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  1. Says a lot about Drew Lock. Denver has a really good defense, if Teddy plays decent, they will win some games. Still happy his ass is gone.
  2. Igo has reported numerous times Darnold has looked as good as any QB he has covered at this point in camp. Not sure where this is coming from.
  3. Winning solves everything. I can think of countless examples of winning solving off the field or other issues. If we can get him on a discount, I say we have no reason not to go for it. I understand the “let’s see what we have with Sam” crowd, but let’s be honesty. Whatever he shows this season won’t be better than what DeShaun can bring. If the Texans want just as much as before, flip them the bird and move on.
  4. Sam literally looks like he could be CMACs older brother lol
  5. I would like to see close to 30 - 34 Touchdowns. Especially with the lengthened schedule. Picks, 13 sounds good to me.
  6. I’m not sold on having DJ, David, and two rookies be our primary targets. I would feel a lot better about this season if Robbie is out there.
  7. I think Darnold could be our long term answer at QB. And I think our coach and GM have shown they are fiery and aggressive, which is needed to be successful in the NFL. If our OL holds up, I could see us in the Playoffs this year at 10 wins. If not, I fully expect us there next season.
  8. After three or four games, QB will be toward the top of this list.
  9. Even if it wasn’t a shot, it sure as hell is the reason Teddy isn’t starting for us this season.
  10. It’s not Darnold. You can see him on the sideline
  11. Sure will be nice seeing receivers run under balls instead of slowing down for them
  12. I am more than happy with Darnold as our guy as opposed to Teddy. I think he could end up being great for us. That said, it will be easy to point the finger at our staff if Fields is lighting it up and Darnold is struggling. Whether it’s fair or not. Hopefully we don’t have to worry about it.
  13. It sounds like I’m in the minority, but I think this is going to look a lot better. Thinking of our playoff game against the Seahawks in 2015. The grass was literally coming apart. I have no idea if it will really benefit or hurt as far as injuries go, I’m hoping with today’s technology, anything they make will be more safe than the alternative.
  14. Thinking about getting a Sam Darnold jersey. Thoughts?
  15. What exactly has Rhule done in one year that warrants being fired?
  16. We are pretty set at RB. I don’t see a anyone picking up Christians minutes other than Chuba. Assuming both stay relatively healthy.
  17. Keep Pounding is number one. My first thought about the next most important quote was definitely “Ice up, son”
  18. I cannot stress enough how amazing I feel knowing he will never take another snap for the Panthers again.
  19. I think 3-1 is not only possibly but likely. 4-0 more likely than 2-2
  20. Hope he dominates every game but this one. He will surely get a standing ovation in the Bank if he’s trotted out at some point.
  21. I can’t take anyone seriously saying our team this year will be worse than last year.
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