So he loses a bit of control and accuracy for the sake of ball velocity. I would definitely try to coach that out of him.
  21. That comparison makes no sense. Sam Darnold's best season as a pro is Baker's worst season as a pro. Sam would have to have a breakout year just to match one of Baker's other seasons.
  22. I am a Michigan State Spartan. I actually went to the school I root for. You have been brainwashed when it comes to the SEC and how they fare against non-conference opponents. The results do not back up the narrative.
  23. Alabama is really good. Georgia is really good. But who are all of the impossible to beat teams behind them in the SEC? LSU lost to Kansas State and UCLA Auburn lost to Penn State, Houston and got all they could handle from Georgia State Florida lost to UCF and had issues with Florida State and Samford Ole Miss lost to Baylor Mississippi State lost to Memphis, Texas Tech and needed a huge finish to barely squeak by Louisiana Tech Tennessee lost to Pitt and Purdue Kentucky barely edged out Chattanooga Missouri lost to Boston College and Army Texas A&M struggled with Colorado There are only so many non-conference games and aside from the cupcakes I just read off a bunch of them. They didn't cut thru non-conference opponents like hot butter, because they can't. At some point someone made a comment about how much better the SEC is as a whole and people have been running with the myth ever since.
  24. They know they are down right now, no doubt. I was only talking about their commitment to football. They have just made a series of dumb decisions, but its not from a lack of trying or investing in the program. I was contrasting it with schools who don't commit to football and go "all in."
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