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Alternate timeline Panthers owner’s daughter is doing well at Wimbledon

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3 hours ago, csx said:

Lynch was hired in San Fran on January 29, 2017 about 11  months prior to the Richardson scandal was first mentiond on Dec 17, 2017. So that doesn't make a lot of sense unless Navarro wanted to trade for a GM. 

Okay but at the same time, Lynch said this himself and I my recollection is that he was not in SF at the time.  I'll try to find the article.


Okay it wasn’t an article it was this video:


It absolutely would have been different. If Navarro was in synch enough to immediately track Lynch, he was on the money coming into the game, day one. 

And again, our man Tepper took two years to consider every variable and then made that move. I mean, poo he was two years behind even if he was right. And he was not. This guy has the worst record in pro sports and to suggest anybody else would be that bad, unlikely. There is no other owner with Tepper’s failure rate. 

And I mean, Lynch has been pretty successful. I don’t see how it could parallel with Tepper’s ownership record at all. 


Okay yes, it is water under the bridge and I am hoping he has finally learned enough to do a better job than his first 6 years. I’m leaning towards feeling like he has bottomed out finally. I really believe this year will tell. If he can’t straighten up and do right after the last couple of years he never will. 



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4 hours ago, mc52beast said:

Nobody knows if Navarro could’ve done a better job but I don’t think raising a pro athlete means you can run a football franchise

It would be difficult to do much worse than David Tepper has but I guess it’s possible. Navarro has a background in sports in general including football (his dad was a college football coach). Tepper’s dad was an accountant. 

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