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  1. All the haters of this hire clearly have little to no experience with personnel management, or just wanted their guy and are now butthurt. This was a very comprehensive search, and resulted in a HC who has HC experience, is offensive-minded, has a SB title on his resume, and connections to the Panthers as a player. Let the man fill out his staff before you get on your high horse about how sh*tty a hire it was. You're embarrassing yourselves.
  2. Tepper won't hire Wilks unless he's able to bring on board a brilliant OC. The other candidates are a strong indication of that.
  3. Add on one of their 6th rounders in next year's draft to the future 1's and get it done.
  4. McCall ain't it. Which everyone will see on Thurs night.
  5. You read Joe Person's tweet and it became your thoughts huh
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