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  1. Im as disappointed in this team as Ive ever been. But in my family Sunday and the NFL is as much ritual and family as it is the product on the field/TV. Its a day we spend together, cheering for the team (even in a loss), catching up from the week, cooking a meal, and sharing it together. We still have the Panthers on the TV/Computer every time they play but as time has passed there is less and less attention to the game and more focus on the company that's sharing the day with us. And of course I know they dont give out SB hardware to fans that stuck it out through the hard times but Im gutting it out so that I know I never lost the faith. Its what I respect most about those die-hard Browns fans.
  2. One of those reddit refugees myself. Havent paid for a game here in Co in years. Put RedZone on the TV, watch the game on the laptop, mute the laptop during commercials and watch RedZone. Havent endured an F150 commercial in years. Its the only way to go. Dont get to post i the gameday thread but thats a minor cost.
  3. Cam running out of the tunnel and doing his superman pose with flames spouting up around him (ala the banner) and they are just going to put 7 on the board for us.
  4. Love the guy. But that ship has sailed
  5. Netflix has added the original 25+ episodes so you can see the original material. in case you are unfamiliar with the source
  6. I am loving that vibe. That trailer just flat out rocks. Ill be disappointed at the lack of Ed and the liberties Im sure they will take but if the series has the kind of energy and swagger this trailer does Ill find my way to forgiveness.
  7. Ive missed 1 game since 95 Im not going anywhere Your hysteria is entertaining me. Please continue
  8. As fellow developer who has been doing it for more than 2 decades professionally Dont Unless you are doing game design and it fit the genre. If you are doing demo data it doesn't come off as witty and playful, just unprofessional.
  9. That would just result in much of what is discussed there ending up in other places on the site where management doesn't want it. Hell a fair amount of the worst content on the TB started in the main forum and had to get moved.
  10. There are 10 accusations that the DA could criminally charge him with if they decided there was enough evidence to move forward
  11. Even for the huddle this poo is in really bad taste
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