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  1. So Watson is going to follow this dude named Kelly? I wonder what Kelly's hands look like.
  2. He wasn't the OC when the Landover Football Club made the wildcard with Cousins, that was Sean McVay and Bill Callahan working in tandem as run/pass game playcallers.
  3. So in a league where teams are moving to less verbiage in their playcalling so they can move faster and the QB can concentrate on what he has to do rather than spitting the playcall out...we are thinking about going with a guy who runs a system with the longest playcall verbiage. And for a team that is looking for its next QB and might end up with a guy who's green...we are going to give him an OC with needlessly wordy playcalls. And as we are looking at college kids, we have to take into account many of them have never even had a playbook before and they didn't run a ton of plays. But we have an OC who "narrows down" the weekly gameplan to "only" 150 plays to focus on.
  4. I think Richardson got the move from Dez Bryant, who pulled it off a few weeks prior on another TD grab that was called PI on the Lions defender.
  5. Its definitely not lost on Lions fans. I have watched a ton of football in my life and there are a few teams that truly get screwed more than others...and a few teams that truly get preferred calls more than others...then most of the league kind of falls somewhere inbetween. The league can continue to make bad calls in favor of certain teams and against certain teams because it gets lost in the shuffle. Noone really cares that the Lions are on the far end of the spectrum because they still suck. So it would be the difference of going 5-11 vs 3-13 or 7-9 vs 4-12. They aren't suddenly going to be a contender if you flipped around the calls. Here is a funny one that happened early in a playoff game. They actually called pass interference on the Lions defender for getting his head ripped off.
  6. Detroit can be okay to visit, but not to live there. Any place in Detroit worth living in...isn't called Detroit. The city is making a come back, but that still doesn't change how crappy the weather is. I am from Michigan and have been a Detroit Lions miserable fan for many years. And you see where I'm doing my posting now (Panthers forum). The only real way to survive as a Lions fan long term is to dash all hopes and become cynical and jaded. Here's a fun fact. Until the Lions hired Bob Quinn in 2016, they had never had a GM with a single bit of front office experience outside of the organization the entire time the Ford's have owned the team. A crappy organization, that did nothing but hire unqualified guys and double down on their understudies. The first GM hire under Ford was a former Lions player and radio announcer for the organization. He lasted from the 60s all the way until the 80s...despite the team being bad and only made the playoffs 3 times over that span (no wins). That guy was allowed to appoint his understudy, who was actually a bean counter for the team...not a football guy. That guy also had zero experience in another team's front office or scouting dept. He had a football guy give him some help, but with only 1 playoff win he was still the GM for 12 years until Matt Millen was hired in 2001. We all know Matt had zero front office experience. Matt was given an incredible 8 years before he moved on...and once again the bad GMs understudy was given the job. That was the most experienced guy to hold the position in the last 45 years. He had done a 9 month internship in the Redskins personnel department. That was it. If anyone wants to get a good laugh and walk thru what its like to be a Lions fan for 8 minutes, this video gives you some insight. (it looks like the NFL is blocking it from display, not sure how to link it) "Infamous Moments in Lions History - Refs take 6 minutes to figure out a way to take a safety away from Detroit with 6:59 to go in the 4th quarter, tied 13-13. Lions lose 16-13 in overtime."
  7. It depends. How do you feel about practicing things you will do in the game?
  8. I have some bad news for ya. But I guess we don't have to worry about taking your opinion seriously when you don't even know where you are. Should we send someone over to check on you?
  9. ...do you think social media is the best place to say you don't care about social media?
  10. The league is getting the results that they want a majority of the time, so what motivation do they have to "fix" something that's making them more money? The replacement refs made mistakes, but they seemed like honest mistakes. The regular refs are biased and not all of their mistakes are honest.
  11. The scariest thing about the Cardinals offense right now is Kyler Murray every time he drops back. He's terrified.
  12. I went to Cabo in July 2021. My lady didn't even consider dressing half naked for the 4am flight we had to take. The only person I noticed was "Louis Vuitton lady" who literally had on LV clothes and LV luggage. I took a picture of it. I make good money, but I ain't got "bathe yourself in Louis Vuitton for a 4am flight" money.
  13. Your post was extra long and at a glance it appeared to be well thought out. I am sorry for not reading it. Really, I am. Our staff said it perfectly. If you want good offensive lineman, you have to draft them. If a guy is available in free agency or via trade...there is a reason. Our staff "gets it," but they haven't executed on what they already know.
  14. The Lions suck but Dan Campbell is refreshingly honest in his press conferences. When asked questions like that he will immediately pull up examples of things he'd take back...and then explain the thought process that went into the original decision and explain where it went wrong. You can tell Dan is alot more secure in himself and his position than Rhule.
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