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Ringer Article: Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

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Watching LaMelo run those gambits felt oddly familiar to Borrego, like an echo of something he had seen while coaching under Gregg Popovich in San Antonio. “I think of Pop often, in how he handled Manu [Ginobili], and how he coached him over the years,” Borrego says. “I use that in how I coach Melo. What makes him special and competitive and a winning player, you have to let that ride. You have to let it be part of your fabric as an organization. It’s gonna drive a lot of your culture and how you play. It’s instinctive. It’s competitive. It’s, in some ways, unteachable.” Although some stricter part of him—perhaps the San Antonio part of him—wants to hold Ball accountable for gambling on big plays, Borrego can’t help but consider the duality of Manu.

Interesting read that starts out as fluff but quickly turns into a good read..

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very good article, thanks for posting, OP.


And that article probably contains more words than all others written about the Hornets combined since Jordan bought the team.

The national media is finding out they'll have to pay attention to the Hornets, because the Hornets are sticking the ball right in their faces.

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Pretty nice article.


It was there that the Hornets set their goals for the season. A top-10 defense. A lower turnover rate. “Not just to make the playoffs,” Miles Bridges says, “but to make a run in the playoffs.” 

I don't think they'll hit that defensive goal. But they could very well make a run in the playoffs.

Loved all the teambuilding and chemistry talk


Instead, the Hornets rely on every player to know how they should space the floor, when they should pass the ball, and what should trigger a cut—and on LaMelo, in particular, to make sense of it all.

This explains why there isn't a lot of cuts and player movement even though the ball does move.



he especially didn’t like the pull-up jumpers from just inside half court.

“So I just played my game, and if the 3s go in, he happy,” Ball says of his former coach. “If they don’t, he mad. You just gotta deal with it, so fug it.”

Don't blame the euro coach for not liking those dumb three point shots. They're a mistake more often than not. And that isn't the best attitude LaMelo has about it either.

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