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  1. Possibly to force him into a financial corner. It seems he was prepared/ready to hold out the season if not traded. Which meant he would have been prepared/ready to pay those weekly fines to stand his ground. The initial settlement I think was to put a hole in his pocket and still leak info to the NFL to launch an investigation if that hole wasn’t big enough to change his mind. He will be playing for the Texans. They are controlling the strings so once they get him to break, all of this will gradually disappear and the Texans will look upstanding for “standing by their guy while facing false a
  2. He was supposed to be our Alex Smith so we could build something now for when we found our Pat Mahomes later. Teddy wasn’t that. Abort, abort!!
  3. "Pounce, pouce, pounce, pounce, POUND, KEEP POUNDING!" 8 count. Ya dig?
  4. Sorry for being off topic, but didn't think it deserved it's own thread. How do I make a purchase with Amazon.com via the CH. Is there a link somewhere?
  5. What is football without beer? Wait...what is beer without football?.. Now I'm just confused.
  6. I'm glad that I'm a cold-blooded, emotionally numb person that dgaf about nothing but my family, money, Panthers football, & anything that affects those things directly. That way I can just sit back & laugh, smh, or in some cases do both when reading about these types of world issues & current events. If I gave two fugs about as much as my fellow humans I would be a depressed fellow all the damn time.
  7. Then they can change the mascot's name to Skiddy Marks.
  8. This will make the victory even sweeter. Get well & ready for next season Star.
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