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  1. Just feels like too many variables have to be accounted for to make Bryce successful
  2. All we had to do was hire Wilks. Resign Foreman, Cam and draft AR. Or keeps Wilks, resign Foreman, make the same trade and Stroud. Seems like the team has be totally redesigned to make it work with Bryce.
  3. I never thought he was dumb. Just relaying what the comparisons were between the few two.
  4. He probably will be. I’d be baffled the FO didn’t consider that just maybe Bryce is a super computer of a QB because he had to be out of necessity. CJ on the other hand has the NFL traits to belong. And mentally CJ might not be too far off from Bryce and could catch up in a few years.
  5. True. Just seems like quite a gamble to take Young at his unprecedented size. I mean did they ever consider if Stroud could eventually acquire the mental side of it like Bryce has? Young literally has to be damn near HOF worthy to make it worth it.
  6. If only he and Fox didn't have such a hard on for Delhomme and drafted a QB
  7. Hurney was the most successful. Gettleman won with Hurney's players and was a stubborn bastard. I think Fitterer does the best "day to day" job out of the 3. It's just that he worked with a coach that sucked. But he's the only one that seems to aggressively attack the needs of the team, get's the guys his coaches want, and drafts for need AND BPA.
  8. Okay so I've calmed down a bit. It does looks like separation is the biggest problem, not Bryce. However he did have some flats open even in that JT video. And that love tap sack was a bad look. Hopefully he will put on some size and become a little stouter over time. I'd like to see Reich let Bryce loose though. The offense needs to be more aggressive. Throwing on first and second down would help a lot. Tell him not to care about the picks. Learn the NFL throwing windows through experience. Playing scared is getting us too many 3 and outs.
  9. What if John Fox gave Matt Moore a fair shot to compete for the job in 2008? Delhomme had a few moments but he was the weakest link of that team. Moore was the better player at that point in their careers. I would have liked to have seen Jake benched after the first two picks against ARZ. I think Moore could have won that game.
  10. I mean what does that even mean though? Reich isn't a SB winner. For all we've seen Wilks is a more impressive coach thus far. Caldwell got his ass kicked all the time with the Lions. McCown was a terrible player. It's like Tepper just saw all the names and through money at it.
  11. Would not be surprised if the consensus was to take CJ Stroud, but Tepper thought he was smarter than everyone. Probably got a hard on watching Drew Brees all these years.
  12. Could have kept DJ Moore, resigned Cam, and possibly taken AR. Resign Foreman and would be rolling right now.
  13. Kinda goes to show that maybe there are too many cooks in the kitchen or football isn’t all that complicated.
  14. My concern there is that because Young doesn’t have elite physical traits he will get baited by disguises. There’s isn’t going to be any magic. Either the answer is schemed open or it’s a throw away.
  15. For once I just want to see Taysom Hill get absolutely destroyed
  16. Thats what i fear. The FO fell in love with the person not the player and they were too stupid to see past that. He might be an amazing person with high character. Hell he might even deserve to be the #1 pick. But that doesn’t make him the best player.
  17. That’s what I’m saying. It’s like drafting Heineke #1 overall.
  18. I don’t think it’s the arm strength. It’s that he’s too easy to bring down. His small stride doesn’t allow him to make easy short yard pick ups. That and his accuracy hasn’t shown up yet. He left some plays on the field today. He’s either too quick to throw it away or he holds the ball too long doesn’t let guys go get it. He’s so committed to structure and having the wide open guy that it makes him predictable. Reich needs to tell him to let it rip. If he throws picks it’s fine. Just move the ball. We have to get aggressive.
  19. He’s better than Clausen. But it’s really looking like he’s just too small and requires too many compensating factors by the team to really be a viable franchise QB.
  20. They need to just let him throw the god damn ball and sick or swim. Let him be aggressive and see if something sparks. It’s crazy for a #1 pick how much better Cam looked. And allegedly Cam wasn’t as “cerebral” as this guy. I don’t blame Bryce but you cant take a guy so high and say to yourself he has to have the perfect situation around him. That’s not realistic. He has to be a playmaker.
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