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  1. Absolutely all of this. Awesome Interview. I can’t wait to see him holding that Panthers jersey.
  2. KR/PR spot was open. Has a chance to make game day roster
  3. Elbows look a little pointy. Hard pass. Maybe in the 3rd round
  4. No this is way more fun and makes me really excited to watch that Thursday night. I know I’m the dog in this experiment but I’m enjoying the anticipation and the excitement.
  5. I’ve only known being a fan of a 4-3 defense. This is the first time I’ve really had to pay attention to a 3-4 defense and what makes it tick in my whole life. I’m 50 this year. Having said that, this is very exciting to me when I think about a dominant defense, which I’ve always absolutely loved, and a rookie QB on an offense that makes plays. Oh man, I might…just might…finally get that Panthers Super Bowl tattoo I’ve been designing and redesigning for years.
  6. How many snaps under center did previous Alabama QBs have? That might help understand those numbers too.
  7. I remember there being no bigger cheerleader for the QB on the field than Cam on the sidelines. Teams definitely care about things other than winning. If it were only a football decision then Kap would’ve at least been a backup (even if you think he was bad he would’ve been on a team if it was ONLY about football). Is Cam a victim of his own creation? Maybe but I remember him cheering loudly and genuinely for whoever the team put on the field.
  8. This thread has a very get off my lawn vibe lol
  9. That was so much fun
  10. I don’t mean how well will the rookie QB do. I mean who had the highest number of wins the year before and the number one pick in the next draft…and how many wins did that team have?
  11. I don’t really know where to ask this…what’s the highest win total for a team with the number one pick? We had 7. Was just thinking that as far as number one pick teams go, we’re actually not a typical terrible team. Got me curious.
  12. I want Clete Blakeman’s head on a pike
  13. White helmets confirmed with the design of these draft caps?
  14. He also said DJ was his mom’s favorite player lol… Reminded of the commercial with that kid and Cam lol
  15. I hope we don’t take the guy from Army. Not interested in that guy.
  16. It for sure is crazy and I barely remember him. It’s wild how every time it’s like big game? Yeah you’re benched. Lol He doesn’t compare to Young at all, except they’re almost exactly the same size.
  17. He did? All I could find was a groin injury in training camp.
  18. So? He started many years in the CFL and the rules allowed them to commit Assault and Battery. And he was a scrambling QB at 5’9” 180lbs. Why, when talking about injury and size, would we not compare the two? Is Bryce better than Flutie? Of course. At everything. But we’re not comparing the two for who you take number one overall. We’re comparing to injury and career longevity. Flutie managed to have success and avoid major injury. That’s a datapoint worth consideration.
  19. I saw Lynch’s comments today at the owner’s meeting and he named Purdy the starter and basically said Trey needs to want it more but they’re happy to have him on their team right now. I came away from those comments thinking they’re either trying to light a fire directly under his ass or they’re shopping him.
  20. Honestly, I’d be happy with a defense centric draft…But I also normally think that way aside from OL. Lol
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