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  1. State Farmers Market in Raleigh for the win
  2. roasted new potatoes silver queen corn on the cob fresh pink eye peas sautéed summer squash and onins Mr Stripey and Cherokee purple tomatoes cornbread A selection of Marzens
  3. Omar "Secret Weapon" Harris. So secret even we don't know who he is.
  4. That neatly skirted answering the question. The question was "Are you required to sign every player you put a claim in on and get awarded?"
  5. Help me understand how the waiver claims works. Are you required to accept every player you put a claim in on and then got awarded? Take a ridiculous example. Say they put a claim in on the Ravens kicker but since they think that the Lions, who just cut both of theirs, are going to take him. So they put a claim in on another kicker. Turns out the Lions don't take the Ravens kicker and we are awarded both of them. What happens? Can we say yes to one and no thanks to the other or do we have to take both and cut 2 players to make spots for both of them?
  6. See. That's not so difficult to understand now is it?
  7. Isn't "What's good for Sam" the equal of "What's good for the Panthers"?
  8. Clearly he should have used an alias when purchasing those tickets. I hear that currently no one is using Ron Mexico so there is that.
  9. Things that help restore my faith in humanity.
  10. Is it just me or is he too similar to Luke. I mean when he lights someone up is the crowd going to yell Luuuuuuuuuuvuuuuuuuu in unison. I know we need someone to fill that critical hole on our roster previously held by the greats Moooooooooooose! and Hoooooooooooover! But that is just too close to Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke for my taste. Maybe in a year or two but it's just too soon.
  11. At this point I think it can only be WFT. Stupid name for a stupid organization.
  12. He looks the part and has a ton of potential. I would prefer he was traded but I think he makes the 53.
  13. Are you actually laughing at the teams qb1 having a bad day? What a douche.
  14. The threat of mono is real. You'd be surprised at how much kissing goes on at these joint practices.
  15. True. The difference is that in the NFL you have an relatively equal opportunity to acquire talent. The draft and salary cap, in theory, are great equalizers. You do have to be able to retain your talent and create an environment that is attractive to free agents. But there are no Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State programs that can monopolize talent just by name and tradition alone. Baylor and especially Temple were never going to be able to draw top recruits. Rhule and company had to become adept at finding the hidden gems and then coach the hell out of them in order t o compete. This is what gives me hope, the opportunity of parity inherent in the NFL combined with Rhule/Fitterer's ability to find and develop non marquee players.
  16. If Cam wins the Pats QB spot this year and goes on to have a few more years of starting success then yes. If he loses the job to Mac Jones and that is the end of his career then I don't think he does get in. That sucks but I think it is the reality of it.
  17. Sun dried tomato risotto will be the star of the day. Chicken breasts sliced thin into cutlets, lightly breaded and pan fried in a thyme brown butter. Corn machoux and grilled asparagus as sides.
  18. So you have already forgotten last year?
  19. All of them would be my guess.
  20. Sure. If we can do the same for Deshaun and Justin.
  21. Too bad. I always pull for SWAC players
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