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  1. Baker Mayfield being the QB for the Panthers this season would upset me. Immensely.
  2. Wait wait. Hold on. Young adults are sometimes terrible at regulating their emotions and occasionally fight? poo. This is newsworthy. Who cares. Like at all. I figure he has to punch at least two teammates before we get really up in arms. Because. You know. Precedent.
  3. Ah the no-context comparison to one player to discredit another player. This type of "analysis" is lazier than a motorized exercise bike, and honestly far less entertaining.
  4. The tinfoil hat is strong with trying to read this BS into that expression. Very strong.
  5. I was way too busy doing a victory dance when we didn't draft some bum QB with weirdly obsessed fans to consider being upset at the time of the pick. In hindsight? 0% upset. They made the only pick I can't find some kind of fault with.
  6. If this team trades *anything* other than a ham sandwich to move up and acquire one of the QBs we've been talking about I predict much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands by this time next year. 'Better than Darnold' is not a hard bar to clear but there's a long way between 'Better than Darnold' and 'Worth trading up for'.
  7. So I fully understand why taking an elite DE or w/e would not be a bad pick and will likely be a better overall pick than any of these bum ass QBs we could take. That said? I'll still probably throw some poo and cuss a lot if we do it. Then again the more I think about it the less I think I'll be happy with whoever we pick at 6 so meh. I'll just get the Huddle Riot Kit ready to go.
  8. The idea that people are mad at Tepper for pulling out of a project when the Panthers aren't the ones who didn't uphold their end of the bargain is baffling to me. There are tons of reasons to be upset at David Tepper, this isn't one of them. This makes sense. Deal is made, one side doesn't uphold their end of said deal, deal goes poof. There's no intrinsic right for either side to go "bruh we fuged that up, let's just unilaterally change how we're going to deliver on our part then expect an immediate positive response". Any reference to his *ability* to pay for the entire thing on his own is irrelevant. Fact is he doesn't owe that (large regardless of his net worth) amount of money to the community, the city, the county, or fans who for some reason wanted to go to Rock Hill. The measure of Tepper's personal wealth is only relevant if we just don't like rich people being rich and want them to be less rich simply because they can afford to be or we're selfish / entitled and just want things handed to us fug how it happens. Neither is a look I want to wear, personally. Frankly there's a certain amount of needing to know who you're across the table with that I feel like the various government entities involved here didn't manage as well. Why give even the impression of mucking around after a deal was in place when they held no real leverage, the Panthers could just give them the finger then walk away, and the owner has shown himself to be the sort who has the finger ready to deploy? They didn't just shoot themselves in the foot, they aimed first.
  9. Less touches equals less net theoretical points only if he's on the field and producing for all of those touches. If he gets hurt again, which is a greater danger with him having the kind of workload he has the last few times he's been available to play, and someone else entirely has to have those touches that whole theory falls on its face though. Less, in this case, probably does equal more all told. To me it doesn't matter if that "less" comes in the form of another back taking more touches, CMC spending more time as a receiver and less as a ball carrier, or some combination of the two.
  10. This part of the whole thing continues to annoy me to death. Whatever side of that particular argument someone lands on...at least be consistent in the position. It's real hard to take a person seriously who doesn't - again regardless of what position they're taking.
  11. In fairness to our traditional draft meltdown...it'd probably happen regardless of what idiocy we do or not put on display.
  12. Some of us pick the oddest players to develop a crush on. Jimmy G? This is the guy? Undeniably better than Darnold. Also undeniably a stupid, stupid acquisition should he actually end up here.
  13. I feel like this has been said 100 times in the last few days on QB threads but the worst that can happen is not that they suck. The worst that can happen the guy you bring in is *just* good enough to keep you from being in position to draft a (likely) better QB next year. Sucking is the *best* possible outcome given the QB you're talking about, not the worst. Same reason I don't want any part of Jimmy G.
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