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  1. We once had a WR who most regard as the best in Panthers history who got in a couple training camp fights. Not saying that’s acceptable behavior but I want a WR who makes it known he wants the ball. WR room can use some of that fire.
  2. Considering his HC prospects and overall career prospects depend upon him being successful, this seems unlikely
  3. Belichik out of the running in ATL? Sure seemed like a done deal last week.
  4. In the interest of Bryce’s development, it makes sense for there to be continuity in offensive scheme. Hiring an offensive minded HC checks that box. I’d be surprised if they hired a DC as head coach of they believe Bryce can be salvaged.
  5. Is GM list final? I’d expect that list to be fluid as things develop
  6. Fitty will be canned on Monday. There was no harm in retaining him through the end of the season to manage gameday roster personnel moves, etc (which have been minimal). He’s a dead man walking.
  7. Lol yeah let’s go 10-15 years without a team and then we’ll be sure to have an owner and FO who will build a perennial contender when the NFL awards NC another team. So many leaps in logic I can’t even.
  8. Master class in holding a press conference but not actually providing any substantive responses. Had a lackey designating who from the press corps could ask questions, provided vague non-answers and time at the mic limited to 15 minutes, no follow-up questions allowed. Pretty sure Fowler wasn't called upon to ask a question, no shocker there.
  9. Tepper needs to hire a qualified team president and remove himself from football operations. Anything else is window dressing.
  10. Sorry I normally lurk in the Huddle shadows and don’t post but I can’t help myself. I hate the Carolina Panthers as currently constructed. P*ss poor team, p*ss poor coaching, p*ss poor roster construction, p*ss poor ownership, p*ss poor marketing. The future looks bleak, hopeless, there’s no viable path forward to getting out of this mess. I hate myself for feeling this way about my team. I’ve bled Black & Blue since the beginning, but I feel literal embarrassment with anything having to do with this team. Gotdam this is miserable. And I don’t think we’ve reached rock bottom yet. Sorry I’m in my feels. Retreating to the shadows now.
  11. I know AE gets a lot of flack from a certain subsection of the fanbase, but he was absolutely electric as a QB at App State and I know I’m not alone in wondering what could have been if his NFL career hadn’t been badly mismanaged by the front office and coaches.
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