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  1. The furry yet scratchy curtain? The Blizzard of Paws? Don’t panic. I’ll come up with something eventually.
  2. I think he’s got plans for Brown and Christensen. He wants them to learn and avoid the rookie wall/injuries. By week 7 they’ll be starting and the line will improve. Mark it.
  3. For reals. Y'all know Fitty Tradeback is going to get us 10+ picks next draft.
  4. If Rhule and Fitty see too much bust potential in the BPA OL, they'll pass on what they feel is a reach for need. Ask Justin Fields. (Not saying Fields is a bust, just that Rhule and Fitts saw something they didn't love)
  5. Give us a "goooooo cats!" Just one. For old time's sake. For me. Seriously. Do it.
  6. I agree. There’s a few things he did with the jets that he still needs to clean up. The not seeing wide open receivers downfield is a concern. He might be going through his reads too quickly as a result of nerves from the horrid Oline play he’s always dealt with. If he can get that fixed and take a little better care of the football, look out, he might evolve into a top tier QB.
  7. He’s not going to have a perfect season, and he’s still capable of improving.
  8. Yep. I’m not picky, and I love trying different foods, but I did the authentic Chinese thing recently….It was not good.
  9. “"Hey, Seahawks fans, I got a message: fug y'all. fug the Seahawks. Keep poundin', bitches” Remeber that from Shaq’s rookie season? I’ve always liked the guy. He’s a Panther through and through.
  10. I don't necessarily disagree, but that take is muy caliente!
  11. I get the feeling that Rhule wants work rookies in slowly and put as little wear on older vets as reasonably achievable….or “coddle” them as some of the dolts around here would say. He seems to play the hell out of the younger vets though.
  12. I think this is an example of people not knowing what a JAG is. He’s not lived up to his draft status and contract until now, but he’s never been JAG.
  13. I think it's the players around him. In 2019, our front 4 (or 3, or whatever the hell we were trying to do that year) was so mediocre that even Luke looked slightly less Luke-like.
  14. Yeah, that last month of the schedule is brutal. It’s going to be portrayed as a collapse, but in reality it will be more of a “coming back down to earth” after playing the world champs twice. I still think we’re a year away from competing with the big boys, but I really like where we are headed and a good season this year is just a bonus to me.
  15. I’m pretty sure Rivera said it a couple of times. Maybe he got it from Fox.
  16. Yeah, Rivera’s “the season is four quarters” talk always irritated me and made me wonder if it played a factor in the slow starts.
  17. It was a lot farther along in the season, if my memory serves me right. I don't see anything wrong with bringing rookies along slowly. The "throw them into the fire" philosophy often backfires.
  18. Ok. I'm on board. The four count is what sealed the deal.
  19. They're not wrong. It is too early to crown him a franchise QB. But, he's exceeded my expectations so far.
  20. I've liked Phil from the jump. He has prototypical grizzled football guy written all over him.
  21. Loved the pick, love the player. He’s not faced a QB with the skill to challenge him. He will, and I think he rises to the occasion and has a great rookie season, but I don’t think he’s going to take away half the field against upper tier QBs. They will test him.
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