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  1. Dillard's just as bad as Little. Listening to Philly radio and podcast for a few years and they pretty much dropped him the moment he cried in practice. He also couldn't be out a one legged Peters
  2. Also Zeke Nanji will be better than bol
  3. Nope as a nuggets fan, he isn't playing because of the weight he lost in college and wanting him to add nba weight
  4. Bad exit in Seattle(he had a point) Bad exit in Ravens, players wanted him out. Then add in the gangbang him and his bro had that resulted in his wife showing up with a gun. Unfortunately I think he's done
  5. Some players naturally have too much stock but once they sell and sizes don't restock then we'll know who didn't want to pay out nike.
  6. That started it and then it was over once his mom died. People gloss over Kelvins lost to often like it had no affect on his behavior after being traded. Everyone knew she was the most important person in his life
  7. We pick and our spots with the injuries
  8. As a nuggets/Panthers fan, we just trying to make it to the playoffs without another injury. Hornets have enough firepower to come back. I root for the hornets every night expect when they playing Denver
  9. MVP Jokic. Imagine if mpj didn't have drop foot
  10. Listening to eagles radio and podcast the last few years, their fed up with Howie. They credit the superbowl to Howie's FA moves and cap. But drafting has set the team back.
  11. Lions and chargers swap makes sense, gives Herbert his college LT (which supposedly he's campaigning for) I personally don't give a fug which direction we go Thursday. QB, LT, CB, TE
  12. Decided long ago, which is why I didn't think Sam would get moved. Any team that got him already knew they'd exercise it, unless he came DIRT cheap. Didn't think a team would bank on it.... Boy was I wrong
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