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  1. Can you give us a list of reasons why you think lists are stupid?
  2. They didn't practice throwing to open receivers.
  3. I think this is the case. Everytime he walked into the QB room they greeted him like this:
  4. LaFluer is such an epic playcaller that the team is literally terrified he might have to call plays for a 2nd year 1st round pick.
  5. I have COX Cable and its actually not that simple. I can only access X number of channels "on the go." For channels like NFL Network, ABC, NBC, CBS and a bunch of others they don't allow me to go thru my COX mobile app if I'm not literally connected to my home wi-fi. What they do is force me to go thru the channels specific app, and input my COX Cable info. So let's say I'm out on a fall Saturday and I want to flip back and forth between a Notre Dame college football game, a South Carolina football game and I want to watch a little NFL Network for previews of the upcoming matchups for
  6. I'm pretty sure that's how Pete used to teach them gang tackling
  7. The first few years I paid full price to stream it but the last couple of years I have done the student thing. I don't even have to go thru the sign up process again, they automatically renew me. I just used my regular email though, I didn't use a college email.
  8. This was why I left Comcast for DirecTV out of spite. I was paying nearly $200/month for cable and internet thru Comcast. I dealt with this for 3 years until I finally had enough after talking to people and realizing I was the only one paying that much money for Comcast. I called and got the worst customer retention manager in history. He didn't try to help out my bill, he spent over 30 minutes trying to convince me that the deal I was getting was spectacular. Dude, how stupid do you think I am? Anyways, after not being able to get that guy to budge I immediately called and ordred DT
  9. You have had the ability to stream NFL Sunday Ticket without having DirecTV for years. Comcast pissed me off so bad I went to DTV back around 2009. I had it and Sunday Ticket up thru 2016. Since then I've been with other providers and stream Sunday Ticket on my iPad and thru my Playstation to my TV.
  10. I remember one of my favorite radio hosts picked us to win in the week leading up to the game. But when he did his GameDay pregame show he switched it to the Broncos at the last minute. He said when you were down on the field and around both teams you could just tell which team was more prepared for the moment (Broncos) and that's why he switched.
  11. A QB who doesn't throw TD passes (Teddy) had receivers who happen to not catch alot of TD passes.
  12. Was Ryan the one that taught Watson to get massages after practice?
  13. Coach to Tommy: "Look here son. I'm not saying you can't be an NFL quarterback. I'm saying that the way you play says you can't be an NFL quarterback."
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