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  1. Ball was a little late getting there, but not all on Bryce by any means
  2. Have to load up the roster while paying our guy such a small amount. This is the time we can really compete if we can surround Bryce with some talent. And I think we are in the process of doing that.
  3. Probably wouldn’t have to spend as much as we originally thought at this point. As others have said, would be silly to not entertain at the very least.
  4. Regardless of your personal feelings toward Colin, it’s nice to have national sports guys giving our Panthers some love. He’s been all in on Bryce and Frank. He’s already picked us to win the division this year, too.
  5. He’s going to have defenses questioning their every move.
  6. I think people are either being conservative or pessimistic with his touchdowns. We have a decent receiving group and a head coach that knows offense. 65% completions 28 touchdowns 12 interceptions 300 rush yards 4 rushing touchdowns
  7. Feel for my guy. You can tell he was feeling the heat yesterday as more and more picks kept coming in. Hoping he at least falls into a solid situation at this point. With a decent roster and coach.
  8. I’ve been on the Stroud train since the beginning. But I accepted it was probably going to be Young a few weeks ago. So I’ve been hyping myself up for him since. Im happy with Young and he will be our pick.
  9. I don’t approve of the off the field silliness he’s exhibited since declaring. But there’s going to be a lot of people eating their words on Will when he’s doing well in Indy.
  10. The NFL will probably never see another Cam Newton. We were lucky to have him for his glory years. They probably should have lasted longer, but inept coaching and a bad GM was an impossible task to overcome for more than a few years. The LeBron James of football.
  11. Two weeks is not close enough. Let’s just get our damn guy and move on.
  12. I’ve been Stroud the whole way but it looks more and more like it’s Bryce. Which I’m fine with. No Richardson or Levis at one and we good.
  13. Hard to get past how rough Chris looks and sounds. Grew up with this guy talking football, he’s a staple of the NFL for me. And I’m with some of you folks, I don’t watch ESPN these days unless it’s a game I’m interested in. Really sad to see.
  14. I’ve come around more to Young than I thought I would. But I’m just not sure I’m going to get over the size thing before draft day. He’s smaller than probably most of the dudes posting on this board
  15. I’m not sure CJ has the arm Trevor has. But it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if CJ has a better rookie year than Trevor did
  16. If either players come close to prime Cam I’ll be surprised, in a good way.
  17. I mean if you’re going to post at least be accurate. Levis was a two year starter at Kentucky. Never started at Penn State. Let’s just hope we stay away from both and take Young or Stroud
  18. He’s gonna light it up today. And this board will lose their minds just like at the combine. He won’t be the pick, so get it all out of your systems, kids.
  19. Get him out while he’s still just a lurker! Does he know the chaos he’s getting in?
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