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  1. Might be a chance to learn something behind a decent QB If not, he's likely out of the league anyway.
  2. If we got offered 2 potentially high 1sts and a high 2nd for Brown, you gotta seriously consider that offer. Unless we see something like that, extend and pay him and get it done.
  3. It's probably the contract, but yeah, a 4th seems low. I'd have expected a late 2nd or high 3rd at least.
  4. Makes perfect sense. Both are annoying as fug.
  5. Originally from NC. Moved to the PNW to be closer to my wife's family.
  6. I'm right there with you. Probably some of the rudest, most obnoxious people I've ever met.
  7. Definitely not something I'd do as a strategy, but depending on the offer, it could just be too good to pass up. And if it is, well....
  8. That stuff sounds cool, but spending some time in Germany with the kids and seeing a NFL game there sounds like a much better experience, and more memorable too.
  9. It all depends on whether or not you hit the picks. Having 10 picks in the second doesn't mean anything if you draft a bunch of Eric Sheltons. I understand the success rates of higher picks, but if we're after a center and there's 3 we really like, trading down 10 spots and picking up an extra 3rd to grab a LB, RB or WR isn't necessarily a bad move, as long as you don't just draft based on a RAS score.
  10. No lower than the 1st half of the 2nd and I'd want at least a 2nd and 3rd from an Arizona caliber team to move at all. A future 25 1st from an Arizona, Cleveland, LV, or Denver would be an instant yes.
  11. My first thought was why does Bryce Youngs hair look like James Brown in the 2nd picture.
  12. I heard this yesterday and thought/hoped it was just a stupid joke.
  13. David Tepper buys the Boston Bruins and turns them into the Carolina Panthers of the NHL.
  14. At this point I need to see the team perform before I get excited about anything.
  15. Super sleeper in fantasy football. Gary Barnidge flashbacks.
  16. Maybe we could draft him a new shoulder at 33. Seriously though, if his shoulder was good, I'd want him back in a heartbeat.
  17. Poyer signed for 2M and was still playing at a high level. Curious to see what we would offer him if we did try and sign.
  18. I think it's how you personally define "plan." There's a fairly clear team direction right now. Get stronger in the middle, get younger and get rid of bad contracts, build through the draft. Once we get past the draft and get our 90 plus pieces, then we'll start building a plan. Can't create an offensive game plan built on speed if you're WR core is running 4.8 40's. No different really than saying you want to take a road trip to the west coast. West is the direction, but until you decide on the city, there really is no plan.
  19. Mike Williams damn sure ain't gonna be cheap after that contract.
  20. Kind of sad how many players of the week came against the Panthers.
  21. Perceived importance of self is more gratifying than actual importance.
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