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  1. Zane has to be in the roster for 3 weeks. Eberle can be elevated 2 weeks before needing to be signed to the active roster and can be protected from poaching for 4 weeks. Either player could be the kicker next week. Team looks to be taking advantage of those rules to continue the kicking competition throughout the season.
  2. Only two that make sense are DJ and Burns. If you feel strongly I guess you could do Jackson or Carter but your negotiating on half a season of production.
  3. I think you draft a 25 yo rookie in hopes he wins the job out of camp (or at least somewhere on the line). Position currently still looks like a weakness, but here is to hoping some gold filters out.
  4. Solid young WR group, interior DL and likely left side of the OL.
  5. Ideally Robinson. More likely a combination of Chinn and Burris.
  6. He's cheap and he's still very young. He's got traits and athleticism but always need coached up and I'm sure the wacky offseasons haven't helped. Maybe he's taken to some good coaching, but he doesn't look like he's going to make the 53 at this point.
  7. This has been a master class on executing a draft so far.
  8. Good info and glad to see all that pre draft chatter/nonsense filtered out and the team end up with an exceptional prospect. Who are you liking and/or what are you hearing the team likes at Safety and Tackle on day 2?
  9. Definitely a possibility. Andre Cisco is tops for me and would fit perfectly at free.
  10. Alot of you like to do some research when it comes to the draft, so I want to hear who your top prospect is at each position. Here's the general list of positions to go off of and I'll start you all off with mine. QB - Lawrence RB - Etienne WR - Chase OT - Sewell iOL - Vera-Tucker TE - Pitts EDGE - Phillips iDL - Onwuzurike LB - Collins CB - Horn S - Cisco
  11. For those that just want the snapshot.... 1. Fields 2. Lawrence 3. Lance 4. Wilson 5. Mond 6. Jones 7. Mills 8. Trask 9. Book 10. Buechele
  12. It's hands down Pitts. You don't pass on generational talents like that for a position of need. Hell, if you rated him as a WR, he'd be one of the top ones in this draft too.
  13. I've mostly heard of a 33" min for teams at tackle, but it's just a component. Yes length is one of those things that helps you win on the margins, but so is athleticism. And the tape should be the most important component. It being Fitterer's first draft were not sure how much emphasis will be put on it. Length was a heavy emphasis in Rhule's first draft. The only exceptions where Pride and Roy (both showed very good speed though).
  14. Yeah I agree. I think we'll end up with 2 second round picks and land a versatile interior OL type, like a Dickerson or Humphrey with one and a DB with the other.
  15. As always not going to project trades even though I think the Panthers will walk out of this draft using at least 10 picks. 1(8) Rashawn Slater, OL, Northwestern – You are getting a high floor, versatile lineman (which seems to be the flavor of the offseason) who will hopefully will the LT void for year to come. If he can’t stay on the outside though, I’m confident I’m getting a stud somewhere on the OL. 2(39) Richie Grant, S, Central Florida – The defense really feels like it’s just missing an interchangeable safety type who can play predominately at the free. Oh, look here who it is, a favorite from the Senior Bowl who Rhule said he would love to coach. 3(73) Kelvin Joseph, CB, Kentucky – Jackson is in a contract year and Bouye is a vet stopgap. Joseph is young and inexperienced but would be a perfect scheme fit. He has all the desired traits, just needs coached up. Can never have enough good DBs. 4(113) Anthony Schwartz, WR, Auburn – He’s fast. I mean really fast. Fastest player in the NCAA fast. But he a decent route runner with decent hands too. He needs some work and to expand his route tree but there is a lot to work with here. He reminds me of Kenny Stills and would be a big help to WR depth 5(151) Bryce Hargrove, OL, Pittsburgh – I would prefer to add a C/G type prospect earlier in the draft but it never materialized here. Enter the developmental guard prospect out of Pitt who is described as having a mauler’s mentality and who's pass protection comes with strong praise. 6(193) Quintin Morris, TE, Bowling Green – Versatile athletic TE with traits to develop. Can line him up all over to create mismatches. He’s a respectable blocker who needs work and did some damage in the passing game. Coached at the Senior Bowl. 6(222) Nick Niemann, LB, Iowa – Athletic linebacker brought in to add depth with Carter in a contract year and Perryman’s questionable injury history.
  16. Big time helpful signing. Run defense should continue to improve. Still would like more interior rush but this doesn't look like the draft to get immediate help.
  17. They did a good job in the offseason setting up for the draft so it could go alot of ways in that top 50. GM said OL, DL and CB are priorities so focus is there. S - Moehrig, Grant CB - Newsome, Stokes, Samuel Jr. DT - Onwuzurike, Baremore OL - Dickerson, Radunz, Eichenburg, Humphrey
  18. Seen Ryan or Jake Peetz (depending on how he does this season at LSU) are the likely candidates.
  19. Yeah he first caught my eye at the senior bowl. I've seen speculation of him as a first rounder too but day 2 is seems reasonable. Moton in a contract year means you should prepare if you can, but he's been an elite RT since he stepped in and that's a tough one to replace. I'd rather get him under contract if possible.
  20. Don't be surprised if he's already a target. He tested off the charts athletically. Highest score since 1987 in fact and has almost 35" arms.
  21. I'm starting to think Slater might be higher in our board then Sewell. Sewell doesn't have the length advantage previously thought and Slater is the better athlete.
  22. It seems like if Pitts somehow falls to 8 he's going to be the pick.
  23. I'll be interested to here how Trey Smith from Tennessee tests. Incredibly talented iOL prospect with a questions surrounding his ticker
  24. We seem to be very interested in these UCF guys Tay Gowan* but yeah all 3 would be great fits in Snow's scheme.
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