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  1. On the contrary I think the NFL is probably the worst perpetrator. SB 50 was rigged for Mannings retirement, and to show a QB like Cam isn't allowed to win and dominate the league.
  2. I mean I’m with you there. I think the stadium is fine as it is myself. I enjoy the skyline view. Just wish the beer was cheaper and the team was better lol.
  3. BOA is the best location for the stadium so I am glad for that at least. I bet it’s going to take a massive amount of work to update it to current standards though
  4. Probably not as concerning for a QB though in the modern day.
  5. I'd like to see low INT numbers and several key game winning drives. 17 TD-3 INT bare minimum. In an ideal world id love to see something like at least 27TD-8 INTs and several clutch performances.
  6. Idk I think for what we gave up he really needs to be a special player. A generational outlier for his size at that. Even if he turns out to be a Matt Ryan tier player that is still a failure because Matt Ryan is a loser who choked with the game on the line. He has to be as good or better than Brees was, and even he was a stat padding choke artist fraud when he was outside of the dome and pressure got in his face.
  7. He actually reminds me a bit of Deshaun Foster in a good way. Similar size and speed. Upright runner as well.
  8. Brooks was definitely BPA but I am curious how our stable plays out. Chubba deserves to be here in my opinion. He’s like a slightly more athletic Nick Goings. If Sanders shows out early I wonder if someone becomes trade bait. A tandem of Chubba and Brooks would be really solid.
  9. Seems like a great choice. Has first round athletic talent.
  10. If a top center is there I think that will probably be the pick. This is the evaluation year for Bryce. I don't think they'll put all their hopes in Corbett.
  11. It really was crazy. The NFL hype on him was nuts. And I think for our FO, we basically outsmarted ourselves. Some of that has to do with Tepper going against the grain and wanting show how much of a genius he is. Stroud should have been the guy. I thought it might end up being an NFL horror story of sending an undersized kid to get crushed as first overall. I'll give him this though he is tough as nails. This season will give us a better measure of where he's at, I think. I was hoping he'd come back a little bigger muscle wise though.
  12. Really pissed me off that we cut Cam and then finally addressed the areas he desperately needed support from. Cam deserved another chance with a new staff(with an offseason).
  13. Fair point but I think the personal touch Morgan has with the franchise makes me believe he’s incredibly invested in our success. He played with flat out studs in Peppers, Jenkins, Smitty, Witherspoon, Hoover, etc. He knows what pure talent vs scheme oriented brilliance looks like. You might think this because of the rough ride Bryce went through last year. But the moves we made this offseason are the type of moves you make for any first overall pick . I don’t think Canales is as tied to Bryce as people think. That said we have to be able to evaluate him without any caveats to truly see if he’s the guy.
  14. I’d rather take the chance that Sanders rebounds rather than take a RB in the draft (unless it’s like 5th round).
  15. We can't afford to trade down and dilute the talent pool. We need to take BPA that can address our needs at 33 and 39. Those selections are at a sweet spot for 1st round grades to fall.
  16. My personal theory is that Ron saw he had an automatic 3rd and 4th down conversion machine and to save his own ass road Cam that way till the wheels fell off. He was close to being canned before Riverboat. Coach Chud had Cam on the right track, and we should have made a better effort to keep him. He had Cam coming out swinging, throwing all over the field. We did RPO's but we also played under center and threw on first and second down consistently. Because Cam was a force of nature, we were able to get away with it for a while simply because he was soo damn good. But our offense got predictable. We became a high risk/high reward offense without the supporting talent to keep that sustainable. Our RB's began to age and the o-line was degrading, and WR talent wasn't getting replenished. We didn't really start addressing this until 2017/2018. Cam started looking like the passer he was always capable of being and then TJ Watt had to be a POS and KB was too lazy to chase a defender.
  17. We outsmarted ourselves with analytics to justify Tepper’s genius. The eye test was enough. That said Bryce is a Panther and I hope he succeeds.
  18. Wouldn’t be a rollercoaster if the NFL didn’t rig superbowl 50.
  19. Hopefully there won't be a run on WR's and we can get the guy we want.
  20. I think you have to sign Gilmore and push CB to 2025. WR, LB, C in the first 3 rounds unless an absolute steal of a DE falls to us. I’d be against double dipping WR in the second. We have to spread the talent around. We also need some considerations for what TEs could be available.
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