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Rumor is JB is getting an extension


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5 hours ago, jayboogieman said:

It is a lot better to give up a two than an open three in today's NBA.

You can close out on a 3, there's not much you can do but foul when the ball gets deep in the paint.   It's not like they have great perimeter defenders either.   It is a calculated risk.

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On 8/7/2021 at 8:05 PM, ForJimmy said:

If Melo likes him then it’s all good.

I actually have a different take. if melo responds to him, then it's all good. we don't need a coach that is liked, we just need one that is respected. there are hardly any screamers left in the league because legit it doesn't make sense to be screaming at someone in a professional capacity that makes 10x what you make. you need a coach who can sit you down and teach you about basketball and how the players they've seen become great did it and you get to decide how much you want that. but there's no doubt in the x's and o's department, JB can get you there. it's just being humble enough to recognize you haven't yet mastered the craft. lamelo can't forget to stay learning. he's a big personality despite what you'd believe watching his media availability. he'll learn in time as well that you don't get endorsements by sitting quietly behind a gatorade bottle and mumbling some nonsense, but that's just immaturity. 

it warmed my heart to see JB have the balls to pull melo an assist short of a triple double the first time he was going for it. you could practically hear melo counting them down. the play he got pulled on, if he hadn't gotten pulled you would have lost that room entirely. bismack after that game was heated and brought the veteran leadership to him. you let a lot of that poo handle itself because the veteran players are the best culture builders anyways. that was too much. there were some on those board worked up calling for JB to get fired because of that and hell that's probably half of what earned him this extension. he's going to need to be handled carefully and JB has such a good relationship with his guys. you can see it. they don't show him up, they don't curse in his face, they don't do to him what he doesn't do to them. but when he says enough, it's enough. his veterans know to enforce that. i really love the fit here. 


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