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Canes Vs Golden Knights 7pm

Panthers Fan 69

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1 hour ago, Panthers Fan 69 said:

We had 6.  We had one that went in and the refs blew it dead. 


y’all relax. Jesus we win the last three and lose this one and this sky is falling. 

bet y’all weren’t  saying this Doom and gloom after we dismantled the lightning. 


This team is too inconsistent. Are you the only one allowed to go full doom? I can pull up you history if you want me too.

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9 hours ago, KillerKat said:

This team is too inconsistent. Are you the only one allowed to go full doom? I can pull up you history if you want me too.

Woah big guy. We all go crazy here. However  We still have the 2nd best record in the league. By your standards everyone but Boston is too inconsistent.  Trying to keep things in perspective. I need it sometimes too. 

Edited by Panthers Fan 69
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    • true underdog mentality is that everyone else is wrong....and you actually have the ability to shut people up.  Hard to embrace that, if you don't actually believe that.  I don't view as underdogs presently.  I view us as lacking the talent we need to compete.  It's a QB driven league.  And we mortgaged our future on a unique QB.....who we are just inserting into standard offenses he isn't going to fit. 
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