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  1. That was my bold prediction, running back in the first round. Also, we trade or let a running back go. But I don't see that happening unless we bring someone in first.
  2. Luke Kuechly has more touchdowns in the post season than all their WR's combined lol.
  3. I am taking my mother to the game. She has never been to a Panthers game so I bought 2 tickets. I would donate the tickets to someone on here or I have friends that would love to go. But I would def take my mom on the field and she would love it. She hit me up and wanted to go to the game and she's went all out. Bought new Panthers swag and everything. I was going to the game anyway but she was super stoked to go. She has called me every day to ask me how I feel about it. Would love these.
  4. Did anyone see the thread over there called "Carolina's X Factor"? It's a post about stopping Greg Hardy. Hahahahaha And WE'RE and idiot fanbase?! Hahahahaha
  5. I agree. I guess pride plays a part in it when you're a long time fan versus the 14-0 fan. But you're right, a fan is a fan.
  6. YES! I had to get over this one myself. Not really putting anyone down, but because I've been a fan for so long. Sadly, it's the bandwagoners that put the franchise over the top. There's always going to be a handful of us true fans, but the thousands that join us because they're doing well are the ones that will push it over.
  7. Not sleeping on Tennessee. They either show up or they lay down. But, if they thought they've seen a tough game this year, I feel sorry for them.
  8. Been waiting on a thread all week to get my adrenaline going, this one did it.
  9. And they didn't even face Cam last year. He's looked better this year already too. I hope that cannon doesn't sound one time.
  10. Always hated Jared Allen. fug, now I gotta love him
  11. Just went over to the Saints board and looked around at some of their conversations. Some were Panthers related, some were not. The two best posts so far are: "We have more talent then the Patriots" and "Can anyone believe our Defense is better than our Offense?!"
  12. The real question is how did he put us on 22 points? Mathflip.
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