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  1. If Frank is calling plays the only way we don’t lose is the game getting canceled due to ANTIFA riots.
  2. I saw Andrew Norwell in Nichols Store today shopping long guns. No other explanation for this other than that he is re-signing with Carolina. #bluecheckmark
  3. All Rhule's other bull$hit aside, I don't see the clear signs of him being drunk. Where is this whiskey shot? Is it really necessary to reach for material to help him dig his hole deeper?
  4. To be fair Robby would probably stick up for a trash can if it threw him the ball more than the QBs on our roster.
  5. How many high end 1st round prospects have these insiders and scouts produced lately? Are the percentages in their favor?
  6. Both Taylor Heinicke and Kyle Allen have shown enough in Washington to disprove they were the issue. TB is something like the most efficient QB in the NFL right now isn't he. He wasn't the solution but he wasn't the problem. Sam still hasn't had the right coaching or protection to develop. It takes a lot to overcome horrible OL play combined with a fuged offensive game plan. I'm not defending the decision to bring him here. I actually think his failure is a bigger knock on Rhule/Brady/Ryan. If Cam had an offseason with us I might start to begin to look at his issues but this team is in such disarray overall its way deeper than the QB room.
  7. I completely agree with this and still love the Horn pick. Unfortunately we've traded getting off the field on 3rds to staying on the field for the stretch because our defense can't adjust to the run at the second level. We need an OL and to find a game manager at MLB. Maybe one of our young guys can progress into that role?
  8. GD when will this thought process stop? Play to lose and your culture follows.
  9. This. We need to simplify the damn play calling anyways and come up with some easy completions. Even if they are for 3-4 yards. Up the middle, completions are contagious, spread the field. Robby on back to back to back quick slants.
  10. Rhule playing 4D chess. Rest him until Dallas…
  11. They have these? I haven't been in the store in a while. I don't believe they are on the website.
  12. This. Also they need to re-release the OG Keep Pounding bracelets. Mine finally broke after years of use and I cant find them anywhere.
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