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  1. @CamWhoaaCam your boy isn’t wanted anywhere. It’s gonna be okay
  2. This one echoes my opinion https://www.instagram.com/p/C2z_QdLOgAB/?igsh=MTlkNXhybGRrZGtiOA==
  3. I don’t think that many people were excited about Frank Reich.
  4. Horrible hire by Washington. Outside of Harbaugh, is it possible we got the best candidate in this rotation of jobs?
  5. Canales looking like a better hire day after day. We may have gotten the best offensive candidate out of everyone available.
  6. I'm not rooting against him. I just don't think he's great like you're making him out to be.
  7. Meh. I'm happy he's not our coach. Patty Mahomes going for 30 on him just like the Lions did.
  8. Im not going to feel bad or dog anyone that’s any kind of excited about this hire. Let us feel optimistic for a few months. Best case scenario is we win 5 or 6 games next year and have a really fun offense to watch that flashes potential. It’s going to be a rough year, regardless of who coached us. I’m of the belief we will see some signs that Canales has a bright future here.
  9. We are 13th I believe in the league in cap space. I don’t know the exact numbers but I don’t think it’s completely impossible we get two receivers of that caliber. Even if it isn’t those two. We are going to need to spend this offseason and WR should be the number one target.
  10. Doesn’t scare me as a hire at all. Canales is the much more exciting hire on the right side of the ball
  11. How I picture you responded to those three sentences
  12. Keep Ejiro. The offense will work itself out with Canales.
  13. Not a ton of quickness but speed is there. And its miles better than what we had this past year.
  14. I like the hire already, but is this really true? Good stuff if so
  15. These are not the same receivers Brady had year one in Tampa. Chris Godwin coming off an ACL tear, Mike Evans at the 30 or over mark, no AB. They had a decent cast around Baker but nothing more.
  16. Bingo. Its all about how he performed compared to expectations. He worked with a QB on his fourth team in three years. Expected to be last in the worst division in football. Instead they won a playoff game and Baker had the best year of his career.
  17. Sign Evans and Higgins. Keep Thielen and Mingo. Draft a rookie or two.
  18. Three teams left with openings: Atlanta, Washington, and Seattle The 5 other openings have all been filled: Carolina - Dave Canales Los Angeles - Jim Harbaugh Las Vegas - Antonio Pierce New England - Jarod Mayo Tennessee - Brian Callahan Grades so far: https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2024/1/23/24047948/nfl-coaching-hires-2024-graded
  19. If anything, our hire made a division rival sad for a day. Worth it
  20. I love it more than I hate it but I'm not completely in love with it. 4/5 on my scale given our situation.
  21. Baker had the best year of his career under this guy. The offense isn’t some star studded group. I look at it this way instead of just the offensive rankings. Who could have done better with this group? Not sure that’s a long list.
  22. https://x.com/JoshNorris/status/1750566096602640739?s=20
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