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  1. Yeah I'm thinking he is going to go early to mid 20s when all is said and done
  2. My biggest frustration with this situation is Burns should have been locked up after his 3rd year as an ascending top pass rusher much like the raiders did with Crosby (who's now a steal). By the 3rd year if you don't know what you have then you don't know what you're doing. Without a contract, Burns essentially ended up betting on himself and shot his price tag up with a monster 4th season and a reset pass rusher market. Both sides have been playing chicken ever since.
  3. Baker has a couple season working with Bryce at Alabama before moving over to UCF. I don't know that I see traits that jump out as how he'll win at the next level though outside of just winning at the catch point if he knocks down the drops. That said I'd take a chance on him on Day 3, maybe as a power slot type if Mingo is still viewed as a developmental X.
  4. Huge Aiyuk fan and would love the fit here but I can't imagine 33 is going to do it. AJ Brown went for 18 and 101 at a similar age and production 2 years ago. I'd look for a smaller move for a trade/sign like a Diontae Johnson
  5. There is a trend in the NFL of pairing college WRs and QBs back up in the NFL (Borrow/Chase, Murray/Brown, Tua/Waddle, Hurts/Smith, Carr/Adams, etc...) so do the Panthers target Jermaine Burton. Speed, hands and quickness are his calling cards and he does track the deep ball well but he does pick up a bunch of unnecessary taunting penalties (dog or liability?) and I don't see consistent YAC ability at least on tape. Probably a late Day 2 early Day 3 guy right now depending on how those on-field character issues are viewed.
  6. Water is wet. Texans had three top 3 draft picks the last 2 years and hit on at least 8 players in the draft off the top of my head in the last 3 years, all while the Panthers have shipped some of there best players off to other teams with arguably 1 or 2 draft hits the last 3 years. Stroud is of course in a better situation.
  7. https://youtu.be/_C3Tbl8ozVE?si=rtrFXcytwzcFPEG- The prospects from the Shrine Bowl highlighted here are: Malik Washington, WR, Virginia (5081, 192 lbs, 30" arm, 9.125" hand, 73.25" wing) - Slot prospect mainly due to size that was unguardable at the Shrine Bowl. Day 2 prospect, probably round 3 currently. Renardo Green, CB, FSU (5114, 187 lbs, 31" arm, 8.625" hand, 74.25" wing) - Press man corner with good tape against a bunch of draft prospects, but length might be a sticking point with analytics. Probably will go the highest in the draft of this group, potentially round 2. Mohamed Kamara, EDGE, Colorado State (6013, 252 lbs, 32.5" arm, 8.375" hand, 78" wing) - Tape is good, length again isn't there. Seen as high as a 4th rounder, could go later due to length concerns. Isaac Guerendo, RB, Louisville (5116, 220 lbs, 30.75" arm, 9" hand, 75.5" wing) - Low mileage, fast and powerful who can help in the pass game also as a converted WR. One of my favorite prospects coming out of the Shrine Bowl. Day 3 prospect currently. Garret Greenfield, OT, South Dakota State (6057, 310 lbs, 33.5" arm, 9.75" hand, 83.5" wing) - Enough length to stick outside maybe even as a solid swing tackle option but also being looked at on inside at OG. Looks like he's graded later in Day 3 currently maybe about the 6th round.
  8. Dylan Laube out of New Hampshire just showed out as one of the standouts in the senior bowl practices. He has great hands and tons of production in both the passing and running games the last 2 years. Kentucky's Ray Davis is an older prospect but he showed off his hands at the senior bowl too to back up what he's done in the SEC the last 2 years too. ...Both could likely be had day 3.
  9. We're getting an entirely new WR core
  10. With the Shrine Bowl and Senior Bowl running this week. Figured I'd start a place to talk about all the prospects. I'll put the weigh-ins here too because I can't imagine analytics suddenly wont matter to the new staff: https://steelersdepot.com/2024/01/2024-east-west-shrine-bowl-rosters-measurement-results-official-heights-weights/ https://www.the33rdteam.com/2024-senior-bowl-weigh-in-measurement-results-for-nfl-prospects/ As stated in other topics I've seen very good reports following WRs Malik Washington, Roman Wilson, Ladd McConkey and now Tahj Washington and Jamari Thrash. DLs Brandon Dorlus and Mike Hall, CB Jarvis Brownlee Jr. and Quinton Mitchell and iOL Jackson Powers-Johnson also drawing heavy praise so far.
  11. Roman Wilson got high praise on day 1, like him alot as a slot/Z receiver on day 2 (maybe round 3). Ben Sinnott and Theo Johnson (particularly Johnson) I'm a fan of as players to target to potentially revamp our TE room at the Senior Bowl.
  12. I've seen reports so far that Malik Washington has been dominant at the Shrine Bowl as well as positive reports for Roman Wilson and Ladd McConkey at the fist practice at the Senior Bowl. Tez Walker clocked as the fastest player at Senior Bowl too.
  13. Big fan of Jacob Cowing to inject youth and speed in the slot. 3 years of solid production at Arizona. Probably a 3rd rounder right now.
  14. AT did well in that slot/chain mover roll but he was also eating up all the targets in the MOF to the point the TEs couldn't get involved and I think long term you can replace that with proper investments a say a mid-round rookie WR and TEs. I don't think his value will ever be higher and the team needs some injection of youth and speed to open up the field so to me its a "take a step back to leap forward" type of move. Higgins or a Pittman are probably the best targets to be #1 WRs on the free agent market. I'd target Marquis Brown as the #2/speedster but Samuels can get open and would be a good option too. Big fan of Diontae Johnson if he were to come available for trade too.
  15. Alot of work needs to be done in that room. Chark and Viska should walk, TMJ most certainly a cut, probably should trade Theilen because of the value/ target share in the MOF. It might not all happen in one year but we need to inject speed and a #1 into the WR core and will probably need to find some kind of TE to affect the passing game especially considering Hurst's serious concussion issues. At WR at least there is alot of solid options in free agency and as potential trade candidates.
  16. Its promising....need to see how the offensive weapons issue is addressed this offseason though. And I hope we can hold onto Evero too.
  17. Michigan must be getting some sanctions coming their way.
  18. There goes one idea. Have a feeling he would have gone round 1 anyone.
  19. He had some nagging soft tissue issues here that slowed him early on but his last two seasons here were good, including going over 1000 yards from scrimmage his final season. Probably put himself out of our price range but got himself a nice payday in free agency with it. Like you said, he has continued being solid in Washington and about to hit free agency again this offseason.
  20. We've drafted 7 WRs in the 2nd. Samuel has arguably built a solid career to date and its too early to tell on Mingo. TMJ, Funchess, Jarrett and Colbert are the other 4.
  21. Don't want to move Corbett if I don't have to. Would look to trade Thielen because his value is never going to be higher than right now and Hurst concussion issues are very serious and I don't know if you can expect him back.
  22. Was good at RG the year before too and will only be 21 yo when drafted. 6'3", 320 lbs and looking like he going as a 2nd or 3rd round prospect right now. Probably rises once people start taking a closer look at him.
  23. Wilson thrived in a run heavy offense while using his athleticism to by time and make plays in the passing game. I never really saw he get beyond his first read so its no surprise that with that athleticism fading and still not running through progressions he's getting benched in hopes another QB can run the offense more traditionally.
  24. I really don't see the issue here, nothing he said was inaccurate. There are so few 'game changers' at the QB position and it's pretty much always been that way. His list of game changers is pretty spot on IMO.
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