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How can Charlotte FC connect better with the Latino community?

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    • UNC needs to bench some OL. Straight up. 35 carries for 63 yards. 1.8ypc. 8 sacks allowed. 13 TFLs given up. GT was living in our backfield all night, just like VT. I had hoped VT was an anomaly, but it wasn't. They were even worse last night than they were against VT. This veteran OL flat out isn't getting it done. We've faced two decent defenses this year and they both made our OL look like they flat out we're not D1 caliber. It's time for butts to hit the bench. Longo has to stop Shula'ing. I get it, he wants to setup the deep ball. It's Howell's biggest strength and we have a lot of speed at WR. Unfortunately, Josh Downs is the only one of them that actually looks like a WR right now. The other guys look like track stars trying to learn how to play WR. The ball has to come out faster and that means checkdowns and intermediate routes. We dialed up way too many plays last night that lacked either. Everything was either a quick hitter behind the LOS or a setup deep shot. It's like he doesn't realize you can actually run routes in that intermediate 5-15 yard range, again kinda like Shula. He has to use quick hitting short to intermediate routes to back the D off because the OL can't pass protect and they can't run block. Gonna have to work backwards and use a quick passing game to setup the run game.
    • https://twitter.com/NFL_DovKleiman/status/1442140856232841220?s=20  
    • Week 2 made me a believer in the D.  Losing Horn is rough but I think we find a way to still be a dominant unit. Darnold's 2nd half this week showed me he and the offense may be further than I hoped... I didn't expect him to command a half like he did this early. Thought he'd need to be brought along slower.  Trying to temper my excitement since it's only 3 games but damn.
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