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  1. Richardson presided over his fair share of ultimately boneheaded football decisions during his tenure. The Sean Gilbert trade comes to mind, as do years of allowing this team to stagnate while the rest of the league evolved and the spending spree of 'I love you bro' contract extensions. It isn't as if he was a paragon of wonderful football team management for the length of his ownership and just a scummy dude on the side (something, btw, that could also negatively impact football operations if he were still the owner since none of this lives in a vacuum). Far too much difference in the leng
  2. And he still needs a hobby. I sorta wish I had energy to carry a grudge that hard.
  3. If nothing else I'm impressed with the number of words used to say, "Please draft Mac Jones for reasons"...I guess.
  4. The premise here is great - it's of course *preferable* to draft your QB vs acquire him through trades all things being equal. The cost for the player is lower in most measurable ways and probably in most situations (not a GM, and I don't play Madden). However just listing out SB winning QBs and whether they were drafted by that team is information missing a lot of meaningful context: how often do franchise / superstar/ [pick your descriptor] QBs come on the market to BE traded for, how old were they when they did, were they already declining when they did, what is the state of the team
  5. Wait we beat Washington? Man why doesn't anyone tell me anything. That surely didn't help our draft position, right? That rascal Rivera - got one over on us.
  6. Can we just bury (or at least partially cover with dirt) the Stew isn't reliable and won't make it through a season narrative? He was a workhorse for us this year and an important part of our very good offense. At the end of the season when he had some dings he sat out some time where he probably would have played if our record wasn't as good as it was. I'm 100% with needing to address the future of the position (especially if they don't think CAP is the future of that position) but the statements made by some I don't want to dignify with a "you got quoted" notification that he's a huge
  7. Not pictured above: a bathtub full of meth and whatever the hell he's trying to lean on.
  8. I'd weight the argument that he has trouble with tall, talented corners with the fact that Bersin is not (should not be anyway) our first receiving option. He needs to be a guy who likely isn't going to be matched up with the best (or even the second best) corner on an opposing defense because we have other options on the field. Taking that into consideration then, even if he has reached his ceiling, isn't it enough for him to be a 3rd or 4th option on a given play? At that point you need a guy who can catch what's thrown to him (13/20 last year I think?), has an idea where the first down ma
  9. ‚ÄčLike most stats..those are sort of meaningless without some context. Compare those numbers with targets, snaps played, *games* played and then you have numbers that mean something...even if they still need to have some common sense applied to them. As a receiver (because I choose to forget that his punt returning actually happened) I don't remember watching the ball headed his way thinking "oh poo he's not going to catch that". Contrary, really, I usually believed he would catch a catchable ball that was sent his way. I did not think the same about Avant or Cotchery (both of whom had waaaaa
  10. This is about the strangest timing for something like this ever. Clearly it wasn't the team that did the leaking but...sheesh. Now's not the time I want to hear coaching search stuff being leaked no matter who it's from.
  11. In the entire history of our team we've won more than 2 games in the preseason 4 times (1995, 2003, 2004, 2006...and in 1995 we had 5 games to do it). We've only finished better than 8-8 one of those years. Every other season we've existed we finished the preseason 2-2 or worse and bitching about our effort / how badly we played during it, including years we actually were good. The preseason for fans, beyond getting a good look at some individual efforts and things like basic OL / DL play, simply doesn't matter. You can't translate the preseason team into the regular season team in terms
  12. Not gonna lie - I laughed out loud when I read that. fug Schein, even if it is his job to be a professional fuger.
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