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  1. I was into the Darnold thing from the very beginning, and tbh he has exceeded my expectations a great deal already. I was expecting him to be "fine", and he's playing "good" LOL Let's keep that trajectory cuz I really feel like he's not going to slack on working on himself either.
  2. Guys, let's have a lil' more faith in Phil Snow. The Texans actually to their credit had a very good scheme to counter the rush. Those delayed handoffs worked surprisingly well. Please believe Phil felt exploited last night, and KNOWS it's gonna take a hell of a lot more against the Cowboys. "Swapping" out Bouye for Horn for a while isn't an apples to apples thing by any stretch. If you think it is, you're fooling yourself. I hope you're ready Keith!!!
  3. I agree DaveThePanther2008 that he looks like he concentrates well. I just need more of a threat than 2 steps and fall down go boom.
  4. Seemed like the light started to come on in the 2nd half for him. We'll see next week
  5. Ay bro. Who TF do you think AJ Bouye is? If his contract didn't come with a flux capacitor, he's not starting anywhere.
  6. 3 kids and 2 disabled elderly parents. Sometimes it just is what it is bro
  7. I think the wife is getting Chic Fil-A (meh) but the Blue Moons will be in full effect LOL Don't really drink beer anymore but it will pair nicely with the shatter LOL
  8. I thought somewhere it was said his deal was "ACTUALLY" for multi years? Or had a clause in it?
  9. While I thought Carter Jr was gonna ball... I am pleasantly surprised with Shaq like most of you on here!
  10. and Daley has ejected all good will from the "flashes" for me personally
  11. Youth movement engage! Sorry the flames was for opportunity not injury LOL
  12. It's also about taking what's given guys. We know how detailed gameplans are, right?
  13. I wish there was the D and Fire combined for this post hahahaha
  14. Thomas was actually really trying to block today
  15. out of state huddlers... I'm using nflstreams.io right now and it's by far the best experience with these janky sites I've ever had. You have to click back after every click on the screen but by God these streams are STRONG. Not a second of buffering yet and I'm watching on my phone.
  16. Yeah. Seems like the lesson hit home after last week. Keep trying to get points!
  17. FSU has some juice back. Don't be hatin' lol
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