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  1. The way that game ended was disappointing, even if I don't give a rip one way or another who actually won. Knowing it was coming from the time the coin toss was over in a playoff game is just a bad product.
  2. Truth is AB's behavior has been so bizarre (I want to say lately here but it's been so long that it's not really "lately" any longer) that I don't believe he's healthy in his head at all. I don't have a high enough opinion of my non-existant medical skills to say what caused it, or even if I'm really right because we don't really KNOW these guys, but it feels like it would be sily to discount what (from an outsider's perspective) looks like a drastic shift in behavior after he got his head nearly taken off by that dirty SOB Burfict. Maybe that hit didn't do it, we'll never really know. Maybe he's always been barely holding it together and he got scrambled just bad enough to put him over the proverbial edge. Whatever the case I think he very clearly needs help and I hope he gets it. He'll face consequences for his actions whether he does or not, and I don't believe the man should be given a pass here, but I also really don't want to read about some tragic end for AB in a few years.
  3. Yeah I mean I get the excitement surrounding this game and I'd probably put it in the top 5 for regular season games but I could probably also find enough other games people got hype for that knock it down out of that. Recency bias is real.
  4. Works for me just fine in Chrome (and FF fwiw) mobile.
  5. I'm sorry but your trying to play word games with your "pissing and moaning" as it's been called is driving me to distraction. I'll help. Yes it's pissing and moaning, just because you think you have a good reason for said pissing and moaning does not the act change. Your reason is also highly subjective, "We need zero penalties". You do not, in fact, NEED zero penalties to win (case in point: we won). Zero penalties might be nice but it's a want, not a need. So you're pissing and moaning over an opinion. You have every right to that opinion and to said pissing along with said moaning but you also get to deal with the fallout of it being unpopular. Own your pissing. Own your moaning. Christ man I'm pushing 40 and I can't bring myself to be so curmudgeonly. Here's a differing opinion: I don't give a single rat's ass about one penalty. I enjoyed it, I bet the rest of the team enjoyed it, and it didn't hurt poo (nor will it if it remains a one time thing - and we have no reason not to believe Cam when he says it was). Lighten up. *edit because I felt like ranting just a tad more* You know the only thing missing from your post history about Cam recently is "act like you've been there before" and we can be back to peak Cam whining.
  6. I dislike ending up on lists like that out of the blue but meh. The logical part of me keeps pointing out that with even competent QB play since week 4 the Panthers could easily have 3-ish fewer losses. I'm not even in the same area code as believing this team is good enough to actually be considered a threat to win much, if anything, in the playoffs but I understand the sentiment. So fug it.
  7. The problem is Deangelo has run his bitter mouth to the point that he could be giving me elite level insightful analysis and I just don't want to hear it. If a 'star™ ' tight end with one good season ever is such a beacon of grudge that he makes Deangelo look like the level headed one I'm just gonna go ahead and pass on their silly podcast.
  8. It was cool. I giggled like a little girl for a second because of how excited Cam looked when he was doing it. But I can't really put that on a list of overall cool / great team moments. I will still laugh every time I think about it because of how many people probably felt personally dunked on when he did it, though.
  9. Man last Sunday to this Sunday damn near gave me whiplash.
  10. This thread is better than the other threads PURELY because someone used dingus in a sentence.
  11. I was upset that we let Cam get beat to poo the way he did. I was upset when we cut Cam, especially because of how we did it. I have not been thrilled with what we've done to replace him. Those parts of me are happy to see that he might be coming back to Carolina. The rational part of me is pretty sure that if we do send him out there behind this OL we're just going to finish the job we started the first time he played here and the team failed to assemble a decent offense around the man. Assuming this does happen I hope that part of me is wrong, but as they say, I doubt it.
  12. He should have hit her with an "It is what it is but you really missed some opportunities with that question" to send the entire county into an apoplectic fit before leaving. I mean some of y'all act like the collection of hotheads we have around here wouldn't have set fire the podium and gone off like dude from Empire Records on the way out of the room. Plenty to be upset with the coaching staff for this year but we're reeeeeeally reaching here.
  13. I have no real reason to think that his current level of play while receiving reps with the 1s and being the starter would suddenly change for the better if he was getting backup reps only. No way I want him to transition from the starter role back down to backup long-term. I do think his ability to remain in the league can only be salvaged by playing becoming a backup but I don't expect him to be good, or even acceptable, at it without too much coaching to make the situation viable.
  14. Since I couldn't pick which one of the 6.022 x 10^23 other bumped Darnold threads to post on this one will do. The only part about the whole thing I'm mad at is the decision to go into the season with PJ Walker as the only other option on the roster when the (at the time presumptive) starter is a reclamation project. The Panthers gambled and lost - that I'm fine with, I lean to gambling type decisions myself (this is probably why I'm not running an NFL team). There should have been literally any other QB with some sort of starting experience on the roster so there was an option if the gamble started going poorly. In hindsight it was a bad bet, sure, and at the time it was still a very risky one; not hedging that bet is the real sin.
  15. That was an absolute dick move from a QB who is apparently just a slimy little piece of poo. He'll fit right in with his slimy piece of poo Coach. I'm glad Reddick called his chubby ass out.
  16. My desire to have OBJ on a team I actually want to win and thus need to cheer for is, eh, let's go with minimal at best.
  17. This PJ obsession is worse than the Weinke obsession was. Whatever your thoughts about other QBs on this roster PJ is objectively bad. I could throw the thesaurus at how bad he is and still we'd arrive back at "fug it he's just bad".
  18. This calling players expendable as it relates to them getting injured poo is shameful.
  19. That play call where he got rocked boggled my mind. Sam had bounced back a little from the disaster that the last few weeks were so let's run him like a RB (while we have two of those doing well) and get him lit the fug up one play after he got forearmed in the head already. Knowing full damn well that PJ fuging Walker is the only other option on the roster. Wut. I hope he heals up quickly - he absolutely played his face off.
  20. Any reporters tweet with "expected" in it as a qualifier does not put a nail in anything by definition.
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