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  1. Bouknight, 11th pick, 0 minutes Duarte, 13th pick, 16 points Assume Bouknight not playing because of defense? It's like Rivera, just playing guys because they have been around.
  2. So tired of constantly trailing against mediocre and scrub teams.
  3. Good point about the comp pick. Even if it ends up being a fifth, as someone else mentioned, that's an upgrade.
  4. I have come to fully believe that Fitterer meant what he said about being in on every deal. That said, I think that means it has to fit what we want to do. No doubt he'll talk to Gilmore's agent but I don't see us giving him more that 2 years and not at $15M. We've got too many other young guys to pay.
  5. Smart guy. He's doing just enough. Waiting for Khan to offer that deal so they can 'mutually part ways'.
  6. We're basically manufacturing talent. Spend money to pick up free agents and then spin them for other talent or picks (which will become talent). Smart.
  7. Cowboys are favored by 4 and the over/under is 50 meaning the expected final would be 27-23 Dallas.
  8. Was just talking about this with my son. We were trying to figure out what we'd do with JC (once he's healthy), Dante, CJ and Bouye. Too many good CBs? What a damn problem to have. And it's possible because Fitterer nailed it in free agency with Arnold and the draft with Tremble.
  9. Pisses me off. All the talking heads are protecting themselves today by trashing Nagy. Maybe he is terrible but he didn't want to play Fields and now we've seen why. Their oline is terrible and could have gotten him hurt. Dalton is mediocre but he has a lot of experience and can process faster. I don't know if Fields will be any good but if he keeps playing behind that oline we won't get a chance to find out because he'll be ruined. That said, I'm happy with Sam.
  10. I still prefer Gettleman to Hurney but yeah, neither compare to the new guy. He's the bees knees.
  11. It's good but we've played two of the worst teams in the league starting rookie QBs. Not sure what to make of the Saints. They were handicapped some but not sure how much affect the coaches had (apparently they were only missing one player from the line-up that drubbed that Packers in week 1). So, it good but and I'm happy with where we are but still being cautious.
  12. Thought he looked pretty good. Hopefully JB can scheme around him until CMC comes back.
  13. I'm higher than a kite and feeling right. KEEP POUNDING!
  14. I want to see how we play in Prime Time. Tired of falling flat when everyone is watching.
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