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  1. Rhule’s only NFL experience is OL coach. I sure hope that is an indicator that he knows what he’s doing there. If Moton was going to make the switch he should have done it a few years back. If his agent told him he could get LT money, I can’t blame him for not doing something that might not be comfortable to him. it is strange that they’ve changed their tune considerably about BC. I wonder what they’ve seen, good or bad.
  2. I’m starting a GoFundMe campaign to get him half a couch
  3. Only if you’ve got a really good starter and are a playoff caliber team trying to stay in the hunt. If Sam sucks or goes down, I want Will Grier at the helm and a top 5 pick next year, not Teddy or Minshew coming in and stringing together a handful of garbage wins.
  4. I can only read in Spanish or Cantonese. A translation of said recap would be terrific.
  5. Yeah, Teddy force fed to Anderson the first third of the season, now his agent and half the huddle thinks he's Megatron.
  6. It was Bell. And to be clear, Gettleman said that Bell was left handed and also noted that he had “left tackle feet.” And to be fair to Gettleman, Byron Bell was just as awful on the right.
  7. Yeah, I thought that was dumb. So we refused a Bear’s offer that was enough to move up for Trevor? I know what he means, but like you said, it’s stat rubbish.
  8. I get why Robbie doesn't want to play without an extension in place. I also get why the Panthers don't want to give him one. We've got a lot of young talent we are going to spend big money on to retain in the next few years. #2 WR isn't the spot where you want to tie up a bunch of money.
  9. I agree, but if he's mediocre, he's a huge upgrade to our QB2 position. If he looks mediocre, I would assume he's going to be a journeyman backup QB. Extend him as such, and let him compete with/mentor/backup the new guy.
  10. Rashaad Gaulden makes Hiruki Nakamura look like Jordan Pugh
  11. Yeah, but the Jets atrocious OL have to be taken into account too. They were worse than the Bell/Chandler Panthers OL of 2014 where Cam scored 18 TDs to 12 picks in a 7-8-1 season.
  12. Yeah, I've never had a situation where I've thought, "another naked dude in the room would really enhance this experience."
  13. The offseason argument generators ain't what they used to be. This guy isn't fit to carry PFFL's mousepad.
  14. The biggest question for sure is QB. If Sam looks awful, I have full faith that the FO staff will move on and try again next year. Their philosophy is obviously QB and LT are not worth paying high dollar for unless they’re known entities.
  15. Please change your user name to Lionel Bitchy.
  16. Jiminey Christ, man. He inherited one of the worst/talent depleted defenses in the NFL and coached Brian Burns and a bunch of rookies to a respectable level. I mean, he’s not ‘hindsight message board guy’ good, but I don’t think he’s got a ton of figuring out to do.
  17. Exactly. The “acquire a QB at all cost” crowd thinks the coaching staff and front office thinks 100% that Darnold is the guy, just like they thought Teddy would be. I think the staff knows/knew damn well that that Teddy/Darnold may or may not be the guy. They are just waiting for the right time to bet on a more sure thing.
  18. I don’t disagree, but I think it’s a little more nuanced than that. I think they are willing to see if Darnold works out rather than draft their 4th choice QB with an incomplete O Line, and a defense that can’t get off the field on third downs. That’s not doing a rookie QB any favors. It’s pretty simple to me. Hey, let’s see if Darnold can turn it around, otherwise bring in a proven vet or draft a rookie into an infinitely better situation next year. This obviously bothers Justin Fields fans.
  19. Lol I had forgotten Juston Burris was on the team. How did he look before he went down last year? I wonder if there’s a chance that Kenny Robinson catches on.
  20. Yeah, I just think the trend with this staff seems to be that they seem to be willing to pay a big price for a known entity but not give up too much for an unknown. They also seem to be willing to throw a bunch of things against the wall and move on quickly from whatever doesn’t stick.
  21. This is where I disagree. The staff was in on trying to get Stanfford and Watson. They know what a good QB looks like. Teddy was brought in as a bridge/possible long term solution. The only problem I had with them getting Teddy was his price tag, and the contract might have been all Hurn-dog. He was, after all, the one that got poo canned. In spite of being wrong about TB, they moved on quickly. I think the staff knows there’s a high probability of Sam not working out. They just didn’t want to give up the farm for a draft question mark qb, and bring that project into a still developing r
  22. ...so you're saying if Fields is a bust, it's because of the bad situation he's been put in? Interesting.
  23. Dude, there’s already 2-3 others doing that shtick. You’re going to have to do better if you want to stand out and move the needle. I would try “staunch Deshaun Watson and Marty Hurney defender/anti vaxxer.) That’ll get this place poppin’.
  24. Gettleman picked McCaffrey . Most of Marty's first round hits were no-brainers, imo.
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