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Interpreting the Combine Press Conferences

Feb 19 2015 02:14 PM Jeremy Igo
Here are a few things I think I think about what the Gettleman and Rivera NFL combine press conferences tell us.     1. Gettleman will pull the trigger early on a defensive lineman. I think it is a lock that somewhere in rounds 1-3 a defensive end or tackle will probably be taken. Gettleman just can't help himself from glowing when talking defensive line.    2. Wide Receiver in round 1 is a real possibility. Rivera's talk of getting Cam weapons rang true as he went on to d...

Dave Gettleman Press Conference Quotes

Feb 19 2015 12:57 PM Jeremy Igo
"There is a real interesting crop of defensive line, which doesn't upset me" Regarding the draft   "My philosophy of unrestricted free agency is you use it to setup the draft."    "Both groups are strong (OL and WR)."    "I'm not going to discuss what we are going to do with Byron. We are going to draft the best guy. If we have 5 studs at one position and the best guy is at that position, we are going to take him."   "We're slowly but surely digging out. We are a...

Profiling Left Tackles

Feb 19 2015 09:23 AM Jeremy Igo
  It is obvious to even the most casual fan that the Carolina Panthers need a major upgrade at left tackle in 2015. Not so clear, however, is where to find that player.    I decided to take the top ten left tackles, as graded by Pro Football Focus, and see if a bit of profiling could help determine where elite left tackles come from and how they got there.    (Yes, I am aware PFF is not the absolute truth in terms of performance, but for this exercise it is good enou...

Colin Kaepernick Has Twitter Rage

Feb 18 2015 06:53 PM Jeremy Igo
Colin Kaepernick responds to a tweet that criticizes his offseason regimen ...        This should serve as a reminder to all NFL Players...   Nothing good can come from Twitter rage. It isn't a good look for anyone involved. 

NFL Compensatory Draft Picks - Panthers Get Zero?

Feb 18 2015 06:35 AM Jeremy Igo
First, when will the compensatory draft picks be announced? While I could not find an exact date for the 2015 NFL compensatory draft picks announcement, I did find when they were announced in previous years. 2013 - March 18 2014 - March 24 These are the Mondays of the week of the NFL Owners Meeting. So it's a safe bet to expect the announcement for the 2015 compensatory draft picks to come on March 23. (The Owners Meeting is March 22-25 this year.) I've seen a lot of information floating arou...

Panthers Release Safety Thomas DeCoud

Feb 17 2015 01:10 PM Jeremy Igo
The Carolina Panthers have released Thomas DeCoud after one season. Brought in as a free agent from Atlanta in 2014, DeCoud often struggled in coverage. He was eventually replaced by rookie Tre Boston who performed at a much higher level than DeCoud.    DeCoud was the play caller in some Special Teams situations, which may have influenced his release as well. Special Teams Coordinator Richard Rodgers was demoted to an assistant secondary coach after a dismal Special Teams year....