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  1. I'm not liking how slow and deliberate he's walking. Hopefully I'm overthinking it.
  2. Sewell has played RT more than Decker played RT. Khalil Mack was put on the map going up against Decker at RT. LOL
  3. He will come in and describe everything in detail. No worries bro.
  4. I am not exactly willing to give information to someone who asks for game feeds AFTER the game. I may be wrong but it sounds shady.
  5. I'm sure everyone has been on a plan and they are JUST ABOUT to close the doors and you have hope the seat next to you is open. The experience that moment when someone not only sits next to you...but they are big. I had that happen with a similar chick to the pic. When she sat down she said "I'm sorry, I know I'm big." Then she immediately does something I had never seen prior to that. She asked for a seatbelt extension. Up to that point I had no idea that had extra seatbelts to bridge the gap between seatbelts. LOL
  6. I was fortunate enough to be at the Silverdome during the Barry Sanders era and experience the "Barry, Barry, Barry" chant. It was incredible. But to your point there were several points during the game where someone in our section tried to get it going but it didn't stick...and other times where I could hear another section trying to get it going but it didn't stick.
  7. I was just saying if you want "keep pounding" to disappear completely you probably don't hand out banners with it.
  8. That's the general jist of it but the NFL has been allowing cross flexing for a few years now where a network can reach across and grab a game from the other conference. They did that after they ran into some issues with all of the best games being AFC or NFC games. Now there is a little bit of flexibility to wheel and deal as needed. The same for Thanksgiving.
  9. When we were walking into the stadium they were literally handing us Keep Pounding banners to use and they played the drum before the game.
  10. I noticed a difference. The turf had Christian McAffrey on it. Last year on the grass it didn't have Christian McAffrey.
  11. The idea that the Ravens would just switch roles on the fly with each guy knowing what the other guys role was is new and fun to me.
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