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  1. Fields hadn't had his pro day, I agree. But maybe Fields pro day didn't really matter because Kyle has some hands on experience with Fields (when Fields was younger) and the tape speaks for itself. So imagine a scenario where they know Lawrence and Fields are QBs they would want to draft. With that in mind, picture the timing of the trade announcement. It was basically during Wilson's dazzling pro day. If you allow yourself to run with the theory that they already knew they would be okay with Fields...it was like the Wilson pro day convinced them that they would be okay with Wilson a
  2. The narrative on Mac Jones vs Fields is kind of funny to me as well. Mac starts for 1 season and suddenly he's a plug and play starter and the most pro ready guy. Fields has more experience but he's the guy that needs to sit for a few seasons to learn. WTF?
  3. I don't get it either. If Fields turns out to be a good player, alot of people are going to feel stupid for overthinking things so much. As far as the unknown mojo, I agree. Its why the backup QB is the most popular guy in many cities and the next draft pick is always the most anticipated one.
  4. COVID made 2nd pro days a thing.
  5. That's not how it typically works. Teams don't trade with the team that wants "their guy." Teams trade in front of the team that wants their guy. If people think we want their guy, that increases the value of the Lions pick...not ours. Denver would be moving into our spot to block another team from trading into that spot.
  6. At one point the NFL had a policy that if a guy decided to change his number and jersey's were already produced, he had to buy all of the excess inventory of his old jersey number. I have no idea if that is still in place. I heard about it back when Purple Jesus (aka Adrian Peterson) was trying to switch his number to 23 with the Vikings. https://www.nfl.com/news/peterson-outraged-over-price-of-number-switch-09000d5d82684864
  7. I agree, Teddy was a case of overpaying for something just to be sure they had something. It was like walking up to one of those carnival games with $2,000. But instead of playing $2,000 worth of games and risking walking away with nothing, we bought the teddy bear from the guy for $2,000. They knew what they were getting and it sure as heck was never going to be worth $2,000...but it was "better than nothing."
  8. I definitely understand why some guys sat out and I'm willing to "forgive" them in general. However, I have extra "forgiveness" for guys in the B1G and PAC12. The conferences literally cancelled their seasons.
  9. As long as Sam Darnold + DJ Moore = 6 I'm happy.
  10. I would be okay with a conditional 7th round pick that only becomes due to us if Teddy is league MVP. Anything to get him off of our books.
  11. This is a good way to look at it. He's an upgrade from Teddy and more than likely an upgrade from whomever we would have drafted as well, considering we would have been getting the table scraps after a QB feeding frenzy.
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