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  1. Houston Texans - 8 wins in the last two seasons. Houston Rockets - 35 wins in the last two seasons.
  2. Wow! That ripped my heart out. Prayers up for him and the rest of his family.
  3. Bouknight is 6'4", Moody and Duarte are 6'5". Not much of a difference there. Monk is 6'3".
  4. Pretty good end of season report by Bobby Marks. This was made before Borrego was let go, but he says a lot that I agree with. I'm hoping that the Hornets can get Sam Cassell to help with Melo's development, among other things. We need a coach that will improve the defense as well.
  5. That All Defensive draft from a couple of years ago has you on your way, right?
  6. "Southern mafia approved.". This quote had me rolling.
  7. They've already done the all-defensive draft, not, all offensive this year.
  8. Cowboys facility called The Star. Retail in front of it.
  9. Minnesota Vikings Training facility in Eagan, MN. Dallas Cowboys training facility in Frisco, TX
  10. *This* If you've seen what the Cowboys have done in Frisco, TX and the Vikings with what they've done in Eagan, MN, they both include lots of retail. Restaurants, bars, shopping and Hall of Fames are included. This could have easily blended with Tepper's entertainment district that he wants included with the new stadium.
  11. This FO needs to lay off of the QB crack for this year. You haven't been doing QB'ing right for a few years now. Take a break, sit back an assess the rest of your roster. Put the lighter down and walk away. It will be alright. You had the opportunity to grab one in last years draft and didn't. I have the 800 number if you need it.
  12. When Tepper celebrated the creation of his $20billion company, he bought his ex bosses beach facing property in the Hamptons. This ex boss refused to promote him. He then knocks it down and builds a mansion doubled the size. That my friend is King Petty, Richard Petty and Petty White. Love it.
  13. Good, that would be speaking my language. I would love for Fit to trade back and pick up 2nd and 3rd round picks. I still don't think that any of these QBs are worth a first round pick.
  14. Good to see him back and looking good.
  15. Working for network TV, let me remind you that humans work the "yellow line" for broadcast. You'd be surprised at how much they screw that up! If you pay attention during games now, you'll see it move forward or backwards sometimes to correct their errors! Good times!!
  16. Not the infamous "personal friend" comment! It never fails.
  17. He's the epitome of 3 and D. He'd be a huge part of that young core you mentioned. He's getting the most minutes out of our youngins right now!
  18. I stand by what I said. Your so called "legend among legends" said the most disrespectful things about Dwayne Haskins after he died. Like I said, take his old 90 year old @ss out to pasture. He should never be allowed on live radio again. He's lost all of his legendary status and respect even after he apologized. And you're defending this clown? You have the nerve to call him some kind of "godfather". Knock it off. Shame.
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