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  1. How are they abusing it? Basketball players have been doing it for years. And if my talents warranted it; any high profile player should ask for it
  2. Lordt. I'm not keen on many guys this cycle yet. Some are growing on me but don't take the guy you can't spin the rock
  3. I like sewell but he isn't better than Chase regardless of positional need
  4. Yeah he just got hurt but still wasn't highly rated as slater/penei
  5. We never get the tackle we need so I'm preparing for the worst lol
  6. People dogged the Bengals for passing OT need and took the BPA. Just so happens it was Burrow's favorite target I want ot(Evan neal or Cross) as option 1&2 but if they're gone it's gonna be HARD for Scott to pass on Hamilton. We know he comes from that Earl Thomas eltie secondary cloth. And honestly if it's Sam/Cousins/Jimmy G we'll probably be bad again anyways. Let the chips fall where they may.
  7. Hamilton, if 3 ot are taken I'm not reaching for the 4th or inferior center.
  8. Two guys I've liked but knew we wouldn't take, Kupp and Diggs. One reason I was high on dj moore
  9. Hilariously a good portion of Bengal fans wanted him fired for Joe Brady. Not saying Rhules needs time but it's more than one way to get to the top
  10. As stated above numerous ways. Nobody of note is coming here until it's a new regime or Rhule turns the corner. Is what it is man. Just gotta hope the tide turns or we'll be in a constant rebuild. This is what it would've looked like years ago if Cam never panned out. Dog days
  11. He knows we're a clown show. Didn't even wanna come home
  12. Didn't he bring it up that he couldn't take them to games... Why mention that part at all? Keep it about the panther boos
  13. And then he whines about not being able to take his kids to hornet games because he'll be boo'd. This man is so soffftt
  14. True but Culley knew it was a bad situation and at his age probably just wanted the biggest pay day of his career. Granted he did better than many expected but he was a bridge coach for a bridge roster. He'll find work as a position coach soon
  15. Man oh man, just keep getting worse but at this point none of us should be surprised. Just along for the ride at this point, whenever this ride will be over. poo sucks
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