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Notes and Memos - Falcons

Dec 09 2012 03:59 PM Mr. Scot Carolina Panthers
Dear Atlanta Journal Constitution,

Sorry, what were you guys saying?

- Greg Hardy

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:: before

Dear matt ryan,


- panthers fans
Dear Matt Ryan,

I didn't believe in Global Warming before, but after watching you melt today I think there might be something to it.

- Rush Limbaugh
Dear Coin,

What the @#$% have you been doing all these weeks?

- The Panther Captains
Dear falcon fans,


Panther fans
Dear home win,
We missed you. welcome home.
--The Fans
Dear Roddy White,


- Luke Kuechly
Dear Colin Cowherd

What the hell are you talking about?

- Cam Newton

3rd straight 3-4 TD game with no turnover
Dear Numeral One,

Your services in the Falcons loss column will no longer be required.

- The Carolina Panthers
Dear Falcons,

We hate you.


Dear Everyone in/on the Falcons Organization/Team

It's going to be awesome watching you go one and done...again.

All the best,
The NFL and the Media
Dear whomever has medical knowledge,

I think I may have separated a rib from laughing.

(it was worth it, though)

- Mister Scot :D
Dear Panthers,

Ouch! :(

The Falcons' Pride

Edit: 4000 Posts!
Falcon boards are pretty much what you'd expect right now :lol:
Gonna get funnier everytime a falcants fan pays us a visit now that they know they aint chit.
Worth remembering they had extra time to prepare for this game.
Dear Atl

First of many to come...I will own you! Atl is my home town

CAM aka aceboogie Superman!
Bucs lost today, to the Eagles :lol:

If the Saints lose, I'm officially declaring today "Early Christmas"
Dear Matt Ryan: Did our Kracken just bust your backside AND your feelings in the same game?
Postgame conversation between Ron Rivera and Mike Smith...

Rivera: Good game, Mike. And hey, thanks for playing your backups. That was a sporting thing to do seeing as we had so many guys out.

Smith: What are you talking about? I didn't play our backups!

Rivera: I know :D

Dear Cam

Before you scamper for a 70 yard TD, give me a heads up so I am in position to get a photo next time.


Dear Falcons Fans,

Your record didn't help you in this game. So, please shut up about it.

- Panthers Fans
Dear Falcon fans:

You laid an egg
Dear little boy on NFL play 60 commercial,

Thanks for pushing Cam to be better.

- Panther fans
dear mr. the krakan,

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Hey Falcons, who exactly have you beaten to make us fear you?


The rest of the NFC.