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  1. NE is a better team than they were last year. They decided to go with the rookie for the long term development. Who knows how Cam would have done in NE if he was the starter. Ron Rivera has his own reasons for not signing Cam and T. Heineke is a good QB in his own right. I would still absolutely go with Cam over TB, Taysom Hill, or Minshew if we gave him a full offseason and offensive line that wasn’t complete dogshit. And to be let’s not act like Cam still doesn’t deal with ignorant racism to this day. Even Rhule and Fitt went out of their way to say how hard Cam works as if it were a surprise to them. Rhule judged him the minute he walked in the door as HC.
  2. Kirk Cousins is just a super saiyan version of Teddy Bridgewater. He's not a clutch player when you need it most.
  3. Why would we take him when we have Sam Darnold? You dumb or sumthing?
  4. I'm not understanding why he was so highly coveted at the time. His record isn't that good.
  5. Well. They probably weren’t going to get more than 1 shot at a Hail Mary anyway. Those tend to get intercepted. I could understand the logic of picking up 8 yards. Clock it. Then have a short enough field for your QB to use his arm strength and rifle it into a window. But Dak ran too far and ate too much clock.
  6. I thought it was kind of clever to get closer to the endzone. He ran too far though.
  7. Wow man Jimmy G is proving the haters right.
  8. Wtf? The ref kept them from snapping the ball.
  9. Hurts making a Sam Darnold impression.
  10. The offense the Bills run is the one Cam should have been in this entire time.
  11. Teddy isn’t a better passer than Cam. He just creates the illusion that he is by checking down and padding his stats. He would check down on 4th and 30 with 2 seconds left in the game. It makes no difference if you’re a pussy and can’t make the throws with the game on the line.
  12. Yeah it was dumb but frankly I’m glad Cam didn’t go in hindsight. It’s an affront on Cams legacy to make him a gadget QB or simply a short yardage player. At least on this team. He should have started the game. Cam is just simply better. He’s the best QB and the better passer. Wasting all this time and assets with Sam is just so strange. I get giving a raw talent a second chance but time and time again his flaws are the worst ones you want to see. Rhule didn’t really care about winning the game because he started Sam. He wanted Sam to get his layup short passes to Chubba so he could get his 9/9 and maybe one solid 3rd down throw so he could take it to Tepper and say “Hey Boss look things are improving.”
  13. I think our lack of identity is because the offensive line is so incredibly bad. We have the WRs to be a balls to the walls passing game but we don’t give our QBs enough time to hit those routes. We can’t dominate the running game because the line does generate enough push. We have the weapons to dictate whatever we want to do. We need to fix the interior line, bring Cam back, cut Sam, make a plan for a future franchise QB.
  14. I wouldn’t trade DJ, Chinn, or Burns. Everyone else is negotiable.
  15. I’m down. Cam Newton was ahead of his time. If SB 50 happened today he would have gotten the personal foul calls and it would have changed the game. Ive never seen a National sports organization literally turn a blind eye and actively cheat a team out of a game for the sake of a sports legend (Peyton Manning) getting his retirement trophy. But I remember being afraid that it might happen before the game. Cam was an easy target because he unabashedly himself and cocky and fun. And the good ole boys in the league and media with their small dick chodes villainized him for it. Cam is easily the best QB we’ve ever had and he was also the best pocket passer. Some here won’t understand that . But that’s because they choose to see themselves in the position and not what a beast like Cam Newton saw from his perspective. He deserved better from an all around standpoint. Just an awesome player and teammate.
  16. Sounds like they may actually bring Cam back. Hell yeah.
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