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  1. I couldn't agree more that accumulating draft picks is extremely important. Especially with the track record of Fitterer and Rhule finding later round talent. That said you've got to think about the success rate of drafting a franchise QB. I believe chances are somewhere around 30% when taking a QB in the 1st round. We got lucky with Cam. Are we going to get lucky again? I am not going to pretend I know the right answer but I don't think the idea of shelling out multiple picks for a proven MVP caliber franchise QB is as bad as you are picturing it to be.
  2. TE Brandon Williams aka Swole Bones. I had high hopes that he would pan out as at least a devastating blocker. CB Ken Lucas aka Steve Smith's Punching Bag. He was a ballhawk but I guess fizzled for some reason. I remember buying his 21 jersey and TD's old number 47 at Training Camp one year.
  3. Scott Turner's burner account? You don't like it when players have self-respect and disagree with how badly an organization is being run?
  4. I understand how the clause works. At the end of the day Watson and his agent hold the power. Yes the Texans could decide not to trade him, but realistically what are they going to do? You honestly think there is any way he stays in Houston? Have you ever seen a marque player stay with a team after tensions publicly escalate to this point? It's very realistic that Houston will have no option but to accept the best deal Watson allows or risk having to release him with nothing to show for it.
  5. I've been lead to believe Watson has a trade clause that gives him the ultimate say in where he is going. So unless this is false info Miami and NY can offer all they want but if Watson doesn't want to play there it isn't happening.
  6. Agreed. I'm not sure a smaller Chinn is what we should be taking even later in the 1st round. BPA should never be overlooked but we've got to address the OL/CB/LB/TE situation.
  7. Trade 5 firsts to the Jags. Receive 10 firsts, seconds and thirds from Jerry World so he can draft his White Knight. You heard it here first.
  8. Twitter is saying his interest in the Jets has been majorly inflated by the media so that helps a bit.
  9. In what world is Watson a poor mans Cam Newton? One where the rich are inaccurate and inconsistent? I love Cam but that statement is silly. Also it's "a poor" not "an poor" for your grammar lesson of the day.
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