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I'm an amateur photographer and video editor. Let this be a place to share some of the things you create, give feedback and suggestions, and have a good time. Please keep it to work you have created or modified on your own.
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  2. Since 1999 my tailgate club has been putting photos online, first with a first generation digital camera on a site built by Microsoft employees as a test of their new skill set with HTML publishing, later moved to a third party site for photographers. I started taking some pictures in 2002 and took over the photography in 2007. It's mostly snapshot stuff and a zoom lens for in the stadium. I want to give visitors to our tailgate a nice picture of their visit, catch some of the fun stuff going on, and gives me an excuse to talk with everyone.
  3. All were edited in the normal photos app outside of the pictures that had no editing at all: the dog, the dew, and the night time plane weren’t edited.
  4. I love catching light rays! Did you edit your photos at all? The sky's appear just a little BLUE to my eyes =P

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