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  1. Man. We've got a long history of thinking we're smarter than everyone whose job is football here, myself included, but some of these Bryce takes (from someone who *didn't* want to draft him, for the record) are just...silly. I mean Christ - the level of malcontent it takes to rail against his football IQ, which is like the one thing basically *everyone* agrees on, is staggering.
  2. What's the record for poo on a single post again? Asking for a friend...
  3. I think this could be the most universally agreed with post in Huddle history. I'm probably beginning to recite Bluey episodes in my sleep.
  4. Come on bro - like I actually do understand the schtick you're going for here but equating (very understandable) concerns about size to actual racism is a bridge too far. By this logic we're discriminating against children because we don't let them ride rides they're too short for. Or people who are too heavy for tandem skydiving harnesses because of a 'physical trait'. It's a silly equivalency. There are some people who think Young is too small for this particular ride for one reason or another. I'm sorry this offends you but it's not a discriminatory position nor is it so off the wall that it's worth mocking. ~Damnit...missed him.
  5. I dunno man - I've put up with some abjectly awful bosses for a lot less money than Sam is making. He gonna be alright.
  6. I needed a good laugh this morning. Anyone describing CJ Henderson's bum ass as 'balling' fits the bill. Thanks Amazon!
  7. Baker Mayfield being the QB for the Panthers this season would upset me. Immensely.
  8. Wait wait. Hold on. Young adults are sometimes terrible at regulating their emotions and occasionally fight? poo. This is newsworthy. Who cares. Like at all. I figure he has to punch at least two teammates before we get really up in arms. Because. You know. Precedent.
  9. Ah the no-context comparison to one player to discredit another player. This type of "analysis" is lazier than a motorized exercise bike, and honestly far less entertaining.
  10. The tinfoil hat is strong with trying to read this BS into that expression. Very strong.
  11. I was way too busy doing a victory dance when we didn't draft some bum QB with weirdly obsessed fans to consider being upset at the time of the pick. In hindsight? 0% upset. They made the only pick I can't find some kind of fault with.
  12. If this team trades *anything* other than a ham sandwich to move up and acquire one of the QBs we've been talking about I predict much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands by this time next year. 'Better than Darnold' is not a hard bar to clear but there's a long way between 'Better than Darnold' and 'Worth trading up for'.
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