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  1. Hoop in what your comfortable with, screw the color way
  2. Stephanies forgot more basketball than Ashley has learned!
  3. We found another dog in the secondary! and we just scored off a blocked punt! LUVU!!!!!!
  4. This is terrible! It’ll be interesting to see how this gets spun…
  5. Man, what a horrific start to the game for the offense, Joe seat got to feeling warm right about now!
  6. This is the best comment on the topic! Well done, my friend!
  7. That’s tough, however, could be a blessing in disguise.
  8. Time for the offense to nut up, and go play
  9. I hope we experiment on the oline a little. The guard play has to improve some. Excited for next weeks game! Shaq looked very comfortable in the defense, felt like he was everywhere. Derrick Brown beating his man and laying a blow to the other blocker en route to killing Wilson, a thing of beauty! Got to finish on a few of the pressures, but overall, have to be excited about the defense moving forward!
  10. Agreed. He looks Jimmy Clausen soft in the face, but the kid is a player for sure.
  11. Followed her with the Carolina Blitz, she was solid, congrats to her on the new position tho! Hopefully one day we can shed David Newton!
  12. It’s called an exhibit 10 contract, it’s basically an invite to training camp, and it gives the team the flexibility to convert it to a two-way deal before the start of the season. Otherwise, it reverts into a non-guaranteed minimum.
  13. w w w . s t r e a m e a s t . l i v e
  14. Appreciate the well wishes! Heres to a healthy season!
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