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  1. I mean I could have used different phrasing but "convert" just went so well thematically with evangelize. *edited for wording because reasons*
  2. There is too much about PFF that requires someone to evangelize for them so other people will either take them seriously or not badly misunderstand the data that it becomes the NFL stats equivalent of "if you have to explain the joke it probably isn't all that funny to begin with". Except in PFF's case it's not even the comedian telling the joke, it's usually a bunch of dudes who heard the joke while drunk from another room trying to recite it in a foreign language...so in the end they just scream the punch line over and over. Largely those of us who don't feel PFF adds enough to the conversation to be worth it ignore it unless there's something that on the surface simply doesn't make sense. You know what doesn't make sense? Any metric that indicates that Ian Thomas did a better job playing Tight End yesterday than CMC did playing RB / WR / (and apparently fullback for that one block...b/c god damn) by any amount. The process can be explained ad nauseam and that is still going to make anyone *not* campaigning for PFF acceptance go "huh? That's stupid". Or where player stats are so wrong we have to research how they...count(?) to make the data make any sense at all. Is what PFF is trying to accomplish a good goal? Yes. Is it better than nothing? Sure (though thankfully if ignoring PFF entirely we are left with a non zero set of alternative ways to consume NFL breakdowns / statistics / performance metrics!). Is it so good that people need to be converted? Nope.
  3. Just look for the brand-new account stumping for Armanti Edwards to be brought back to start at QB. That'll be him.
  4. It would certainly not hurt my feelings to see Armah back here. Not that I don't enjoy watching guys who don't really know how to play FB try to play FB...but yeah I would.
  5. Man some of you guys are way too upset by other people's optimism. Personally I think this draft class is going to be excellent and I choose to believe that until I'm given a good reason to think otherwise. But I mean if kvetching is someone's happy place who am I to judge, heh.
  6. Ya know. Its not often something on the Huddle makes me belly laugh anymore. That account was a fun read I'm mostly just upset I was getting more beer during the stellar QB play.
  7. That's very upsetting to hear. Sad to lose anyone, especially when so relatively young.
  8. We're going to find out in a few months this is all WWE style leadup to the first Huddle cage match. The ticket sales will be enormous.
  9. Should probably be considered for the greatest quote thread. Huddle quotes count right?
  10. You know in a day *full* of bad takes...this PFF nonsense is top tier stupid.
  11. Just for anyone who's curious where this came from and how the individual who wrote the grade feels about the rest of the round (ya know, context): https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2021/4/29/22409582/nfl-draft-2021-results-pick-by-pick-grades-first-round Myself I'm not sure that taking (arguably) the best (or best fit for this division) player at his position AND plugging a huge area of need on this team qualifies as one of the 4 worst picks in the draft. Maybe it ends up being that way but Dator believes only 2 picks are worse and one is equally bad? k. It's a silly take and its done its job I suppose. I'm equally not sure that James Dator is so plugged in he could declare that the team was "spooked" - that's beyond silly. No way that they just went "well Sewell is gone and no one wants to trade for this pick - so we're just gonna take the next guy on our board" right?
  12. Even if the answer you provided to your own question (and the motivation thereof) is 100% accurate (possible I suppose) and the characterization of their PR / Marketing where Bridgewater is concerned as overboard is correct (which might very well be the case, who the hell am I to judge that, it's not what I do) it still does not matter one bit whether a couple of grown men texted each other. I'll even concede the points because you can't see relevant from there. It doesn't matter to the future of the team, or really to the narrative of the last season. We learned that a guy who is almost certainly on the way out of town as fast as the involved parties can make it happen did something petty and were reminded that NFL teams sometimes lie. Film at 11.
  13. In the pantheon of poo that matters whether Bridgewater reached out to Darnold unprompted (or at all unless he was told to by his employer and just didn't do so) is firmly in "who gives a damn" land. Petty? Sure. Impactful? No. At all significant evidence that Bridgewater is a or b type of person / employee / player / QB / dude...minimally at most. So to summarize: who cares?
  14. I sorta feel like it would be fitting to change the thread title to "Not posting anything else for at LEAST 6 minutes" Just sayin'
  15. Richardson presided over his fair share of ultimately boneheaded football decisions during his tenure. The Sean Gilbert trade comes to mind, as do years of allowing this team to stagnate while the rest of the league evolved and the spending spree of 'I love you bro' contract extensions. It isn't as if he was a paragon of wonderful football team management for the length of his ownership and just a scummy dude on the side (something, btw, that could also negatively impact football operations if he were still the owner since none of this lives in a vacuum). Far too much difference in the length of ownership for JR / Tepper to compare raw results as well. That last bit at the end there - a lot of that isn't directly "football" related. If we don't care about that stuff for one guy... Fact is Tepper may yet turn out to be so bad we try to get Dan Snyder down here to run the team just for a break from the awful. Even if that ends up being the case in 2040 we're still not likely going to see a lot of support for JR nostalgia.
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