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  1. I don't really believe he hates to lose. He can say that all he wants but his actions with regards to concerts, events, soccer, etc. just don't support it. He cares about making $ and the Panthers so far have made him a ton of $
  2. Volin is not well respected by NE fans, he doesn't seem to get a lot right and guesses at things. I wouldn't read too much into this. I could see Tepper being a dumbass and doing it but most Pats fans think Belichick gets at least another year with a new highly drafted QB, and I tend to agree that that seems more likely than them letting him go.
  3. 1. I don't want a cheating piece of poo 2. the game has completely passed him by. he was definitely one of the best coaches ever, no one can attribute any of their first 3 SBs to Brady, those were all Belichick. The last 3 are debatable but especially the Rams one where they were held to 3 friggin points I'd attribute to Belichick. But the last 4 years the patriots have been absolute trash, and trending way downward. If he's going to have success in this league again he'll need to go to a team with an established top roster and legit franchise QB. Coming here where the cupboard is completely bare and with Bryce Young not being much different than mac jones who Belichick hasn't developed at all, would be a complete disaster for all involved
  4. I literally made the point predraft multiple times that Bryce seemed too “California” to me and got poo’d like hell.
  5. It just dawned on me that Reich got paid $36M for 10 months of (subpar) work. Sure getting booted after 11 games is embarrassing but dude can sit on his ass doing nothing and earn ~$25k per day for the next 3 years. Amazing
  6. I'm not really convinced Flores is an incredible coach who will win a SB, but the dude would step in here and immediately set a tone and culture that I could get behind. Although we could've just done that with Wilks (and still could but he'd probably tell tepper to fug off). I like Johnson and Bieniemy as options, also would be cool with Harbaugh. The others, no interest.
  7. Not a very inspiring presser. rambled on about nonsense for half of it when all that matters in this context is the product on the football field. Tepper shouldn't have final say or any say at all in "the process" of scouting and drafting, I don't really care about the other details of what went down with the choice because they don't matter. Tepper needs to trust the people he hires to do their damn jobs and not involve himself at all. Until that changes I don't have any hopes of this team getting better. Also Tepper dodging the Q about using an advisor is a bitch move. He's gonna go ahead and try to do everything himself again this offseason and fug it up again, surely.
  8. John Lynch was Millen part 2, and he's done pretty well
  9. On a team void of franchise players, Brown is our closest thing to it. But he's a DT who doesn't rack up sacks like Aaron Donald (or prime KK). If a new GM and HC decide not to pay him big long term, I wouldn't be upset.
  10. Yeah I never expected anything different from Frank. He’s a good dude and wouldn’t throw others under the bus or air the team’s dirty laundry. Rhule would, and kinda did, but not Frank.
  11. Look at our roster and tell me who Chuba being better than is an impressive feat. He could be our offensive MVP this year and it doesn't mean poo, and it definitely doesn't mean he's better than last season. He was very solid last year, decent vision and good at picking up chunk yards. Nothing has changed this year and the stats are no better, maybe even worse, than last year. He has very little flash or big play ability/ability to create yards or positive plays out of nothing, which is why he's at best a backup. I don't know why you're dying on this Duce hill right now, yeah he got a lot of hype for some of those videos coming out of Lions camp. But our RBs have not improved at all with him as RB coach.
  12. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/chuba-hubbard-player-stats?category=receiving&seasonType=reg He went from 1 drop last year to 0 so far this year. The improvement as a receiver was between his rookie year (when he dropped 7 passes) and last year, not this season. Last year he averaged 12yds/rec, this year averaging 6. Yes offense struggles is a part of that and he's had a larger sample size of receiving this year but no stats, rushing or receiving, suggest improvement from last year. Stats aside, my eye test is that Chuba hasn't been any better this year than last and he's really no more than an ok backup RB. Very replaceable and nothing that Duce should hang his hat on with regards to his coaching job this year.
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