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  1. I’m oddly curious about the pieces of poo that you’ve seen.
  2. This reminds me of my wife. Wife: ‘Remember when Phantom Menace’ came out and I was on the phone with my sister and you were wearing that Hurly t-shirt’ when we lived in Indiana? Me: No. We lived in Indiana?
  3. Yeah, mine was what I’d like to see, not necessarily what I think will happen.
  4. I say Baker and Sam get one series each. Then Matt gets the rest of the first half and the first series of the second. Then PJ cleans up.
  5. My dad’s podiatrist told him that crocs are awful for your feet. He still wears them.
  6. Yeah. I don't like to drink this early. I find it interferes with my high.
  7. What’s on your mind hillbilly?
  8. Yes. We will have some wins and losses this year.
  9. To do you a favor. So you don’t get ridiculed for being a fan of this septic tank fire.
  10. Just chilling at home with the family. Beer, NY strips on the grill and a dip in the pool.
  11. I mean, we’re practically a traveling clown show now, so.
  12. Maybe but I doubt we send millions of people there before we check it out in person, so that’s all part of the process.
  13. No freaking way. What the living f***?
  14. Hell , my son’s rec team went 8-3. Maybe I should throw my hat in the ring.
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