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NFL Draft Mcginn's Very Good Writeups Of Pro Scouts' Opinions On Players

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For those that don't know, Bob McGinn writes for the milwaukee journal-sentinel, and is one of the most respected sports writers in the nation. Every year he writes a huge article on all the top talent based solely on what scouts have said about them to him. It's anonymous, and some of it is surely a smoke screen, but it's great to read nonetheless.

He's done wide receivers, tight ends, and offensive linemen.

So just a couple local guys, I'll let you all read the rest on your own.

Alshon Jeffrey

Third-year junior from Saint Matthews, S.C. "He is a gifted, gifted player," one scout said. "He's a move-the-chains type. He knows how to play the game. He will battle from Day 1 against physical corners. He's got a lot of confidence in his ability." Another scout said Jeffery had "the best downfield ball-snatching ability of any receiver in this draft." "The big body, the big frame, can make catches extended away from his body," a third scout said. "Those things are really exciting about the kid. Granted, you're not going to get that all the time. You've got to figure out if you've got the right coaching staff and you've got to get the kid to buy into your program. There's risk there, but there's a huge reward, too." Finished with 183 catches for 3,042 yards (second in SEC history) and 23 TDs. Had 10 on the Wonderlic. Tends to get way too heavy in the off-season. "He thinks he's entitled," a fourth scout said. "I don't think he has a driving passion for the game. He plays the game really hard but he doesn't do anything else hard. I don't think he trains well. He's soft." His prep basketball team won four straight state titles.

Brian Quick

Made a ton of spectacular, leaping catches. "He has the talent to be a very good No. 2," one scout said. Tremendous high school basketball player and played just one year of football. Finished with 202 catches for 3,418 yards (16.9) and 31 TDs. "Somebody will overpay for him because he's big, fast, athletic," the scout said. "But receiver is a hard position to come into the NFL and play initially, and he's a ways away. They kept it simple for him." Great hand-eye coordination. "He might be one of the more unready guys mentally," another scout said. "He's a little country simple. Doesn't really have a real support system that's used to this kind of limelight. It's going to be a struggle for him." From Columbia, S.C.

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